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Judge rules Grubhub properly classified delivery driver as independent contractor

A few months after hearing closing arguments in the Lawson v. Grubhub case, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley has ruled Raef Lawson, the plaintiff, was indeed an independent contractor while driving and d

What you missed at the GrubHub trial about 1099 independent contractors

In a windowless, 15th-floor courtroom in downtown San Francisco this week, GrubHub has been defending its 1099 independent contractor employment model for its delivery drivers. This specific trial is

GrubHub is not a food delivery company, says COO

GrubHub COO Stan Chia took the stand today in the company's trial surrounding its practices of employing 1099 independent contractors to make deliveries. In Chia's testimony, GrubHub lawyer Theodore B

Former GrubHub employee testified drivers often complained about ‘ghost orders’

GrubHub was back in court today in San Francisco over its use of 1099 independent contractors for food delivery. Tj O'Shae, a former GrubHub W-2 employee, echoed much of what plaintiff Raef Lawson tes

Ex-GrubHub driver testifies on ‘ghost orders’ and the acceptance rate hustle

On day two of Lawson v. GrubHub, plaintiff Raef Lawson returned to the stand to testify about his experience driving for GrubHub. GrubHub is defending its practices of employing delivery drivers as 10

GrubHub trial could have major implications for the gig economy

Next week, GrubHub will face one of its former drivers in court, which could set a precedent for future cases around the 1099, gig economy. The trial, which is the first of its kind in California, loo

Taxes in the gig economy

The first generation of gig economy contractors is essentially riding shotgun as an entirely new industry defines itself. While they enjoy flexibility and a convenient way to supplement a primary in

Stripe acquires Payable to help on-demand businesses manage 1099 tax reporting

With its Stripe Connect product, Stripe wants to make it easier for on-demand and marketplace businesses to not only process payments from their customers, but also make payments to contractors and

Vault now offers retirement accounts for any independent contractor

A little more than six months ago, Vault took to the Disrupt Battlefield stage to introduce automated investment accounts small and medium-sized business owners could offer to their employees. Today

A U.S. senator has introduced the first bill to give gig workers benefits

While some in Silicon Valley indulge in free meals, laundry service and egg freezing, an estimated 50 percent of the workforce won't even have basic benefits by 2020 -- and Virginia Senator Mark Warne

Government’s refusal to recognize the rise of independent contractors is hurting the economy

David Schweikert Contributor Congressman David Schweikert is a three-term representative of Arizona's Sixth District. He serves on the House Financial Services Committee. The workforce of the 21st cen

Elizabeth Warren takes on the ‘so-called gig economy’ in speech

Senator Elizabeth Warren has some choice words for Uber, TaskRabbit, Alfred and all the other companies taking part in the "so-called gig economy," as she put it in a speech Thursday for the New Ameri

All on-demand models are not created equally

The end of on-demand is nigh. The media cover down rounds and startups winding down on a weekly basis, and, as funding stops, it seems as if every "Uber for X" is doomed to fail. However, all on-deman

Tip your Uber driver

Don't argue, just do it.

Finding financial health in the gig economy

So, you're cruising down the highway with your latest fare, making money whenever you choose to turn on your engine. But that 1099 economy you're so fond of should come with a warning: Steep Drop-off

The Real Reason On-Demand Startups Are Reclassifying Workers

Over the past several months, a handful of on-demand startups reclassified their independent contractors as employees. Others have publicly acknowledged they're considering the same move, and have bee

On-Demand Darwinism: Survival Of The Fastest

When it comes to evolution, many focus on those special specimens that survive, known as the “fittest.” But what about the losers? Those that couldn’t adapt and simply fell off the merry-go-roun

The 5-Step Uber Playbook That Will Disrupt The On-Demand Economy

Most people are familiar with Uber as the ridesharing king; it has taken the world by storm, with much fanfare. Less has been written about its new family member, UberEATS, which now delivers lunch wi

Can Entrepreneurs Succeed In Today’s On-Demand World?

Intuit recently released an eye-opening new survey reporting that there are currently 3.2 million American workers who participate in the on-demand economy. By 2020, it’s estimated that there will b

Politicized “Gig Economy” May Make Changing Status Quo More Difficult

The so-called “sharing economy,” which some affectionately (or pejoratively) describe as the “gig economy,” is becoming a highly politicized issue in the 2016 presidential election. As the “
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