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  • Gay Fetish Site launches iPhone app

    While the big Steve said that you would have to go to Android for your porn fix, I guess he didn’t mean you would have to go there for help hooking up with like-minded leather fans. Read More

  • Hi Lux Pico Projector phone for $174? OK, I'll bite

    This Chinese phone is trying desperately to look like a Vertu but features one of the most massive pico projectors I’ve ever seen. The NCBC 888 phone with a built in pico projector takes media on a mobile phone to the next level. Anyone who has ever had to stare at a smallish screen (even if it is up to 4 inches) knows that after a while there eyes will begin to tire. Not with the… Read More

  • May 27th means LG's Ally is now rocketing across the US, Iron Man stylee

    As promised, LG’s mid-range, QWERTY, Android-powered slider (phew), the Ally, is now available from Verizon. Just think: somewhere out there, keen LG/Iron Man 2/Android fans are braving the harsh Spring conditions, waiting for their favourite Verizon stores to open. The less adventurous of the devout would have just pre-ordered it, but where’s the honour in that? You can grab the… Read More

  • Nokia N8 on its way to Vodafone UK

    Vodafone UK now have the Nokia N8 on their “Coming Soon” page, so it seems a pretty safe bet that Nokia’s new top-end Symbian ^3 powered handset will indeed be “Coming Soon” to Vodafone UK. You can probably also safely bet that the phone is “Coming Soon” to other carriers, too… but I don’t have a handy reference page for any other operators. Read More

  • Video: Acer gets all official with their 1GHz Snapdragon- and Android-powered Stream

    Today Acer officially announced their latest Android handset, the Stream (coz a whole lotta Liquid makes a Stream). The device will rock Android 2.1 UI atop a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7″ 800×480 AMOLED screen, 5MP camera with 720p video, 512MB RAM, 2GB on-board storage (+ an 8GB MicroSD card), and the usual connectivity options (ie WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, HSDPA, GPS). So… Read More

  • Exclusive: The Helio Ocean 3 that could have been

    Yesterday was a sad day for me, albeit one that was a long time coming. Yesterday, Helio, a wireless MVNO co-operated by EarthLink and South Korea’s SK Telecom, let out its final death cry. As I predicted in March, Virgin Mobile, who had acquired the failing company just two years prior, was pulling the plug on the post-paid side of their service that Helio had become. The lights… Read More

  • AT&T allegedly tells employees of iPhone 4 coming in June

    Two of the three iPhones released thus far have been launched in June. WWDC, where Apple generally announces iPhones 2-3 weeks before they’re shipping, starts on June 7th. If you had to guess, when would you wager that the new iPhone was coming? If you said “June”, awesome — you’re probably right, and click on after the jump to find out more. If you said… Read More

  • DeHood Launches a Foursquare meets Twitter meets Yelp meets Ning for iPhone

    When I was a kid, we used to play on the street in front of my house. Yeah, I know – seems like years ago. Nowadays, with children and families spending more time inside watching TV or playing video games; I feel like there’s nobody outside in my neighborhood anymore. In fact, most people don’t know their next-door neighbors. DeHood, sponsors here at TechCrunch Disrupt, wants… Read More

  • HTC Evo 4G to get an HDMI dock

    We’ll start with the bad news: according to some early stage testing done by PCMag, the HDMI output on the HTC Evo might kinda-sorta suck. While they haven’t quite pinned down the source of their woes, various TVs are all showing various issues. On the upside: it looks like the HTC Evo is getting a fancy-pants micro-HDMI docking port, making it super easy to blast content onto your… Read More

  • BookLover app: an app for book lovers

    BookLover is a $0.99 app for the iPhone for people who love books. It looks at first glance like an iPhone version of Delicious Library, which I’ve never used. You can organize books — complete with book cover art and in some cases a synopsis — on your virtual bookshelf. You can take notes on books you’ve read, or perhaps jot a note reminding you about who you loaned… Read More

