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  • HTC Desire shows up with a new color scheme: Silver

    If I had to pin a color on the HTC Desire we saw back at MWC, I’d have called it silver. Dark, sort-of-brownish silver, but silver none the less. But then this comes out, and shows us what a HTC Desire looks like when it’s really, really Silver. Read More

  • T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT available now for $129.99

    It’s been a crazy ride on the rumor rollercoaster for the Android-powered Motorola Cliq XT. What started out as a mysterious spotting finally became official at Mobile World Congress in February. Then came a series of leaks, each half right: one got the date right, while the other nailed the price. Read More

  • AT&T ZERO to save the planet one phone charger at a time

    They’re in our homes, and they’re in our schools. There they sit, silently, eating our power. Even if you unplug your phone, they keep devouring power. What’s next!? Will cell phone chargers some day EAT YOUR CHILDREN? More at 11. In a move to save you some gadget juice and boost their “green”-factor, AT&T has just announced what they call the first… Read More

  • Android 2.1 to hit the Motorola Droid starting Thursday

    When it rains, its pours. We just found out yesterday that Android 2.1 hitting the Moto Droid sometime in March was a pretty sure thing, and now we’ve got an exact date. Read More

  • $199, March 24th release for HD2 on T-Mo confirmed

    We knew about the pricing, but until today, we weren’t sure exactly which day the HD2 was going to hit T-Mobile. So long, ignorance! March 24th it is! There’s more stuff going down at an HD2 event as I write this, if I’m not mistaken, and we’ll have the whole business for you shortly. There’s a lot of white space here, so I’m going to editorialize. I know… Read More

  • No copy-paste for Windows Phone 7 Series

    Le sigh. We actually already knew there was no copy/paste functionality in WP7S devices, but the announcement we were hoping for at MIX wasn’t “no copy/paste for real” but rather “here’s how we’ve obsoleted copy/paste.” Maybe they’ll add it later, but… really, now. Nothing at all? You guys are killing the dream. Read More

  • BlueAnt to launch a text-message-to-speech Android App next week

    Bluetooth headsets are great for keeping your eyes on the road while you’re driving — until you get a text message. “I wonder who that’s from? I’ll just take a peek!” you think, reaching for your phone… and BAM! Your car’s front end is now playing twister with another car’s rear end. Bluetooth headset manufacturer BlueAnt is looking to cut… Read More

  • 40% of BlackBerry users: "Yeah, I'd trade in for an iPhone"

    Can you blame ’em? If you bought into a two-year contract a little more than two years ago, possibly because of shortcomings in the first iPhone (a perfectly reasonable decision), you would have been watching with jealous eye the introduction of the 3G, the 3GS, and the launch and growth of the App Store. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to change horses. BlackBerry makes… Read More

  • Leaked: Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 to get Windows Mobile 6.5 this week

    Are you ready for your Windows Mobile 6.5 update, Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 owners? You should be — given that every other carrier threw 6.5 on the Pro2 months ago, you’re probably champin’ at the bit by now. We knew it was coming this month — we just didn’t know when. Thanks to your friendly neighborhood Sprint store spy, we’ve now got an exact date. Read More

  • T-Mobile Cliq XT to go on sale tomorrow for $99?

    If we were to take everything the rumormill said as gospel, we’d tell you that the Motorola Cliq XT launched in all of its Android glory on March 10th. Given that it’s now nearly a week later and the Cliq XT has yet to hit the shelves, we’d say that the rumormill is a dirty, dirty liar. Or, you know, something changed at the last minute. Either way, now there’s a… Read More

  • Chinese iPhone Air is super thin, super fake

    Come, friends! Circle ’round and let me tell you a tale of the finest fake in all the lands. Is your standard, completely not-shady iPhone too thick and legitimate for you? 12.3mm thick? That’s like a loaf of bread! What you need, friend, is the iPhone Air. Not only have they managed to completely rip off everything from the body design to the user interface (presumably poorly)… Read More

  • Nexus One with AT&T (and Rogers!) 3G now on sale

    A new challenger has appeared! The Nexus One may not have sold all that well, but it’s still the beastiest Android handset available on US carriers. Speaking of US carriers, add one more to the Nexus One’s supported list. Since day 1, the T-Mobile version of the Nexus One has worked with AT&T — as long as you didn’t mind that it couldn’t hop on AT&T’s… Read More

  • Google: Android Market now serving 30,000 apps

    At the most recent Mobile World Congress, Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed that the company’s partners are now selling over 60,000 Android handsets on a daily basis. With that kind of growth rate, it’s no wonder that the size of the Android Market is quickly increasing in its slipstream. While Google doesn’t publicly show how many applications there are in Android Market… Read More

  • Sweet merciful Jehosaphat! Microsoft stole the WinPho UI from KLM!

    Super sleuths at MS Mobiles (Motto: “Our small phone-shaped favicon is so outdated it’s popular again”) is accusing Microsoft of wholesale theft and battery in their new WinPho UI. KLM’s inflight whatsitcalled looks just like Microsoft’s whatsitcalled and the big blue buttons appear on KLMs entertainment whatchamacallit when you fly on their big, beautiful planes. Read More

  • Flurry: more Droid devices than iPhones sold in first 74 days on the market

    Mobile app analytics company Flurry estimates that while Apple sold 1 million iPhone devices in its first 74 days of availability on the market, the Motorola Droid actually shipped more devices during that timespan. Sales of Google’s Nexus One, by comparison, kinda stunk: the company only sold an estimated 135k phones in 74 days. Flurry reaches its conclusions through applications using… Read More

  • Samsung's WinPho7 handset peeped, specs set in stone at MIX

    Hey, I told you MIX was going to be hot. A talk at the development conference has revealed a third flavor of Windows Phone 7 Series, though alas, it does not appear to be the third chassis style we heard exists — unless the extra-hot camera is the third style. This shiny new Samsung keeps the lozenge style but has a more rounded look than the “reference” design we saw at launch. Read More

  • Stainless steel iPhone case protects your precious

    Still carrying your iPhone in your pants pocket eh? Well, I guess you can do that. Be careful if you sit down though, you might end up with a pocket full of broken dreams and unicorn tears. Well, unless you have this pretty sweet stainless steel iPhone case. Read More

  • Droid 2.1 update coming in March, says random Motorola CS rep

    Oh, customer service agents, how we love you. You’re an endless source of knowledge — even if about 80% of it tends to be taken from gadget blogs, pushed through the fact distorting ears of the rumor mill. That other 20%, though.. there are some real gems in there. Like the launch window for the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, for example. Read More

  • Netflix with Watch Instantly support announced for Windows Phone

    Gratuitous shot from Mortal Kombat used here because A) Mortal Kombat is available via Watch Instantly and B) Mortal Kombat is fantastic. You know, in it’s own way. Just about every smartphone has some sort of Netflix support at this point. Movie browsing… queue management.. all the basics. What they don’t have, unfortunately, is the one feature that everyone is asking… Read More

  • Palm launches a new slogan for webOS: Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing.

    We love webOS around these parts. What we don’t love — not one bit — is how they’ve been advertising it. They kicked things off with creepiness, and then followed it up with mis-aimed cheesiness. Fortunately, it looks like Palm has finally, finally figured this advertising thing out. Just minutes ago, Palm used a new commercial to debut the brand new slogan for webOS… Read More