Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen on the atomization of AI

Earlier this year, Andreessen Horowitz investor Chris Dixon noted the challenge investors face in helping to groom promising AI startups, given how quickly Facebook, Google, and Amazon are bringin

Top tech investors turned into emoji

What do Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and Naval Ravikant look like as emojis? For the launch of emoji marketplace MojiLaLa, the startup made a set inspired by tech’s best-known venture capitalists

Recasting Silicon Valley’s role in society

At Bloomberg’s recent technology confab in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen offered a vision for entrepreneurship, defining it as the ability to see how the world potentially could be, then inventing

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is reason No. 1 to tune in to the RNC with us tonight

Original post 2 p.m. PT. Scroll below for commentary and to watch the live stream with us.  Donald J. Trump is, to put it gently, not well liked within the Silicon Valley tech industry — and no

Marc Andreessen is coming to Disrupt SF

He’s witty. He’s thought-provoking. He’s a tweeting machine. Some also believe the big bets pioneered by his venture firm began a fast rise in startup valuations, as hedge fund

Expect a lot more M&A, says Marc Andreessen

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen spoke at the Bloomberg Technology conference this afternoon, and he said he expects far more M&A than the tech industry has seen in recent years. The conversat

Software is still eating the world

Why Facebook failed with Free Basics

Land grab! Net neutrality! Imperialism! There was a lot of justified outrage (and perhaps delight) when Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of bringing the Internet to rural Indians came crashing down recently,

Usermind emerges from stealth with a plan to integrate business operations

Borrowing a page from the information technology playbook, Usermind -- a newly launched startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Menlo Ventures -- is selling a service that aims to provide transparen

Andreessen Horowitz talking with investors about a new, $1.5 billion fund

The Sand Hill Road venture firm Andreessen Horowitz is in the thick of fundraising and talking with investors about a fresh $1.5 billion fund, according to several sources who note the fund could alwa

Facebook Distances Itself From Marc Andreessen’s Statements On Free Basics

Marc Andreessen is having quite a contrite Wednesday. Andreessen, who currently sits on Facebook’s board, caused a stir last night with his online response to Indian Internet regulator TRAI ni

The Future Of Trans*H4CK

Despite his degree, Ziegler said he had a hard time finding a job as a black trans man. “I finished school at 29, and spent all these years at school and then struggled with transgender discriminati

OpenGov Picks Up $25 Million More And Adds Marc Andreessen To The Board

OpenGov announced the close of a refreshingly sized $25 million in additional financing today. The startup initiative to provide government financial data closed its Series B round of $15 million, led

The Sharing Economy And The Remaking Of Loyalty

A 25-year-old named Ben Schlappig was in the news recently because he traveled around the world for an entire year -- for free. People like Schlappig outsmart loyalty programs all the time, racking up

What Is Really Building? An Excerpt From Digital Gold

Today we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive excerpt from Nathaniel Popper’s Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money, the definiti

Medium Now Lets You Write Posts From Its iOS App

Popular blogging platform and publisher Medium has announced that the latest update to its iOS app will finally let users compose posts from their iPhone or iPad. It's a feature that many fans of t

Marc Andreessen Steps Down From eBay’s Board Ahead Of Split With PayPal

Investor and Silicon Valley kingpin Marc Andreessen is stepping down from eBay’s board of directors after a six year tenure. Andreessen announced the move on Twitter — as he often does &#

Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen

Well-known Tweetstormer and investor Marc Andreessen has produced a list of his favorite people to follow on Twitter. He was prompted to do so by an article in The Information called “Silicon Valley

Andreessen Goes On Tweet Storm About Burn Rates, Says To Worry

In one of his famous “tweet storms,” Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz went to town on burn rates. He was reacting to Bill Gurley’s comments from last week –and Andreess

Welcome To Extremistan! Please Check Your Career At The Door.

Will robots and software eat all the jobs? No. Will robots and software eat <i>your</i> job? Yes, probably. Eventually. Rejoice! ...for your grandchildren. You and your kids are likely to have a prett
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