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  • Kin and Zune HD are… kin, when it comes to chipset

    Here’s a little smidgen of info that escaped the announcements and hands-on today. The specs page at is a bit… non-literal, so there’s not a lot of information on what model of CPU it’s running, what amount of RAM, and so on. But we do now know that they’re Tegra-based and likely share a fair amount of hardware DNA with the Zune HD. That doesn’t… Read More

  • Hands-On with the Kin 1 and Kin 2 [Update: Video]

    After years of rumors, hearsay, and leaks, we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to play with the final product of Project Pink. These are the first real products of Microsoft’s 2008 acquisition of Danger, creators of the sidekick. So how are they? Read on for our impressions Update: Now with video of the Kin 2 in action – check it out after the jump. Read More

  • Unboxing: The Microsoft Kin 2

    Whatd’ya know! I didn’t expect to find a Kin 2 box laying around right after we did our Kin 1 unboxing, but sure enough: there it was, prepped and ready to be torn apart. Read More

  • Unboxing: the Microsoft Kin 1

    Sure, they may have just announced the Kin 1 and Kin 2 (previously known as Project Pink) — and sure, they may not have release dates or pricing for them yet. But we had the good fortune of stumbling across a Kin 1 in its crazy greeen-ish recyclable packaging, and decided to strip it apart real quick. Check out our ultra hasty gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Microsofts Project Pink phones now official, known as "Kin 1" and "Kin 2"

    We’re live in San Francisco, where Microsoft has at long last unveiled the project previously known around the Internets as “Pink”, which they’ve now given the name “Kin”. So what is Kin? Much like the rumor mill had projected, it’s two different social-network oriented phones: Kin 1, and Kin 2 (How very Seuss of them). Kin 1 is the phone previously… Read More

  • Live from Microsoft's Project Pink Unveiling

    Another day, another liveblog. We’re live in San Francisco, where Microsoft’s mobile team is expected to finally pull back the curtains on their long rumored, oft-leaked Project Pink. We’re expecting them to unveil at least two new pieces of hardware today (previously known as “Turtle” and “Pure”), though we’re not sure if they’ll be… Read More

  • Palm is up for sale, says Bloomberg

    We’ve been reporting for about a week now on a couple of rumors indicating that various companies are circling around Palm with possible intent to buy, and it looks like it all might be coming to a head. Bloomberg is reporting that Palm has officially put it self up for sale, with their sources confirming the previous rumors that both HTC and Lenovo are considering making the buy. Read More

  • For Windows Phone 7, Only The Best Is Good Enough

    Feeling a bit disappointed with the recent(ish) announcement of the feature-reduced, locked-down OS that is Windows Phone 7? Despite valid arguments for the change, it does feel a bit like moving back in with your parents after finishing college: sure it’s a nice house, but what’s with all the rules? However, a recent interview (in Dutch) with Charlie Kindel during the Dutch… Read More

  • A Calm, Reasonable Argument Supporting Apple's Anti-Flash SDK Language

    Gruuuuubeeer! Why do you force us to listen to your reasoned, intelligent arguments explaining the odd language in the new iPhone SDK guidelines outlawing outside iPhone compiling methods, including .NET and Adobe’s own Flash-to-iPhone tools? If we follow Godwin’s law to its obvious conclusion, we can only say that you are a collaborator with enemy forces! For those of you not… Read More

  • AT&T's signal-boosting 3G MicroCell hitting the shelves in San Francisco today

    If AT&T gets a bad rap for having poor signal quality in any city, it’s San Francisco. Part of this is due to the sudden influx of iPhones in the Silicon Valley that began in 2007, putting an almighty strain on the network; of the roughly 800,000 or so people living in San Francisco, we’re estimating that around 10 million of them (or 1,150%) are carrying iPhones. Throw in… Read More

  • Video Chat Coming To The Next iPhone? All Signs Are Pointing To Yes

    As they do with any major new iPhone OS release, people have been tearing apart the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK from the very second it was available. Almost immediately, someone noticed that bits and pieces of iChat had found their way into the new software. By itself, it didn’t really make sense. The iPhone has plenty of incredibly solid third-party IM applications — some of them being… Read More

  • Rumors of RIM buying big touchscreens spark further rumors of tablet plans

    Reports from component suppliers in Asia have RIM buying an unspecified number of 8.9″ touchscreens from supplier Hon Mai. The sources are unnamed and the original report is proving difficult to track down; the only copy of it seems to be in CrackBerry’s possession (copied below). That already places this rumor in pretty unlikely territory, but hey, you be the judge. Read More

  • Palm stock continues to climb, all thanks to the Rumor Mill

    Two days ago, something crazy happened: after spiraling downward for almost a year, Palm’s stock finally started to climb thanks to a rumor that Lenovo was considering snatching the injured company up. We expected things to level off pretty quickly — and they did, at a growth of right around 20% with a going price of about $4.60 per share. Today, even more fuel has been thrown on… Read More

  • iChat coming to iPhone OS 4.0?

    Hey now now, what’s this? On top of the previously discovered references to front-facing cameras and iChat within the iPad SDK, evidence is now appearing that suggests iChat — likely with video conferencing — will make its way to iPhone OS 4.0. Read More

  • Video: Okay, now the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta has been jailbroken

    Late last night, we put up a post debunking the idea going around the Bloggerdom that the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta had already been jailbroken, because, well, it hadn’t. But now it has. Read More

  • Tens of Millions of Mexicans May be Left Phoneless Come Saturday

    Around about a year ago, a law was passed in Mexico that would enforce compulsory registration of personal details to a mobile phone account. The idea behind it was to help fight crime (Batman style) by inhibiting the method of delivering ransom and extortion calls. Telcos were given 12 months to collect the personal details of their subscribers. Come Saturday, that 12 months will be up… Read More

  • HTC Incredible gets rendered, looks incredible

    We can’t say for sure whether this is an actual leak or the work of an overly talented individual with just the right amount of time on their hands. Either way, that render up there is the most gloriously high resolution look at the Verizon-bound HTC Incredible Android wunderphone that we’ve been blessed with so far. Read More

  • Debunk: No, iPhone OS 4.0 Beta isn't jailbroken.. yet.

    This’ll be a quick one, because we want to nip this little rumor in the bud before it takes off. A handful of blogs around the vast Internets are reporting that the just released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta has already been hacked to pieces, with a jailbreak solution already being discovered. This is inaccurate. The truth: it’s all just a bit of miscommunication. When asked (via Twitter)… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 Keynote video now live

    Even though you probably followed along with our liveblog, you’re probably going to wanna see Steve-O do his thing. Luck for you, Apple just posted the special event video for your viewing pleasure. Read More

  • RIM's official BlackBerry Twitter client rolling into public beta tonight

    Didn’t get into the BlackBerry Twitter beta when it was locked up tight? Didn’t feel like dabbing with leaked software when the newest version leaked to everyone a few days later? Fear not, dear reader! It’s almost your time to bask in the sweet, sweet RIM-brand Twitter client sunlight. Read More