• Enemy Territory developer hates Metacritic's influence

    Let’s continue now with a thesis developed late last year, that Metacritic is, in so many words, dumb. This Web site magically condense a game’s every review into a single, bite-sized number. In so doing, however, Metacritic disregards the importance of reading individual review from reputable sources—I most value Edge‘s reviews—and makes developing games all the… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Far Cry 2

    Yahtzee sinks his terrible teeth into Far Cry 2, which I was just playing last night. He pretty much has the same impression I do: beautiful, fun to play, but unbelievably repetitive and pretty pointless, plus the AI is terrible. Hearing him praise the graphics of a brown-colored game is an interesting twist, though. Read More

  • Apple pushed 4.4 million iPhones in the last quarter

    We’re just minutes into Apple’s quarterly earnings call, and the iPhones sales numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2009 (which ran from Oct. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31st, 2008) are already in. Over the past 3 months, Apple has sold over 4,363,000 iphones. Compared to the 2.3 million iPhones sold in their fiscal first quarter of last year, this number is astronomical. Compared to the… Read More

  • England's Arsenal FC to launch Sony PSP-assisted instant replay for fans next year

    English football team Arsenal FC will experiment with Sony PSP-delivered instant replays in the next 18 months. The system, which will also allow Emirates attendees to view the game playing before their very eyes on the PSP (different camera angles and the like), has been in the works for a little while now. It’s the first scheme of its kind. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free RAM upgrade on the HP Mini 1000 Mi

    These are hard times and we know every penny counts. But we also know that some of you are going to continue to buy gadgets regardless of the current economic conditions. If you’re looking at HP’s Mini 1000 Mi netbook then you should know that they’re offering a free upgrade on RAM from 512MB to 1GB. Read More

  • Is it 2012? Because Hello Kitty just made her debut on the iPhone

    The end of the world has come early, friends. FunMobillity has finagled their way into Sanrio’s good graces and unleashed Hello Kitty for the iPhone. For five whole dollars you can get 50 wallpapers of the 35-year-old cat from Japan. The real shocker here is that it took this long for HK to make her way into the App Store. Why didn’t Sanrio just do this themselves?

    Read the rest… Read More

  • Paro, the robotic seal for the elderly, is shipping in April

    Remember that crazy robotic seal for the elderly? The one with the hole in its snout for “charging?” Well, you can now buy one for $6,000 and it will be available in limited quantities in April, 2009. Read More

  • More rumors of Microsoft job cuts

    Microsoft’s quarterly target – the numbers it’s planning to report for revenue and profit – could end up lower than their original expectations thereby forcing the gentle giant to shed “thousands of jobs,” according to Reuters. Wall Street is looking for quarterly revenue of $17.1 billion, according to Reuters Estimates, also short of Microsoft’s… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 in action – blurry, blurry action

    The always incredibly prompt folks over at XDA-Developers managed to get their mitts on a ultra early beta release of what’s purported to be Windows Mobile 6.5, and then proceeded to tweak and tune it to load on an HTC device. Which HTC device, you wonder? Might it be the gorgeous and relatively new HTC Touch Pro, or the ever elusive HTC Touch HD? Hell no – they’re… Read More

  • Stylish Tokyoflash ‘Keisan’ watches look nice, require above-average math skills

    Ah, the Tokyoflash watches. We’ve covered them time and time again here on CrunchGear, yet I’ve never personally written about them since I haven’t had any experience with them yet. Well that all changed a few weeks ago during CES. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 35% off Shure headphones at Earphone Solutions

    Here’s a random CrunchDeal for y’all. Earphone Solutions, a fine Web site, has a bunch of Shure headphones (except the i2CM, SE110 and SE-110-K) for 35 percent off the regular price. That means you could walk away with, say, $150 SE210 for just $97. Read More

  • HP not shipping high-res display 2140s? [Update]

    Everyone at CG knows how enamored I am with the HP Mini line and everyone at HP knows that I want a 2140 rigged with the Mi OS. Unfortunately, the 2140 is not offered with Mi, which makes me sad. I spoke to Doug about this over CES and wondered what would happen if I just swapped hard drives from an Mi to a 2140. We both concluded that the Mi and 2140 are virtually the same machines with the… Read More

  • MPJ-101 = Mini projector plus portable media player

    Japanese gadget company Lancerlink today unveiled the MPJ-101 [JP], a mini projector that doubles as a portable media player. People living outside Nippon can order the device here for around $1,000. Read More

  • Man's trebuchet launches 16-pound fireballs through the air with the greatest of ease

    I don’t have the time, patience, carpentry skills, open space, or wherewithal to build my own trebuchet but after seeing Mark Winkler’s “Mongo the Trebuchet” launch a flaming ball of fire across an open field under the cover of darkness, I suddenly have the urge to go to Home Depot with a quick stop at the local Fireball Emporium (or wherever they sell fireballs). Read More

  • CEO Stringer trying to trim Sony's "fat"

    Sony brought in Sir Howard Stringer, a peer of the realm, a few years ago to help turn Sony around. The results, as you’ll note, have been less than staggering. Now, however, Stringer is really going to get the job done and will trim 16,000 jobs and restructure the company in order to bring Sony back to the great heights from which it has fallen. The past decade has been hard on Sony. Read More

  • How to make an iPhone stand out of pencils and rubber bands

    Have you always wanted a desktop stand for your iPhone but you don’t want to pay those outrageous department store prices? If you said – nay, shouted – YES! then let me ask you two additional follow-up questions. Read More

  • OneSeason Raises $3.5 Million For Its Sports Stock Market

    OneSeason, the stock market for sports that lets users invest real money into their favorite athletes, has closed a $3.5 million Series A funding round led by Charles River Ventures. To coincide with the funding, OneSeason has also announced that CRV’s George Zachary will join the company’s Board of Directors. Hot or Not founder James Hong and 49er superstar Ronnie Lott will also… Read More

  • Sanyo announces first round of refreshes to the Xacti camcorder line [Update]

    Sanyo’s compact line of Xacti Dual camcorders was refreshed this morning with five new models. The high-end DMX-HD2000 and DMX-FH11 are the only two that shoot 1080p resolution video. Like Xactis before it, these two also take still photos that are approximately 8 megapixels even when recording video. They can be interpolated up to 12 megapixels as well when not shooting video. Both have… Read More

  • The Dell Adamo not coming until second half of 2009?

    The Internet was abuzz about the Dell Adamo notebook a few days ago. The Apple Macbook Air-killer was finally announced and would hopefully start shipping sometime in a couple of months. That’s not going to happen according to DigiTimes though. Read More

  • Yup, Sirius XM price hike confirmed

    So yeah, that rumored Sirius XM price hike is totally going to happen. Go ahead and call Sirius XM and you’ll get the customer service guy trying to get you to “lock in” your current rates by buying a lifetime subscription. Time to break out the pitchforks. Read More

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