Palm drops monster update for Treo 680; IM, PTT, other acronyms added


Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of the Palm Treo line of smartphones. They’re a good mix of form factor, usability, and price. They do all the things you need a smartphone to do, and they have lots of amazing games. And if you’re a user of a Treo 680 on AT&T, today is an early Xmas, as the much anticipated software upgrade just hit.

And this isn’t just a firmware bump, it’s a full-on upgrade. After installing, your Treo will have IM, Direct Push support, PTT, and will support up to 4GB of SDHC, not bad at all. It’s free and available from Palm now. There’s also an update for you unlocked GSM users, as well.

Treo update [Palm Support]