• Forget HDDs, forget SSDs, here come the HRDs

    The debate between SSDs and HDDs will rage for years to come, but what happens when a real contender busts in? Now, I’m not talking about some holographic future toy that some physicist thinks might be ready by 2018. The “Hard Rectangular Drive” from DataSlide is a sort of hybrid between a solid state system and a normal platter-based hard drive. Think about a regular… Read More

  • Clear In The DeadPool. So Much For Zipping Through Airport Security

    So much for zipping through airport security for people willing to pay $199 per year and have their fingerprints and iris images scanned to be pre-approved. Clear, the largest company to leverage the Registered Traveler program in the U.S., has “ceased operation” as of 11 pm PST today and their parent company, Verified Identity Pass, Inc., is in the deadpool. They were “unable… Read More

  • Epic 1TB HDD roundup – and the winner is…

    You! You’re the winner! Because you can buy a terabyte hard drive for less than a bill these days, and that means no matter which one you choose, you can put a thousand gigabytes of data on it. But for those of you more interested in things like price vs. performance, power consumption, and so on, it may be worthwhile to check out this really solid roundup by the detail-oriented guys over… Read More

  • Steve Jobs spotted at Apple HQ today, breaks his silence

    Multiple sources are reporting that Steve Jobs was seen at Apple HQ today, just a few days after it was revealed that Jobs had undergone a liver transplant surgery. According to Reuters, Jobs was seen leaving HQ in a blacked out car surrounded by men in black suits donning ear-pieces. Before we jump the gun, let’s see if Jobs shows up to work tomorrow. After all, he isn’t scheduled… Read More

  • Let's Talk Antitrust (on June 30)

    Next week I’ll be interviewing antitrust expert Gary Reback on his new book Free the Market!: Why Only Government Can Keep the Marketplace Competitive (buy it here). This is a HBSTech event being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. This is the guy that represented Netscape in its epic legal battle with Microsoft in the nineties, and he was instrumental… Read More

  • Poor Tron Guy must sell his plane to keep himself in discs

    We know how you guys think of CrunchGear: the TMZ of gadget blogs. Our main focus is on the cult of personality surrounding such luminaries as the Guy Formerly known As Zune Tattoo Dude, Mustard Man, and of course Tron Guy. Every detail of their lives must be posted and reposted because that is the lifeblood of gadget blogging. Without these giants of tech, our blogger lives would be sadder… Read More

  • Verizon upgrades FiOS service, offers new goodies

    Well, isn’t this a kick in the pants? If you’re wearing mine it is. Just last week I had Verizon’s FiOS installed in my new apartment and today they announce new offers for customers and upgraded speeds. In short, I’m pissed. Turns out that I got a better deal and rate when I signed up two weeks ago. Hooray! Read More

  • iCrack: The iPhone Is An Accident Magnet

    If you’ve ever thought that your iPhone had the frictional coefficient of a Slip n’ Slide, you’re not alone. A new report from SquareTrade details the accident-prone nature of Apple’s line of smartphones, reporting that over 20% of iPhones have been damaged in the last 22 months. Cracked screens abound. From a manufacturing standpoint, the iPhone wins higher marks… Read More

  • Alice.com Is Your Housekeeper And Personal Shopper Rolled Into One

    Ever run out of toilet paper or trashbags at an inopportune moment and think to yourself, I wish I had someone to remind me when I need to buy household basics? Tonight at 9 pm, Alice.com will show you a better way to buy household essentials online that will not only remind you when you need more toilet paper but will save you time, and most importantly, money. The basic idea behind… Read More

  • New Business Model In Hand, Tagga Raises $400,000

    Last August we wrote about Tagga, a new SMS service that made it easy for individuals to set up free interactive SMS campaigns. Since then the company has shifted gears, changing its business model to help larger marketing agencies (the sort with actual budgets) set up their campaigns. Now the company has closed a $400,000 funding round led by a number of independent investors out of the… Read More

  • Pageonce's updated iPhone app brilliantly combines all your online accounts into one app

    Step aside, Mint. Pageonce just launched a major update to its iPhone application, and it blows you out of the water. Pageonce’s v3 update is absolutely fantastic, and Mint’s app pales in comparison. Pageonce’s premium app, A Personal Assistant Premium, allows you to connect all of your online accounts to one login (and one application). What do we mean by all accounts? We… Read More

  • Monday afternoon timewaster: Shmup scene generator

    What’s a shmup, you ask? It’s short for shoot-em-up, you know, like Raiden and Gradius and all those great old quarter-eating scrolling shooters. Those of you nerdy enough to be fans of these games will be delighted with this fun little tool, where you can arrange ships, enemies, shots and bosses until the cows come home. Why not? Read More

  • Now We're Talking: AIM With Push Support Hits The App Store

    There’s been a lot of talk the past few days since the launch of the iPhone 3.0 software about the lack of Push Notification apps in the App Store. Well, today brings a big one: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Instant messaging apps are perhaps the perfect use for Push Notification, which allows you to use such services without requiring that they be open at all time. In our test of the… Read More

  • Don't Have Enough Widgets In Your Life? Netvibes Adds Recommendations.

    For those of you who need more information widgets in your life, Netvibes is adding widget recommendations to its homepage service. It just started rolling this feature out today, and all Netvibes users should see it within the next two or three days. It looks at all of the information widgets on all the pages and tabs in your account, compares that to other members with overlapping taste… Read More

  • Kodak stops Kodachrome film production

    It’s a sad day, film fans. Kodak will retire its Kodachrome film, citing, um, its near commercial relevance. Sales of Kodachrome film only account for 1 percent of still-photo (that is, not including movie film and all the digital equipment) sales. Read More

  • Exclusive: OTOY Goes Mobile, Turns Your Cell Phone Into A Powerful Gaming Rig

    Last week we posted a pair of videos showing off OTOY, the upcoming server-side rendering service that can stream complex 3D games to your computer through any web browser. It’s a very impressive technology, requiring no plugins or lengthy installs — just open your browser and you can instantly jump into a game of Crysis or GTA4, streamed in HD quality. Today we’ve gotten… Read More

  • Interview: Jared Brown, iPhone developer about having his app rejected

    Every day the Internet pays lip service to the “apps” “yanked” by Apple. But what happens when something Apple does in the SDK shuts down an entire type of app, namely the camera apps that added interesting new functionality to the phone? Jared Brown write Quick Shot, an app that added a number of cool features to the iPhone camera. Apple has decided to strictly… Read More

  • Bush Advisor: Twitter Founders Should Get Nobel Peace Prize

    Oh my God, the haters of Twitter are going to love this. Speaking to Fox News, Mark Pfeifle, a former Deputy National Security Advisor to George W. Bush, offered up this appraisal of the Iran situation: “If there’s anybody that should possibly get a Nobel Peace Prize in the next time around, it should be the founders of Twitter who delayed the tuning up of their system in order for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1.5TB desktop hard drive for $99

    Dell has a nice deal going until this Wednesday — a 1.5TB desktop hard drive for $99 after $40 instant savings. It’s a SATA Seagate Barracuda with a 7200RPM spindle speed and 32MB of cache. Read More

  • Ikea strainer turned into super Wi-Fi antenna

    An enterprising young man studying abroad in Russia has turned a run-of-the-mill strainer from Ikea into a Wi-Fi super antenna using little more than the aforementioned strainer, a marker, and SKOTCH tape. Read More

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