Panasonic Shows Cloud-Based “Smart Vegetable Garden” Device For Home Use

<a href="">Panasonic</a> isn't just making TVs, phones, or cameras, they are also producing household appliances. One such appliance has recently been introduc

After 58 Years: Panasonic To Cut The Cord With JVC Kenwood

Panasonic has been partnering with Victor Co. of Japan, which in 2008 merged with Kenwood to become JVC Kenwood, since 1954. But yesterday JVC Kenwood <a href="

5 Japanese Tech Companies (And Samsung) Set Up LTE Mobile Chip Venture

Big news from Asia's mobile market today: Japan's biggest mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> (55 million customers, over US$50 billion in sales per year) is

Panasonic Announces Android Phone With 4.3-Inch OLED Screen For The European Market

It took them quite a while, but as <a href="">reported</a>, <a href="https://beta.techcru

Panasonic To Start Selling Android Phones In Europe (And Possibly The US)

In the post-iPhone era, a lot of things changed in Japan, <a href="">once the

Panasonic Releases New Micro Four-Thirds And 3D Cameras, The GX1 And 3D1

<img src="" alt="" title="GX1 (3)" width="640" height="424" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-448389" />Panasonic was one of the fir

Panasonic’s EVOLTA Mini Robot Finishes Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

He hoisted himself up a <a href="">500 meter-cliff at Grand Canyon</a>, did his magic on the <a href="

BizPad: Panasonic Announces Android Tablets Targeted At Businesses

Panasonic Japan has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] two Android tablets for the domestic market yesterday, the so-called

CEATEC 2011: Panasonic’s Assistance Robot And Awesome RoboticBed In Action (Videos)

We've already shown you <a href="">Panasonic</a>'s cool hair-washing <a href="">robot</a> on video, but the company is cu

CEATEC 2011: Panasonic’s Shampoo Robot Up Close And Personal (Videos)

<a href="">Panasonic</a> took the wraps off a new version of it's super-strange (and awesome) <a href="

Android Phone + Lumix Camera = Panasonic’s LUMIX Phone 101P For Japan

Sharp's <a href="">AQUOS PHONE 102SH</a> wasn't the only cool Android phone to hit

HOSPI-Rimo: Meet Panasonic’s Cute Assistance Robot

<a href="">Panasonic</a> Japan <a href="">announced</a> [press release in En

Video: Panasonic’s EVOLTA Mini-Robot To Start At The Hawaii Ironman Triathalon

Panasonic sure knows how to promote their <a href="">EVOLTA</a> brand of rechargeable batteries: first, a cute mini robot powered by the batteries hoisted itself

Panasonic Pocket Server Streams Video And Music To Your iPhone/iPod touch

If you like consuming media on your iPhone or iPod touch that's stored elsewhere, you might want to take a look at what <a href="">Panasonic</a> has <a href="h

Raboo: Panasonic Japan To Launch Android E-Book Reader/Tablet (Video)

Two weeks ago, during an exhibition in Tokyo, Panasonic showcased <a href="">an Android-based e-

Hey, Two New Cameras From Panasonic

Camera makers like to announce things randomly - no method at all. We might get ten in a night, or one a week for ten weeks. Sometimes they drop in twos, like these from <a href="https://beta.techcrun

Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2: Awful Tough

The <a HREF="">Toughbook</a> has always been a tough sell. It's always looked like a cross between a robot turd and the chest-plate for dirt-bike armor. It loo

Video: Panasonic Shows Android-Powered E-Book Reader/Tablet Hybrid

<img src="" /> Panasonic is prepping an Android 2.2-powered e-book reader/tablet <a href="

Via Android 2.1: Panasonic Adds Web Browsing To Their Japanese Mini TVs

<img src="" /> Japan is probably one of the biggest markets for portable TVs in the world, but because the digital st

BG-BL01: Panasonic's Portable Solar Light Doubles As A USB Charger

<img src="" /> We will see more of these devices coming in the next few years, I am sure: Panasonic today <a href="http://panasoni
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