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  • Don't Want To Wait For Next Week? Download Android 2.2 For Your EVO Now

    Disclaimer: You brick your phone doing this, don’t blame me. I’m just letting you know you can do this, not telling you that you should. That being said, if you’re feeling saucy and want to download the latest version of Android for the EVO now instead of waiting until it rolls out naturally, you can do it. You just have to download the update directly from HTC, and do some… Read More

  • Android 2.2 to hit the Motorola Droid next week?

    Get your funny hats and noise makers ready, Droid owners: it’s party time! As long as the note that Verizon just sent over to our buddies over at Engadget holds true, the Droid should be seeing Android 2.2 grace its screen as early as next week. It won’t be the first Android handset getting the update treatment, but you’ve gotta commend Verizon for staying on top of these… Read More

  • Samsung Cetus To Bring Video Calling To Windows Phone 7, headed for AT&T?

    In greek mythology, Cetus was a term for massive, serpentine sea monsters. In Samsung rumor-ology, Cetus is a term for an unannounced Windows Phone 7 handset. Thanks to the good ol’ Bluetooth SIG, we’ve got a few details on what exactly will make up the Samsung Cetus’ not-so-mythical innards (including a bit of a surprise. A front-facing surprise.) Read More

  • Find nearby activities with A Day's Outing

    Remember the CrunchGear Geek Weekend series, where we attempted to show some fun stuff to do in various cities across the U.S.? Yeah, we kind of let that peter out, didn’t we? Also, there are lots of great non-geek things to do in and around cities. This is especially important for families: the kids might be more interested in Tecumseh! than the early television museum. With the A… Read More

  • Sweden, Land of Fjords and Long iPhone Lines

    Our buddy Wille in Sweden sent us some thrilling video of the International Dia Del iPhone in Sweden where Swede, blonde, ruddy, and beautiful to a one, lined up to get them some Facetime-capable phones.
    UPDATE – Hold the phone: China gave out McDonald’s! Read More

  • Why Apple Should Buy Infineon: To Own Mobile And Screw Intel

    Why Apple Should Buy Infineon: To Own Mobile And Screw Intel

    Apple’s earnings and revenue growth in mobile have been awe-inspiring to witness. From zero presence three years ago, Apple is now the most profitable cell phone maker in the world. Apple’s success in this compressed period has helped it become an enormous buyer of components. In fact iSuppli projects that next year Apple will become the second-largest semiconductor buyer worldwide… Read More

  • 100,000 Android applications submitted to date, AndroLib claims

    Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Android Market watcher AndroLib says there aren’t 100,000 applications available in the store – yet. There have, however, 100,000 apps been submitted to Android Market since its public debut, the site wagered this morning, up from approximately 5,000 in June 2009. The Androlib directory covers multiple markets, including international ones… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint Peel Being Developed To Work With iPod Touch

    This is kind of a strange rumor, and if it ends up being true, the Peel will be a strange device. Essentially, Sprint is developing another variation on the wifi hotspot – which is good – but this particular product works directly with the iPod Touch. Now assuming you can control the wifi hotspot with the iPod, and that it provides a data connection for said iPod, I like it. Read More

  • Sprint EVO 4G To Get 2.2 Update On August 3rd

    Delicious Froyo will be hitting the huge and controversial EVO 4G starting in early August, according to Sprint. The update will begin its OTA rollout on August 3rd and they expect it to be done by “mid-August.” Once it goes public, I’m sure there will be a way to force it onto your handset if you don’t feel like waiting. We’ll detail that once it happens. The… Read More

  • Motorola Droid 2 user manual spills out for your pre-release perusal

    You know how we’ll know when we’re living in the future? When user manuals for gadgets start leaking out before that gadget even officially exists. Oh, that’s now. Welcome to the future! If you’re just itchin’ to know all the right places to touch the Droid 2, you’re in luck: the user manual has just leaked out. Read More

  • Verizon LTE USB Modem Pictures Leak

    BGR just managed to get some pictures of Verizon’s LTE USB modem, which is apparently currently under testing. The modem is made by LG, and uses the next gen LTE SIM card. Because this is a prototype and still in testing, there’s not really any other information available at this time, but the hardware sure looks good. Read More

  • Google Introduces Location-Aware Mobile Display Ads

    Google Introduces Location-Aware Mobile Display Ads

    Google’s mobile ads are becoming more location-aware. Today, Google is introducing mobile display ads for both the iPhone and Android phones which can be geo-targeted. Advertisers will be able to check a “location extension for display” box and their ads will become geo-enabled when viewed in mobile browsers or apps.  A little double-arrow will open up the ad and show… Read More

  • 10% of applications in the App Store for iPad boast in-app purchases

    App store analytics provider Distimo in its latest report once again focuses on in-app purchases across a variety of mobile application stores, Apple’s App Store in particular. According to Distimo, the percentage of applications with in-app purchases is significantly higher in the App Store for iPad (10%) compared to that for the iPhone (2%). Read More

  • Bold 9780 Leaked On Video

    Some sassenbergers at posted some images and video of the upcoming 9780 running RIM OS6 on GSM networks. They’re reporting that the new OS is quite smooth with an updated browser and better UI and it’s quite exciting for all those involved. Read More

  • Independent mobile app store GetJar now seeing 3 million downloads per day

    According to GetJar, its eponymous mobile app store is now seeing three million downloads per day. GetJar reiterated that its stats put it second only to Apple iTunes, with over 1 billion total downloads to date. At current (self-reported) growth rate, the company should hit 2 billion downloads in about a year, if calculated on the back of a virtual envelope. Read More

  • Postcards Go Virtual With SwingVine Gallery For The iPhone

    People don’t send postcards anymore. Why bother when you can photo MMS a friend? Attempting to restore some of the social experience behind photography. SwingVine has created SwingVine Gallery an app that attempts to bring back some of the mystique and enjoyment of social photo sharing, sort of like a mobile photo game of tag. Using your iPhone’s camera and GPS, the SwingVine… Read More

  • Modu Android Prototype Leaked

    Modu isn’t well known in the US, but they make a tiny handset that’s been out for a while. While their current product offering has been criticized for being outdated and clunky, the good news (at least for them) is that they have developed a new Android based handset which should be available in the near future. That handset leaked, and while it’s got some strange things… Read More

  • Interesting: MobiTV App For Android Is Prohibited From Working Over Wi-Fi (On Some Phones)

    This is a little quirk of mobile deal-making I wasn’t aware of. Gadgetwise noticed that on the AT&T Captivate (which I recently reviewed), launching the included MobiTV app while connected to a Wi-Fi network prompts you to disconnect, and then warns you in all caps “THIS PRODUCT WILL USE A LARGE AMOUNT OF DATA AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DATA CHARGES.” Sure, and… Read More

  • RIM Buys "", Presumably As A Home For The BlackBerry Tablet

    Unless someone at Research In Motion is taking the time to screw with all of us, it looks like we might have an official name for their long-rumored BlackBerry tablet project: BlackPad. Word of the name comes not from a disgruntled employee, nor from a prototype left at a bar; this one’s straight out of a good ol’ fashion WHOIS lookup on a domain. According to registration records… Read More

  • Google Rolls Out Android's New Anti-Piracy Mechanism

    If we’re hearing any one thing from developers that is scaring’em away from Android, it’s that Android apps are just way, way too easy to pirate. Hell, you don’t even have to go through shady third party download sites; just buy an app, copy it to the sd card, and refund the application. Ta-da! (Read: Don’t do that.) Google’s been talking for some time about… Read More