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  • LG and Sprint launching something at CES – but what?

    Call us crazy, but we don’t think you’d host a “Mobile Launch Party” at CES unless you were planning.. you know, a mobile launch of some sort – and when it comes to mobile launches, companies generally don’t co-host parties unless they’re launching a phone together. So when we get a heads up letting us know that Sprint and LG will be throwing a party… Read More

  • Video: The LG eXpo's projector accessory gets demoed

    Outside of a completely simulated appearance in a commercial, we’ve been hard-pressed in finding any video of the LG eXpo’s projector attachment in action. We expected to see some hit the Tubes after the handset launched last week – alas, the projector accessory still hasn’t hit the shelves. Fortunately, the guys over at MobileSyrup have managed to scrounge one up north… Read More

  • Rumor: LG Cookie to be followed up by the LG Muffin?

    Man, that was a surreal headline to write. Two baked goods in one sentence, and we’re not even talking about Android. With over 10 million units pushed, the Cookie is LG’s best selling device ever. It should come as no surprise, then, that it’s getting a sequel. Read More

  • Vodafone UK launching the iPhone January 14th

    Unlike here in the States, the iPhone exclusivity deal for the UK wasn’t a big pile of absurd. O2 got exclusivity for 2 years. Once that was up, it was an open game where just about any carrier was free to hop on the iPhone – and hop they have. Looking to stay competitive with the likes of O2 and Orange UK, Vodafone has just officially confirmed that they’ll be launching… Read More

  • Review: AT&T Navigator app for iPhone

    I’ve been using the AT&T Navigator app for iPhone for a couple of months now. This is a free app, but it requires a $10/month subscription from AT&T (or $70 for an annual subscription). I’m not going to belabor the GPS functions too much in this review: it’s almost the year 2010, and the global positioning system has been used to provide turn-by-turn directions for… Read More

  • Maine may add warning labels to cellphones

    Maine could well become the first state in the Union to require cellphone manufacturers to add a cigarette-like warning to cellphone packaging. The idea is to remind people that cellphones may be dangerous, and that you would do well to limit your exposure to them. Read More

  • New cell phone maker NEC-Casio goes America, targets 200% international sales boost

    As MobileCrunch reported back in August, three of Japan’s eight top cell phone makers, namely NEC, Casio and Hitachi are going to merge their cell phone businesses next year. Under the agreement, NEC plans to integrate its handset division into a tie-up that already existed between Hitachi and Casio starting April 2010 (the begin of the new fiscal year under the Japanese business… Read More

  • So, Is Operation Chokehold Melting AT&T In Your Area?

    It’s just after 12 o’clock here on the left coast, which means Operation Chokehold should now be in full effect. What that means (if anything at all) is still up in the air — which is why we’re turning to you for a status report. For the uninitiated: Operation Chokehold is a sort of cyber-protest against AT&T, as conjured up by some dude playing a dude disguised… Read More

  • Samsung to follow up the ultra cheap Corby with the even cheaper Corby Pop

    Samsung already managed to get the Samsung Corby down to a surprisingly dirt-cheap price tag, packing in a 2.8″ touchscreen, 2 MP camera, and FM radio for less than $200 bucks — unlocked, and without contract. It seems that wasn’t enough, however – according to the latest whispers from the rumor mill, they’re aiming even lower. According to Unwired View… Read More

  • Indie iPhone Game Doodle Jump Passes 1 Million Downloads

    If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve never played Doodle Jump. Why? Because if you had ever played Doodle Jump, you’d probably still be playing it. The game is addictive gaming at its finest; it’s drop dead simple, yet ridiculously tough to put down. If I had to babysit a kid, I’d just hand them Doodle Jump and then go off and do something… Read More

  • Samsung Bada screenshots hit the web, but what's with the Series 60 font?

    Hey, good on Samsung for trying to make their own OS. I’m sure it will be wonderful for them. It saves them from having to, I don’t know, use Android? But what’s with all the Nokia Series 60 font usage in the UI? These screenshots, which are floating around right now, show some of the UI elements of the new OS, Bada. The font they’re using is approximately (or… Read More