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  • Skype for Android hacked to run over 3G in the US

    Not that I really care (I live in Australia), but I’m pretty darn sure that a few of you out there were simultaneously happy and disappointed with the news yesterday that Skype has finally made its way to Android. Happy because it exists, disappointed because the powers-that-be decided that you Americans weren’t worthy enough to use the service when running over 3G. Well, you can… Read More

  • T-mobile announces entry-level LG Optimus T with Froyo

    It’s a great time in the smartphone world right now, with the cost of entry being lower, and the selection greater, than ever before. Cue the LG Optimus T from T-mobile (looking suspiciously similar to the LG Optimus S for Sprint). Billed as being an entry-level, easy-to-use phone for those that have yet to put the smart in smartphone, it comes with (stock, “With Google”)… Read More

  • Palm P102UEU says hello to the FCC

    Do you remember a couple o’ days ago when we told you about the upcoming Palm “Mansion” handset? You know, the one with the 800×480 screen and no keyboard. Yeah, that one! Well, I’m not saying it’s the same device (it probably is), but a device known as the Palm P102UEU has just gotten its love on with the FCC. Read More

  • Palm gives away 500 Pre Plus phones and $150,000 of service to "good causes"

    I’m not often one to write about obvious PR moves — but when they’re primarily aimed at making the world a better place, I’ll suck it up and give’em a mention. At the very least, it might inspire another company to go out of their way to do good stuff. It’s like my crappy little version of playing it forward. Palm. Maybe you know’em as the… Read More

  • Mass Production Of Verizon iPhone Said To Start By End Of 2010

    The WSJ reports that the long, long-rumored Verizon iPhone will be entering mass production by the end of the year. Their source claims to be “briefed by Apple,” which gives this rumor the usual amount of credibility, but it does make some sense if Apple intends to offer a variant of the iPhone 4 before introducing the iPhone 5 in June of 2011. The source also confirmed that, by… Read More

  • Sprint announces 3 sub-$150 Android phones: The Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform, and LG Optimus S

    Obnoxiously overplayed Black Eyed Peas songs and pre-built content packs aren’t the only things Sprint had to offer at today’s press gathering in San Francisco. Also debuting: a trio of sub-$150 Android phones from Sanyo, LG, and Samsung. We’ll be getting a hands on with all three devices later — in the meantime, join us after the jump for a glance at the specs. Read More

  • Sprint to ship pre-built packs of Android content through "Sprint ID"

    We’re live at CTIA 2010 in San Francisco, where Sprint has called around 100 members of the press into a little room filled with Black Eyed Peas songs and TVs showing the weirdest B-Roll video I’ve ever seen (really, think extreme sports mixed with little girls braiding some lady’s hair). Amongst their news? Pre-built packs of content called “Sprint ID” packs. Read More

  • US Cellular finally announces their Samsung Galaxy S variant: the Mesmerize

    We’ve known that US Cellular was getting their own version of Samsung’s Android-powered superphone, the Galaxy S, for some time now. Hell, we’ve known about it just as long as we’ve known about AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon’s, all of which have already hit the shelves by now. US Cellular, however, has been letting things ripen for a bit, keeping… Read More

  • Verizon announces the first 38 cities that will get LTE — Here's the list

    While a number of other companies have chosen to keep quiet through this years CTIA Wireless tradeshow (some have even cancelled scheduled press events), Verizon’s gone ahead and started things off with a bit of a bang today. Just minutes ago, Verizon dropped an info bomb with the announcement of the first 38 regions that will be getting access to their 4G (LTE) network when things… Read More

  • Full version of Angry Birds coming to Android next week

    Uh oh. Teachers, bosses, and significant others everywhere: expect a bit of truancy, curious sick days, and neglect next week. After spending a few weeks in “Lite” Beta form, the full version of Angry Birds — a highly addictive game more commonly known by its street name, “Feathers” (Read: Not really. We could start that, though. It could be a thing, right?) — … Read More

  • Facebook Granted Broad Patent Covering Location-Based Social Networks And Checkins

    Facebook may have been late to the location wars with Facebook Places launching only a few months ago, but it’s been thinking about how to add location to social networking for years. Yesterday, it was granted a patent on “Systems and methods for automatically locating web-based social network members” which could have serious implications for other geo-mobile social… Read More

  • The G2 Will Repair Itself On Rooting

    Some excited rooters at the XDA Dev Forum tried to root the G2 – namely to unlock the software so they can add their own programs and control the OS – only to find that there is a built-in lock in the G2 hardware that returns the handset to the stock state upon rooting. That’s right: it’s a self-repairing system, like grey goo. That said, this is pretty much some BS. Read More

  • Jolly Little Android Wallpaper Will Eat Your Apple

    This jolly little live wallpaper for Android phones (available now in the Market) will eat an apple and throw it away, which is very wasteful and suggests that the Android Droid doesn’t like Apple. While I like to imagine this fellow as a much kinder soul, this 99 cent wallpaper is pretty cool. via PocketNow Read More

  • The Inexpensive Huawei Ascend From Cricket Does The Pre-Paid Android Dance

    The pre-paid wireless carrier, Cricket, is getting serious about smartphones. The Huawei Ascend joins the BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the Android-powered Kyocera Zio, but hits at only $149 rather than $229 like the two other smartphones. Don’t think it’s lack, either, because it’s rather loaded for a contract-free smartphone. A 3.5-inch HVGA screen is front and center, while… Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Hands-On With Fujitsu's Dual Touchscreen Phone (Videos)

    One of the hit products at Fujitsu’s booth at this year’s CEATEC exhibition (that’s currently taking place near Tokyo) was the so-called “Dual-Touchscreen Mobile Phone”. As the name suggests, it has no physical keyboard but boasts two screens instead, and it’s designed like a typical Japanese clamshell cell phone. Read More

  • Entry-level Android-powered Motorola CITRUS announced for Verizon

    If you got excited about AT&T’s recent announcement of three new Motorola Android-powered handsets, but have an allegiance to the big red as strong as your tendency for budget-friendly phones, then listen up. If not, well… just gimme a minute, okay? Verizon have now announced the Motorola Citrus, which is “designed specifically for new smartphone users”, with… Read More

  • Motorola open to Windows Phone 7… if it's compelling enough

    Motorola’s co-CEO, Sanjay Jha, has told the Wall Street Journal today that they would be open to developing a Windows Phone 7 handset if they find the OS compelling enough. This comes just days after Microsoft filed suits against Motorola alleging nine patent infringements within their Android phones. Read More

  • T-mobile's pre-paid data plans leak

    T-mobile have now decided to enter the pre-paid wireless internet game, with the pricing for their “Passes” pre-paid data plans leaking out today. Our BFFs over at Engadget have been sent an employee training sheet that neatly outlines the rates and allowances for their upcoming pre-paid data offerings. And what are they, you ask? Well, how about $10 for 100MB or 7 days… Read More

  • Verizon announces the Droid Pro — and it's not what anyone expected

    Score one for Verizon! In a world full of constant, spot-on leaks (not that we’re complaining), they’ve managed to not only launch a device without leaksters getting it first, but also make (intentionally or not) everyone think the model in question was something entirely different. Read More

  • AT&T launches three new Motorola Android phones: the Flipside, Flipout, and Bravo

    Surprise! The Motorola Flipout for AT&T isn’t dead! After a bit of weird behavior on AT&T’s part and an early sales debut on eBay , the Motorola Flipout will be hitting AT&T’s shelves on October 17th. Better yet, it’s bringing a couple of Android-powered friends. Read More