  • Galaxy S available in Asia come June, Froyo comes later

    Do you like your screens crisp, but your phones a little less wavey? Do you like teh Gigahertzes, but are fearful of dragons? Well, I’m happy that you’re so sure of yourself, but I’m even happier that the Galaxy S ticks all of your boxes AND will be released sometime in June! But calm down a sec, mmmkay? There is something more I need to tell you. First of all, the June… Read More

  • AT&T's second Android Handset, HTC Aria, launching in June

    While AT&T are still happy to be rolling in the money brought in from the iPhone exclusivity agreement, they aren’t stupid enough to ignore the other mobile platform completely. AT&T have previously announced that there will be 5 Android handsets launching in 2010, and we now have word that the first of these 5 (the second in their history) will be the HTC Aria. Read More

  • Samsung LiMo-powered i8330 leaks, to be called Vodafone H2

    Another day, another leak, right? Next up we have the Samsung LiMo-R3-powered i8330. The device will form part of the Vodafone 360 lineup in Europe, and will be known as the H2. The specs so far seem decent, with a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, an 800×480 Super AMOLED screen, 8MP autofocus + flash camera with HD video recording, and the usual GPS, and WiFi, as well as a touch of HSDPA. Read More

  • Spankin' new shot of the Motorola Shadow emerges, along with contradictory specs

    It seems like only hours ago that a leaked shot of the yet-to-be-announced Motorola Shadow emerged, yet here we are with another shot of the possible successor to the Droid. This time around there is no wacky story accompanying the leak, but this is the first shot of the device that hasn’t been directly front-facing (you can clearly see the HDMI connector on the side there), so at… Read More

  • Holiday Inn to trial mobile-as-room-key program next month

    Your phone is now your hotel key. Well, could be your hotel key. Holiday Inn will trial new software for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android that will let you use your phone to open your hotel door. Even better: you can use the software to check out without having to futz around at the check-in desk. Convenient. Read More

  • Goodnight, sweet iPhone: Apple pulls iPhone 3G sales from their online store

    You know what’s coming up in just a few days? Apples Worldwide Developer Conference. With WWDC comes new iPhones.. and with new iPhones, comes the death of an old one. Apple may very well still offer the 3GS after the fourth-generation iPhone is on the shelves — but offering the fourth-gen iPhone, the 3GS, and the 3G? Probably not going to happen. The first herald of the iPhone… Read More

  • Verizon exec hits the gym, loses the unreleased Motorola Shadow instead of weight

    Note to self: keep an eye out for unreleased smartphones in ridiculous places. Hanging out in a random beer garden in Palo Alto? Oh, hello there, fourth-generation iPhone. Hitting the gym? Lookie here, it’s the unreleased Motorola Shadow Android phone for Verizon! Read More

  • Boost Mobile's pre-paid, Android-powered Motorola i1 to cost $349.99

    When we dug up some evidence yesterday that Boost Mobile would be getting the US’s first pre-paid Android phone in the form of Motorola’s crazy-tough, push-to-talk i1, there was one bit we were missing: the price. Fortunately, that didn’t stay a secret for very long. Read More

  • Is this a Droid running Android 2.2?

    Call us skeptical but we’re not quite sure this is legit. A regular on myDroidWorld’s forums just posted a bunch of screenshots that are supposed to be a Droid running Froyo. There are shots of the app launcher, new Car Home, the camera, and updated search options. Really everything but the About Phone screen which will show the phone’s model number, firmware, and kernal… Read More

  • TC Disrupt Startup Alley: Knocking Live has 1.6M users, faster growth than Foursquare, Gowalla

    Who’s nailed peer-to-peer live streaming video on smartphones such as iPhone and Android? It’s not Qik, Ustream or, it’s Knocking Live, an application by bootstrapped Point Heads Software. Interestingly enough, Knocking Live reached 1 million users faster than Foursquare or Gowalla did (see graph). Pointy Heads released Knocking Live in December in collaboration… Read More