Palm drops monster update for Treo 680; IM, PTT, other acronyms added

Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of the Palm Treo line of smartphones. They’re a good mix of form factor, usability, and price. They do all the things you need a smartpho

Palm OS-Based Treos Finally Get Direct Push Support for Exchange

If any of you are business users on the fence about a Palm OS-based smartphone (read: Treo) vs. a Blackberry because of Palm’s lack of push-email support can finally make the jump. Palm today ha

Treo 680 + iPod: Time to Call the Exorcist

A tipster sent in this video of a Treo 680 attacking an iPod’s volume control. Now it’s going nuts!

CrunchGear Spends Turkey Day with Treo 680

With the exception of the Zune, few devices this holiday season have had as many rumors, conjecture, spy shots, leaked stats and hyperbole than the Palm Treo 680. What started out as a hand held known

Palm Treo 680 Video Unboxing

A cavalcade of video reviews of the Treo 680, available now on Cingular for $199. If I were blowhard, I’d name this phone the must have smartphone of the year. It’s inexpensive, runs a gre

Treo 680s Showing Up At Fry's Electronics

, it’s kinda strange seeing pictures of the devices already at Fry’s. Either some community college part-timer’s stocked these a wee bit too soon, or someone snuck in back and took s

Treo 680 and Treo 750 Heading to Cingular

Palm briefly had some photos of the Treo 750 (WM5) and Treo 680 (Palm OS) on their website, effectively ruining whatever secret-unveiling Cingular wanted to make. Oops. Sorry buddy, but we’re th

Palm Confirms Low-End Treo In Earnings Call

In a conference earnings call, Ed Colligan of Palm confirmed there was a low-end Treo coming sometime in the next few weeks. This will be priced at users who are “price sensitive”, which j