• Metal 3DS Case Is Metal

    Not much to say here except that you just spent a lot of money on your 3DS and you should protect it. Sure, you could get some weak plastic shell, but real men use a solid metal case… while they play with their Nintendogs & Cats. Hey, real men can play whatever they want. [via i4u] Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS To Get Netflix Streaming And Free AT&T WiFi By This Summer

    Take a break from all the iPad 2 announcements and check out what’s going on with the Nintendo 3DS, set to release March 27. Some good news has come out about the little gamer: Netflix streaming and free AT&T WiFi coming soon. Read More

  • Panasonic Cancels The Jungle Gaming System, Act Surprised

    The official word from Panasonic is that “changes in the market and in our own strategic direction” caused the cancelation of the Jungle gaming system. In other words, Panny suits finally came to their senses and decided it’s a bit too late in the game to bring a whole new platform to market. With Sony rolling out the powerhouse NGP handheld and Nintendo moving towards 3D… Read More

  • Nintendo Ships 400,000 3DS Units In Japan, System May Already Be Hacked

    t would appear that the Nintendo 3DS is a hit. Nintendo has shipped some 400,000 units since its launch last Saturday in Japan, with reports of the system being sold out throughout the country. (The system will be released in North America on March 27.) That’s the good news for Nintendo. The bad news is that it’s already been hacked. Oh dear. Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Now Available In Japan

    We won’t be getting the 3DS for another month (it hits the US on March 27th), but in Japan, thousands of people are lining up to nab their handheld from retailers across the country. It’s safe to say it’s going to be a quiet, indoors weekend for many in the land of the rising sun. Our Japanese readers are probably waiting in line, and so won’t be reading this, but the… Read More

  • 3DS Price Dips Below £200 In UK Price Wars

    After the 3DS debuted, we saw that the UK pricing was a little… off. Even considering VAT, the £229 prices we were seeing seemed rather high. They’ve been dropping, though, and now many retailers are going below £200 — still quite a bit more than the $250 we’re going to get it for here in the states, but getting on towards reasonable. Read More

  • Here Are The North American 3DS Launch Titles

    Nintendo was a little cryptic about the 3DS launch titles. The phrase “initial launch window” was used to discribe games coming out during the 3DS’s first few months rather than the launch day titles. Well, the 3DS launches in North America on March 27 and the launch titles were just revealed. Sorry, kids. It doesn’t include Zelda, Star Fox, Kid Icarus or Mario Kart. Read More

  • The Nintendo 3DS Gets Town Apart Prior To Its Release

    Here she is, gamers: the fabled Nintendo 3DS. The gaming system hits Japan within the coming days, but one Chinese site got their hands on one a bit early and tore it down for the whole world to see. The system doesn’t look all that magical splayed-out, but glasses-free 3D is nothing sort of pure sorcery. [TGBUS via Kotaku] Read More

  • Nintendo's 3DS Industrial Design Subtleties, Explained

    When I first saw the 3DS six months ago, and even later when I saw the official pictures, I pretty much just thought of the 3DS as a slightly chunkier DS. But of course the people in charge of designing it know better than that, and when you’re making a device that will be held for hundreds of hours by tens of millions of people… every little thing counts. Nintendo’s… Read More

  • Miyamoto: Yes, I'm Making A Mario For The 3DS

    Not that this should shock any of you, but Nintendo has admitted that it’s working on a new, proper Mario game for the 3DS. So says the mighty Shigeru Miyamoto, who was recently profiled in the New Yorker. This is most welcome news, yes. Read More

  • Wild, Borderline Silly Rumor: 3D Display For The iPhone 5

    This latest iPhone 5 rumor seems to have come completely out of left field, but that’s partially what makes it exciting. How does a 3D screen grab you? Do you respond with “Oh, wow, awesome!” or is it more along the lines of “Er, what?” No answer is wrong. Read More

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