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  • More BlackBerry slider photos for you, guv'nor

    It looks a little bit better than it did before when it’s in focus, and with a Bold for comparison. Click for the high resolution version, or head over to BlackBerry Leaks for the rest. People are falling over themselves trying to decide whether this is going to be Bold-branded or Storm-branded. I see no reason why they shouldn’t launch as a whole different line — a… Read More

  • More Shots of Microsoft's Project Pink "Turtle" and "Pure" leak out; hitting Verizon on April 20th?

    We’re still trying our darnedest to not feed the hype machine surrounding Project Pink, considering that all signs are indicating that neither phone is anything to get worked up about. With that said, a couple of new shots of the Turtle (the stout, portrait sliding QWERTY handset) and the Pure (the horizontal QWERTY handset pictured above) have just leaked out, along with some… Read More

  • TwitCasting lets you stream live video and tweet simultaneously from your iPhone

    Late last year, Ustream and qik launched iPhone applications that let you stream videos from the iPhone to the web and allow others to watch them as they’re being recorded. And now there is an iPhone app called TwitCasting Live (iTunes link), which offers the same basic functionality, but is – as the name suggests – much deeper integrated into Twitter. The free app is… Read More

  • Video: HTC Legend gets an early unboxing

    Can’t get enough of the ultra gorgeous, uni-body HTC Legend? Neither can we. That’s why we’re glad (and a bit jealous) that our buddy Chris Davies over at SlashGear got his mitts all over a near-retail version of the device, and proceeded to give it a proper unboxing. We say “near-retail” version because there seems to be a few things missing; while the device… Read More

  • HTC: Don't put the Nexus One in your hipster jeans

    The wording in the headline may not be, you know, exactly what HTC said – but it might as well be. After the folks over at Crave UK woke up to a broken screen — which they swear isn’t their fault, as the device had just been sitting on a desk charging — full of inky purple rage on their Nexus One , they shot a call over to HTC support. After investigating the device… Read More

  • Adobe releases Mobile editor for Android developers

    Adobe this morning announced that third-party developers now have access to the Mobile for Android 1.1 editor, allowing them to make it a part of their applications. The news comes four months after the company released Mobile for Android, enabling users to easily edit and share their photos. That app got an upgrade, too. Amusingly, Adobe also takes a bit of a swing… Read More

  • Spy shots of the HTC Incredible that are… not as good as the last batch

    I’m posting these out of a sort of philosophical curiousity. Why would you take spy shots of an upcoming device that has been thoroughly pictured, in high resolution, in focus even, with interface shots and everything? It’s a bit like getting spy shots of the Eiffel Tower. Well, I guess the previous pictures didn’t have a white G1 in them. That’s something, anyway. Read More

  • Microsoft wants you to get psyched for WinPho7 development at MIX

    Are you psyched for Windows Phone 7 Series development? Why not? Damn your eyes! Well, I guess I can understand a little “once bitten, twice shy” attitude after Windows Mobile’s slow-motion flaming zeppelin trajectory during the last couple years. But be honest: WinPho7 looks pretty awesome, and there might be some opportunities for some pretty bad-ass stuff that Apple… Read More

  • One Microsoft Project Pink phone caught in the wild, screenshots leaked

    I’ve been trying to avoid writing much about Microsoft’s secret Project Pink as of late, primarily because we just don’t want to get folks hopes up too high; according to our sources, not a whole lot has changed since we passed on word that the handsets were pretty terrible. With that said, it’s our job to inform you of the news when the news comes up – and some… Read More

  • webOS 1.4 makes its way to Bell Canada handsets

    It’s been a few days since webOS 1.4 made its debut, and each one of them has been filled with countless “Screw you @Palm!” tweets out of Canada. Turns out, them folks north of the border aren’t too fond of waiting for something after the vast majority of the Palm-carrying world already has it. Well, Canadians, your time in the video-recording-capable sun has come. Palm… Read More

  • AT&T launches 2 new 3G dongles – One with GPS, both with 7.2mbps HSPA

    Good news, road warriors! AT&T has just churned out a pair of brand spankin’ new 7.2 megabit per second 3G dongles, just for you. Read More

  • In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever. Deal With It.

    Mobile data is on fire. Despite a few false starts, we are now in the midst of a transformative “Open Mobile 3rd Wave” (remember WAP, and J2ME?). We are just in the early swell of the wave; the iPhone itself is not even three years old, and thanks to continued improvements we’re now seeing in smart phones, mobile OS platforms and 3G/4G networks, the raw ingredients are… Read More

  • “Problematic Wi-Fi Access”: Apple Bans Augmented Reality App Sekai Camera

    More and more apps are stricken from the App Store as of late, for a variety of reasons. Today, the Apple hammer hit Tokyo-based Tonchidot whose augmented reality app Sekai Camera was removed without warning. The free app, which made its – memorable – debut during TechCrunch 50 in 2008, intends to help users “tag the world” by imposing information (text, pictures, video… Read More

  • Project Pink Microsoft phones coming to Verizon

    Remember Project Pink? Whatever Microsoft’s secret hardware initiative was? Well, it’s real and it’s coming to Verizon. You’ll see the Turtle, shown here, first, and it will be sort of a Sidekick that won’t run Windows Phone. Verizon will launch this like they did the Droid, aiming the might of their armies at flogging this to the feature phone user. Read More

  • Microsoft-made Tag app lands on Android

    In December 2008, Microsoft surprised a lot of people by releasing an iPhone app — Seadragon Mobile. A month later, they ensured the move wasn’t taken as a joke or gimmick by launching another app, Tag, into Apple’s App Store. Now, they have a few, including an app for Bing. And starting today, they’re doing the same for Android. Tag for Android is the first… Read More

  • Opera Mini 5 beta gets a non-Java version for Windows Mobile phones

    Opera Software has been busy lately, releasing fresh finalized and beta products on a near-daily basis. This morning, the company announced that it has released a native version of Opera Mini 5 beta for handsets running Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Interestingly, the new WinMo version of Opera Mini does not require Java. That basically means any Windows Mobile phone can accommodate the app. Despite… Read More

  • Image recognition startup Kooaba unveils API

    Image recognition technology startup Kooaba yesterday released an API that definitely deserves some developer attention. The Swiss company aims to unlock its library of over 10 million images, ranging from album covers to books and movie posters, and provide access to all that precious data via the cloud. Read More

  • webOS Gets A New And Much Improved Facebook App

    Update: Added a few screenshots – check’em out after the jump! At long last, webOS has been granted a Facebook application worth its weight in kilobytes. A completely revamped version of the Facebook application has just gone live in the Palm App Catalog – and boy, is it an improvement. Palm has offered some level of Facebook support on webOS since the launch of the Pixi… Read More

  • Palm cranks Pre and Pixi production back up to the normal rate

    Oh, February 11th. I remember it like it was just a few weeks ago. A report came out claiming that Palm was halting production of the Pre and Pixi, and everybody panicked. Then it turned out that it was an entirely pre-planned production vacation for the sake of their Taiwanese employees who wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year. Well, that little hiatus is now over. While the company… Read More

  • Mobclix Compares Android and Apple; Android Devs More Likely To Give Their Work Away

    Apple and Google are engaged in a fascinating battle of mobile OS’s. Among other things, they’re duking it out on patent infringement, developer relations and carrier support. Lines are being drawn, and everyone’s taking sides. That begs the question: what’s the difference between the App Store and Android Market for developers? And how does this affect their bottom line? Read More