• About.com rebrands to Dotdash

    About.com rebrands to Dotdash

    About.com, one of the internet’s oldest and most familiar websites, is about to fully fade to memory. The IAC-based company has been slowly dismantling its content from an all-in-one site to branded vertical sites, including Verywell (Health), Lifewire (Tech), The Balance (personal finance), The Spruce (home and food) and ThoughtCo (education). And today, About.com is ditching its old… Read More

  • About.com launches The Spruce, a standalone site for Home Decor and Food

    About.com launches The Spruce, a standalone site for Home Decor and Food

    In its continued effort to divide and conquer, About.com is launching yet another standalone media brand in the form of The Spruce, a site dedicated to home improvement and food. The new site brings over more than 50,000 pieces of content covering home decor/design, food and recipes, gardening, family life, crafts and hobbies, and pets. The idea here is to combine About’s… Read More

  • About.com launches Lifewire, a tech information website

    About.com launches Lifewire, a tech information website

    About.com is launching its third standalone brand in the form of Lifewire, a tech information and advice site. Lifewire will offer advice and answers on common tech questions and problems in the most clear, simplified format possible. About, the IAC-owned media company, is in the midst of a transition. Instead of serving information about how to bake a pie and how to manage your personal… Read More

  • About.com launches The Balance, a personal finance website for everyone

    About.com launches The Balance, a personal finance website for everyone

    In a quest to dismantle itself and become more relevant in the 21st Century, IAC-owned About.com is launching another standalone vertical in the form of The Balance, a personal finance website tailored to today’s millennial. The Balance is focused on making personal finance easy to understand, no matter where you are in life. The site will launch with more than 34,000 pieces of… Read More

  • The Importance Of Founders Crunch Network

    The Importance Of Founders

    In a prior era, some considered it best practice to bring in “professional managers” to run the businesses started by creative and hard-working entrepreneurs once those business began to scale and appeared to need “adult supervision.” The term “upgrade management” is still occasionally heard among investors but never in front of founders. Read More

  • About.com Redesign a Few Months Away

    About.com CEO Neil Vogel Discusses The Challenges Of Evolving An Established Brand

    About.com has never been the coolest website on the internet. With a grayish background and an ugly logo, it was the place you landed when you searched for help with something, but you rarely went there on your own. This is the product that Neil Vogel took over one year ago, when he was made CEO of About.com. Not much has changed on the outside, save for a few subtle design tweaks and the… Read More

  • About.com Makes Big Leadership Changes As It Zeroes In On Native Advertising And Social

    About.com Makes Big Leadership Changes As It Zeroes In On Native Advertising And Social

    About.com has been around since 1996, but nearly 20 years later the company is undergoing a relatively large shakeup. Just recently, Neil Vogel took over as Chief Executive Officer to revamp About.com for today’s internet, complete with social and a fresh look. But he’s not the only new face on the payroll: Scott Kim, originally from About.com’s sister site Ask.com, will… Read More

  • About Pushes Into Social & Mobile With an Updated Design

    About.com’s New CEO On How To Stay Relevant

    Even with 84 million uniques each month, About.com tends to fly under the radar. But there is change afoot since IAC bought out About.com from the New York Times last year, most notably the appointment of Neil Vogel as CEO. We brought in Vogel, as well as Chief Strategy Officer Scott Kim (who also served as interim CEO for the past few months), to discuss how About might be changing in the… Read More

  • Confirmed: IAC Has Bought About.com From The New York Times For $300M In Cash

    Confirmed: IAC Has Bought About.com From The New York Times For $300M In Cash

    Update: The news has now been confirmed. The $300 million acquisition price includes¬†About.com, ConsumerSearch.com and CalorieCount.com and the deal will close in the next several weeks.¬†Full release below. Both AllThingsD and Reuters have reported a deal in the works, and we have now confirmed with a source very close to the situation that IAC is buying About.com from the New York… Read More

  • About.com About To Expand Premium, Video Content

    As Google cracks down on low-quality content in search results, content farm About.com says that it is going to make a significant expansion of its existing premium content. The New York Times Company-owned property plans to grow its family of topic sites (called Guides) and will double its high-quality video content over the next year. According to a release, About.com plans to increase… Read More

  • Aol Quietly Launches An Expert Site Called Owl, and Feeds It Seed

    Aol’s answer to Wikipedia is Owl, a new site described as “a living, breathing library where useful knowledge, opinions and images are posted from experts the world over.” Owl seems more of a testbed for Seed than anything else. Seed, of course, is Aol’s new low-cost content management system for soliciting articles and photographs for its network of existing Websites. … Read More

  • WikiHow Gets Pretty, And Hits 20 Million Monthly Visitors

    How-to sites are always popular on the Web because they give people practical instructions on how to perform specific tasks and projects. They are also search engine optimization (SEO) machines, getting most of their traffic from search engines. About.com and eHow are the biggest sites in the category, but there are a slew of others, including wikiHow which just crossed the 20 million… Read More