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  • TextualAds Brings SMS Marketing To Facebook Fans

    Brands and businesses are increasingly setting up Facebook Fan pages, which acts as their social homepage on Facebook where they can interact with customers and hopefully find new ones. These Fan pages can be customized with all sorts of tabs and apps. A new app launching today called TextualAds, in the same space as Textopoly, lets marketers ask for their fans’ phone numbers and send… Read More

  • Dropbox Updates Apps for Android, iOS; Launches App Directory And BlackBerry App

    Dropbox, which develops an easy-to-use file sharing service, is releasing a new set of mobile apps today, including updates for the startup’s iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and the first release of Dropbox for BlackBerry (which the company hinted at earlier this year). And DropBox is launching an app directory complete with app information, screenshots and reviews for the over 100… Read More

  • Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki: switching to Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth

    Oh, Anssi, you crazy kid. In an article for the Financial Times today, Nokia’s Executive Vice President, Anssi Vanjoki, likens mobile phone manufacturers that switch to Android to little Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” to warm themselves in the winter. His point was that moving to Android (or peeing yourself) is a short-term solution that will only lead to problems in… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update delayed until October

    Bad news for all the Galaxy S owners out there: it seems that the upgrade to Froyo has been delayed until the end of October. The update was originally scheduled for a September release, but as is the style with updates to Android phones, it has now been delayed a month. Read More

  • HTC HD2 successor, the HD7, revealed in schematics

    You’re gonna have to use your imagination a little for this one, but it looks as if WMPowerUser have landed some schematics of the successor to the pinnacle of the WinMo 6.5 devices (the HTC HD2), the HD7. This comes mere moments after I wrote the HTC Trophy leak, and stated the possibility that the Trophy may be the HD7. Well, it seems like I was wrong there. In true… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile's first Android device will be the Samsung Intercept

    Just because you’re a drug dealer of the pre-pay phone persuasion, doesn’t mean you can’t play with everyone’s favourite green robot. Virgin Mobile agree with me on this one, so will soon be offering the Android-powered, QWERTY-slidin’ Samsung Intercept on their pre-paid radio waves. The announcement was made on Virgin’s Facebook page, along with the… Read More

  • Images of a new HTC 7 Trophy leak

    While we heard about a Windows-Mobile-6.5-powered HTC Trophy waaaay back in ’09, today’s leak is of an entirely new phone. PocketNow have landed some images of the new device — seen after the break — but there are scant details available beyond it running WinPho7 and HTC’s new Sense Hub. It isn’t even clear if the Trophy is a new name for a previously… Read More

  • Droid X Froyo update rolling out right now

    Yesterday we mentioned that the Froyo update for the Droid X would probably be coming out today. More often than not, promises of updates only end in disappointment, so I thought I’d let out a quick note to tell you that the update has been confirmed by Android Central as rolling out right freakin’ now. If your eager for the update (and you should be), you can force your handset… Read More

  • Video: HTC Desire HD shows us its features [Update: The video returns!]

    If you’re still buzzing from HTC’s revelation of the Desire HD yesterday, then, like me, you’ll be interested in the official promo video that HTC has posted to their YouTube channel. Clocking in at 7:34, you’ll be able to see such features as “Quick Lookup”, the new camera filters, DLNA support (and the HTC Media Link box that will make your TV DLNA… Read More

  • ChatSquare: Chat With Your FourSquare Friends Live FourSquare has been historically underpowered. You can check in, but then what? You add a tip? Who wants that? ChatSquare, soon to be found at and on iPhones near you, is an app that lets you chat with other people in the same FourSquare location. You’re in the club? Chat with the… Read More

  • Is that a Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket, or are you just.. oh, yep, it's a Bluetooth keyboard.

    Heads up, fellow road warriors: there’s a new Bluetooth keyboard in town. It folds up into a package tight enough to fit in your pocket, can hold up devices as big as the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode — and if you pre-order it, it costs just $10 more than Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard. Read More

  • What do you want in the next iPhone?

    Like nearly every Apple product, the iPhone wasn’t a complete package on day one. Call it product evolution, call it planned obsolescence; either way, it’s been a wild ride. Each iteration of the iPhone brought something that critics clamored for, something so obvious and necessary that, once it was in, it seemed almost impossible that the prior model lacked it. 3G! MMS! A… Read More

  • Droid X getting the Android 2.2 update tomorrow? [Updated]

    Oh, Droid X. How I’ve loved writing about your always-impending Android 2.2 update for the past few months. A customer service agent said this; a leaked PDF said that! And yet, no update is to be found. The big day, says the mountain of e-mails that just hit our tips box (seems like VZW corporate just clued retail people in), is tomorrow. Update: Droid-Life is hearing the same thing… Read More

  • Surprise! Sprint's 4G network goes up in San Francisco, if only for now

    Surpriiiiiise! There’s no sign if Sprint’s just testing things or if they’ve just been caught in the act before they got a chance to send out a press release, but reports are coming in that Sprint’s 4G network has just gone live in San Francisco. Read More

  • Martin King, Inventor of T9, Dead

    We owe a debt of gratitude to Martin King, the relatively unsung entrepreneur and inventor of T9 predictive texting. The technology, which predated systems like Swype, used a dictionary to “find” words that matched the series of keys pressed, thereby allowing you to type words without multiple taps of a single key. T9 was a direct successor to King’s work at allowing… Read More

  • LG Optimus One heading to Verizon as "Vortex"

    Do you remember last week when LG announced their mid-range Optimus Android phones? For the sake of this post, I’ll just assume that you do. Well, at the time, we weren’t sure if they were ever going to make it state-side, but it seems that they are, indeed, and The Droid Guy has a photo showing that the Optimus One is currently chuggin’ along with dreams of Verizon in its eyes. Read More

  • AT&T launches the TerreStar Genus hybrid satellite phone for $799

    Cast your mind back… back to this time last year. Surely, the first thing you thought of was the announcement from AT&T regarding the TerreStar Genus — that WinMo-6.5-powered satellite phone that will use AT&T’s GSM/HSPA network when available, and satellites when not. Yes, I remember those days. While a little later than promised, AT&T today announced that this… Read More

  • Verizon 4G teaser site now online

    Verizon are almost ready to unleash the details of their 4G LTE network onto the world, and, so, to build some anticipation, they have created a teaser site. There is very little on the site: just a box to put your email address in and the following hype: “What is Verizon’s 4G? It’s your signal…at full-tilt.
    It’s an abundance of bandwidth. Reducing your lag time… Read More

  • Stickybits Is Honing Its Object Check-Ins To Be More Brand-Friendly

    When stickybits launched at the SXSW conference last March, it was conceptually intriguing but a bit too vague in its open-endedness. With the stickybits iPhone app, you can append a message, photo, or video to any barcode. The next time somebody scans that barcode, your message will appear. The problem is that nobody scans barcodes without a reason. The next version of stickybits, which… Read More

  • How nice, a pink Samsung Galaxy S that comes with make-up!

    Well. The Galaxy S Femme. I’d say this isn’t going to end well (shades of Della), but in Korea, this might just be one of the default trims. I presume it’s the international version of the many-faced smartphone. It’s a deal with Aveda, in case you were wondering what the ding-dong blazes was going on here. Read More