It begins: The Dell Adamo spotted at SXSW, coming tomorrow, $1,999

3360775547_2f2774f6e7Brian Solis, the “next-gen” PR dude, just got some hot shots of the Dell Adamo. Color us impressed. His photos show a laptop with the sex of a MacBook Air with a little more of the hard edged aesthetic familiar to those who enjoy cheese graters and shipping containers.

No specs – Solis focuses on looks – but she’s a beaut. From what I can tell there are two USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet, something that looks like a WWAN card slot, and a lock port. The packaging, above, looks like something out of Space World. I’ll try to track down these Dell folken and get some hands-on time tomorrow. CONFIRMED – Keith of iFixIt confirmed the launch for tomorrow.

Dell is probably betting the farm on this and they’ve been doing a great job mixing a little design into their staid line-up. Also, if this dude just got a hands on it should be available sooner than later and most probably tomorrow. At least now we no longer have to wonder what Dell has been cooking up these past weeks.

Dell has been hinting at the Adamo since CES and this is the first time it has been seen in the wild. We’ve also confirmed that it will launch tomorrow for $1,999.


[Thanks, Keith]