• DigitalJournal Rev Shares With Their Citizen Journalists

    Digital Journal has relaunched their citizen journalism site with a range of new features. Digital Journal offers a Citizen Journalism site in a similar fashion to Instablogs, OhMyNews, Newsvine, Norg Media and others. Members contribute news items for the site, and in theory the wisdom of the crowd combines to create a Google friendly news resource. Where Digital Journal perhaps is a… Read More

  • Instablogs Negotiating $3 Million Round

    Blog network/ citizen journalism site Instablogs is currently negotiating a $3 million round of funding, sources familiar with the deal have told TechCrunch. The India based Instablogs launched in October 2005 originally as a blog network. The site has changed over time to become predominantly a citizen journalism site that competes with services such as Newsvine, complete with mainstream… Read More

  • Breaking: Newsvine Acquired By

    Social news site Newsvine, which launched in March 2006, has been acquired by, a fifty-fifty joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. This is’s first acquisition. The deal, which closed on October 5, was all cash, but the acquisition price is not being disclosed. Both companies are based in Seattle. Mike Davidson, the founder of Newsvine, said that the companies… Read More

  • NewsVine Launches ElectionVine: Widget Based Election Polling is a new service being launched today by NewsVine that allows users to embed a US Presidential candidate poll on their sites. NewsVine sees ElectionVine as their answer to mainstream media’s traditional polling methods, turning the tradition polling model on its head by delivering a distributed polling system that can be used… Read More

  • Newsvine Relaunch Today: Build Your Own News Site

    Seattle-based news site Newsvine will relaunch this afternoon with significant changes to the user experience. They’re calling the release “Evergreen.” Among the changes: like Netvibes, Pageflakes and other personalized homepages, users will now be able to move most modules on the Newsvine home page around, or delete them altogether. Users can also add whatever news feeds… Read More

  • John McCain's MySpace "Enhancement" Makes Daily Show

    The “enhancement” that Newsvine CEO Mike Davidson made to Presidential Candidate John McCain’s website was mentioned on the Daily Show Thursday evening. Lots of other mainstream press attention, too. Davidson’s shareholders should be happy – this was a major guerrilla marketing event for Newsvine. Screenshots and video are… Read More

  • Ok, Maybe McCain Should Go Back To The Old Template

    This morning we mentioned that Presidential hopeful John McCain’s MySpace page was “enhanced” with a new pro-gay marriage political message. That was quickly taken down, and the site repaired after about 13 hours. The new site, though, has a bad misspelling – “Gorup” should be “Group.” The first time around this could be laughed off as a… Read More

  • John McCain's MySpace Page "Enhanced"

    Someone on Presidential hopeful John McCain’s staff is going to be in trouble today. They used a well known template to create his Myspace page. The template was designed by Newsvine Founder and CEO Mike Davidson (original template is here). Davidson gave the template code away to anyone who wanted to use it, but asked that he be given credit when it was used, and told users to host… Read More

  • Toward a Better Digg

    Digg revolutionized social news when it launched in 2004. Since then, it has become the undisputed champ of news link ranking sites. They just recently crossed the million mark. And their influence goes far beyond those user registration numbers. Tangible evidence of Digg’s importance: the raw number of clones and Digg gaming schemes out there. We’ve seen rigging, vote buying… Read More

  • Newsvine is Perfect

    Newsvine took the password protection off of its site yesterday and officially launched (my pre-launch post on Newsvine is here). Newsvine combines the best features of a number of companies and products like Digg and Google News with great features like chat and blogging-style comments. The result is a perfect news site (note that new competitors, like spotback (mentioned here) are aiming… Read More

  • Newsvine to Enter Social News Ranks

    Newsvine hasn’t launched yet, but the founder and CEO Mike Davidson has posted about what it will be once it does. Newsvine will be a collaborative, social news site. Like other sites, Newsvine will show major news publications. However, readers can comment on news items, allowing for a discussion to ensue. They are also adding tagging. Any user can bookmark a news piece (or any web… Read More