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  • Android Honeycomb Gets Caught Tinkering With Performance Tests [Update: Aaaand it's fake.]

    Good news, everyone! Google’s going to keep working on Android after the upcoming Gingerbread (v2.3) release! Oh, we knew that? Oh, well they’re probably going to codename the next build Honeycomb! Oh, we knew that too? Here’s one you probably didn’t know: an early build (or two) of Honeycomb just got spotted in some logs whilst someone (presumably a Google engineer)… Read More

  • Sprint 4G Goes Live In SF Next Month, LA, Miami, D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus Today

    Just last week, we were watching as Sprint rather suggestively compared the size of their “pipe” to the size of their competitors “pipe” as part of their prep work for 4G in LA. Today, all that pipe-laying comes to fruition; Sprint 4G has just launched in Los Angeles — and they went ahead and flipped things on in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington D.C… Read More

  • Video: KDDI Technology Improves HD Video Playback On Mobile Screens

    Japan’s second biggest telecommunications company KDDI is working on optimizing HD video streaming quality on smaller screens. Specifically, KDDI’s R&D Labs are working on making it easier to view HD content originally intended for larger screens on mobile displays. Read More

  • Symbian Sputters Towards Open-Source Irrelevancy

    Remember two years ago when Nokia open-sourced the Symbian mobile operating system? The thinking was that cell phone manufacturers who depended on the Symbian OS could help keep it going. But it was already too late. The iPhone’s iOS and Android started to take over. Even die-hard Symbian supporters abandoned ship. As the fanboy blogger Symbian Guru explained last summer when he… Read More

  • Symbian Foundation to shut down all their websites

    Nokia announced earlier in the month that they’d be taking over the development side of Symbian, and that the Symbian Foundation will make the transition to a licensing operation. Well, the next stage of the transition was announced via their Wiki recently, and involves closing the virtual doors on all of the Symbian Foundation’s websites come December 17th. That’s right… Read More

  • Angry Birds not coming to WP7 till 2011

    If, over Thanksgiving, you were jealously watching your snotty cousin playing Angry Birds on his iPhone/Android phone, and lamenting the game’s absence on your new Windows Phone 7 device, then I should probably warn you that you’re going to have to go through the whole thing again at Christmas time… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 Handsets Free With Contract At The Microsoft Store

    If you’re looking for the best price on a HTC Surround or LG Quantum, look no further than your local Microsoft Store. They’re giving them away for $0.00 with a new AT&T Contract. If you’re on T-Mobile, you can get an HD7 for $100 with a new contract as well. I’m not sure which is more inviting. The deal is not in fact a Black Friday thing (like the… Read More

  • Nokia X7-00 looks like it's from Gallifrey, runs Symbian^3

    Still waiting on the edge of your seat for a Symbian^3 device worth buying that truly blows your mind? Take a gander at the puppy up above, folks; if nothing else, the fact that it looks like it’s from Space should garner it a few months. That’s the X7-00, which the rumor mill is sayin’ ought to be the next shiny electronic horse out of Nokia’s Symbian^3… Read More

  • Death/Star: Galaxy Tab

    Death/Star (Episode 1): The Galaxy Tab, Instagram, and Boxee Box (TCTV)

    Welcome to Death/Star, a new show we are testing on TechCrunch TV. It’s a product review show with a twist. My co-host, CrunchGear editor John Biggs, and I give our opinions on three hot products. In the inaugural episode we cover the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tablet, photo-sharing app Instagram, and the Boxee Box. To spice things up, we try to go beyond the traditional… Read More

  • Southwest's Feel-Good Facebook Places Holiday Promo Helps Kids Make-A-Wish

    The mobile check-in is not just a way to tell your friends where you are via FourSquare or Facebook Places, it is a marketing opportunity. Southwest Airlines is combining Facebook Places and charitable giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to encourage travelers to check into Southwest when they get to the airport. From now through Christmas, Southwest Airlines will make a $1 donation in the… Read More

  • Videos: Darth Vader Promotes The Galaxy S In Japan

    Back in April, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier, NTT DoComo, began running a bizarre promotion campaign in Tokyo (which prompted me to go out and post this photo report on MobileCrunch). Docomo used Darth Vader in a number of weird posters and viral video clips, without saying why and what Vader was supposed to promote. Read More

  • Cellular South team up with Samsung for LTE goodness, two phones in 2011

    The move to 4G is certainly happening, with Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, and even MetroPCS all having rolled out (or at least having announced a timeframe to roll out) some variant of a 4G network. And, whaddayaknow, Cellular South have also joined the 4G club, announcing last week their partnership with Samsung that will bring 700MHz LTE waves out to their part of the world, as well as… Read More

  • Bar Android: Tokyo Now Has A Drinking Place For Android Geeks

    Yesterday, we reported that Android is on the rise in some regions in Asia, but I believe not one of the countries the article refers to (Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore etc.) has what Japan has: a Bar Android. As the name suggests, it’s a bar specifically geared towards fans of the Google OS. Read More

  • Nexus S struts its Gingerbread curves for Mr Blurrycam

    Google/Samsung’s well-leaked follow up to the Nexus One — the Nexus S — has once again shown up in some super-secret spyshots, this time, however, we’re treated to a close-up look at its curved display. Yes, those wonderful folks over at XDA have managed to get their hands on some top-secret pics of the upcoming device, including the yet-to-be-announced Android… Read More

  • Google to add content ratings to Android Market

    If you’ve been holding off downloading Hot Buns for Beginners* from the Android Market, for fear that it may not be about baking, then Google have some great news for you: the Android Market will soon include a content rating system. In an email sent out to developers today, Google outlined the new policy (you can find it here), which involves a self-rating system where the developer… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone goes live in the UK

    Just a quick note for all of our friends in the UK: that SkyFire application that was such a big deal just a few weeks back for kinda-sorta allowing Flash video playback on the iPhone? You can get it now; 21 days after the slightly bumpy US launch, SkyFire has pushed the browser up for sale on the UK App Store. Just in time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special next month! Hurrah! Thanks to… Read More

  • More Details On Sony Ericsson's "Playstation Phone"

    Upon seeing our last post about announcement invites for the tentatively-titled “Playstation Phone” supposedly going out, a much-trusted tipster just rang us up with the skinny on a recent private event, where they tell us they saw the rumored handset in all of its plasticky-flesh Here’s what they told us: Read More

  • PSP Phone Arrives December 9th?

    According to a reliable tipster, the PSP phone may be dropping (or at least getting its announcement) on December 9, before CES but in time for the holidays. The invitation, shown here, mentions Pierre Perron, DG of Sony Ericsson France. Read More

  • Video: The Android Garage Door Opener Is the Coolest App You Can't Have

    Oh, XDA-Developers, how I love thee. You’re a haven for hardcore handset hackers everywhere, with much of the ROM hackery that makes our Android handsets oh-so-much better going on within your virtual walls. Every once in a while, though, ROM hackers get bored of the same stuff day-in-day-out — and when they do, awesome stuff like this Android-based garage door opener is born. Read More

  • Smartphone Sales In Asia On The Rise, Android Tops Symbian

    We can’t say we’re really surprised: according to market research company Gfk, smartphones are getting increasing popular in Asia, with Android now being the region’s most popular OS for this type of handsets. Cell phones with the Google software on board have reportedly enjoyed brisk sales in that region in the second and third quarters of 2010. Read More