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  • Video: WinPho 7 Transitions and 3D prowess shown in emulator

    This is just a quick one, but I wanted to show you guys n gals the pretty transitions that are being worked into WinPho 7. Although we’ve already had a quick peek at the interface, Mobility Digest have chopped out the boring bits from a recent (45 minute) video of a Channel 9 presentation, to present the juicy, 2-minute, emulator-driven, let’s-get-a-quick-taste-of-WinPho-7-apps… Read More

  • Rumour: myTouch 3G Slide available for $149 on June 16th

    The final pieces of the myTouch 3G Slide launch puzzle — price and release date — are beginning to come to light, with Tmo News claiming to have screenshots that show a $149.99 on contract/$399.99 off contract launch price. While the screenies don’t show the release date, Tmo News also claim that it has been pushed back two weeks from the previously thought June 2nd, to… Read More

  • Nissan Leaf to get iPhone integration

    When I read in my little RSS reader that Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle would be getting some iPhone love, I got kind of excited. I don’t even have an iPhone. But I have an imagination. Make the car magically come to the phone! Locate it in parking lots with a customized compass! I don’t know. As it turns out, it’ll ping you when it’s done charging and you can… Read More

  • Back to square one: Android 2.1-powered Motorola Flipout spotted again

    I’ve still got no idea what the appeal of a square phone is. I’m not a big fan of the “Lets make it a weird form factor because we can!” mentality than Motorola has been dabbling with since the Backflip. But hey, whatever floats their boat — as long as it’s floating their sales numbers, too. Rants aside, it looks like the oh-so-stout Motorola Flipout we… Read More

  • Android's daily shipment rate jumps up to 65,000 per day

    Back in February of this year, Eric Schmidt used his keynote at Mobile World Congress to disclose an interesting tidbit: between Google and their hardware partners, they were then shipping a collective total of around 60,000 units per day. Not too bad, right? Its gotten even better. Read More

  • Google's Nexus One Store Is Going Out Of Business

    When Google launched its Nexus One Android phone, it also launched alongside it an online phone store where the Nexus One and future Android phones would be for sale. It was a slightly disruptive play to de-link the purchase of a phone from an actual carrier. The idea was, you could pick your phone, pick your plan, and mix and match. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Carriers… Read More

  • It's official: Android 2.1 now available for the Sprint Samsung Moment

    Well, that was one wild journey. After a dozen or so false starts and a seemingly endless gaggle of leaked memos making promises that couldn’t be kept, Android 2.1 is now officially (really!) available for the Sprint Samsung Moment. Still no word on the update for the Sprint Hero. You hear that sound? Thats the sound of a million Hero owners collectively grinding their teeth. The good… Read More

  • Apple patents hint at more passive location-based services

    Apple’s latest load of patent applications isn’t terribly exciting, but I’m guessing that they’re finally aligning with our long-held conviction that the social or location layer in a phone should be at the OS level, not the app level. Who better to put that theory to the test than Apple, who control their whole platfom from tip to tail? Here are some key points from… Read More

  • DIY: a knob for your iPhone

    So you don’t like a stylus, but you don’t want to get your iPhone screen all dirty either. Easy solution, build a knob that will simulate the act of touching your iPhone screen. This is an easy build, but it’ll take some tweaking to get the fabric in the right places to work properly. Seems like there’s been quite a few iPhone related knobs lately. Read More

  • RIM working on a Blackberry for the blind

    RIM recently filed a patent application showing a very interesting change to their basic Blackberry design. The patent talks about something called a “multi-tap keyboard user interface”. The intent appears to be adding auditory feedback when pressing keys to help visually impaired users. Read More

  • Quake 3 on a Droid, controlled by a Zeemote

    You guys remember a couple weeks back, I’m sure, when Zeemote announced an Android SDK for their Bluetooth controller. Well, they said it was fairly simple to implement, and here it is playing Quake III. Not bad! I don’t think you’ll be able to do any of those sweet tricks using this thing, but I could probably beat Zelda with it. [via Phandroid] Read More

  • Skype says "no" to Windows Phone 7

    A wee bit of a Windows Phone 7 bombshell dropped today: Dan Neary, Asia pacific Vice President for Skype, told Sydney-siders today that Skype won’t be developing a client for Microsoft’s much-overdue successor to Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7. Read More

  • Kin Media Sync for Mac now available… for free!

    Now I know that all you gen-Y’ers out there are all like “Windows? WTF! Mac FTW!” while you text on your Kins. Yes, that’s right: you love Mac, so you bought a Kin. And no doubt you agree that the only universally-liked feature one of the best features on the Kin was the included syncing software, “The Studio”. So, when you got home and plugged your Kin… Read More

  • Android 2.2 to feature USB + WiFi tethering as standard

    Our motherblog, TechCrunch, found out today that the Froyo-flavoured (and bloody fast) Android 2.2 will feature USB and WiFi tethering as standard. This will give users the ability to access their phone’s 3G connection by either physically connecting the phone to their laptop external-USB-modem-stylee, or over a temporary WiFi access point beaming out from within the phone’s… Read More

  • A quick hands-on with the LG Ally

    Phone Arena have landed themselves a not-yet-released LG Ally, and have documented their first encounter with the device for all you fine folk in Interwebland. I think it’s safe to say that the stand-out feature of this phone is that it has a QWERTY keyboard, so if the keyboard is a dud, the phone would be significantly less compelling. Well, I’m happy to say that Phone Arena give… Read More

  • Land lines becoming extinct? 25% of Americans think so

    File this one under “well, duh!”. Researchers working for the NCHS “discovered” something that has been covered for years: more and more people are canceling their land lines, and just using cell phones. Read More

  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G coming June 4th; new plans detailed

    We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know when until now. Sprint just let us know that the HTC EVO 4G is arriving on June 4th. I gotta have one. Pricing is set at $199.99 with new contract (after you get that $100 rebate, anyway), no doubt significantly more without one. The plan they’re pushing for it will be $69.99 plus $10 for “premium data,” making a total of $80… Read More

  • ScanBizCards: use your iPhone 3GS to organize your collection of business cards

    Business cards are an anachronism. We all have them, we all pass them out to people we meet, but how many of you actually own a rolodex, or file the business cards you receive in any meaningful way? For the people you actually care to connect with — as opposed to the people from whom you dutifully accept a proffered business card with no intention of ever contacting — you might… Read More

  • Super fake HTC Hero runs Android

    When you get a Shanzhai phone you usually have to put up with a garbage OS. However, this fake HTC Hero is actually running Android and you get a 3.2-inch touchscreen and you get a 400MHz processor and a fake Sense UI, all for about $150. What will those mountain bandits think of next? Read More

  • Hey UK folks: Marks and Spencer now has a mobile website

    While the iPad may be too confusing for the British, that’s not stopping UK retailer Marks and Spencer from rolling out a mobile version of their website. I guess if you’re the kind of person who shops at Marks and Spencer this might be good news for you. And while is not a particularly mobile-friendly URL to key in, the site does helpfully explain upon your… Read More