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  • Google's App Inventor now open to anyone with a desire to make Android apps

    TechCrunch has previously covered Google’s App Inventor — which is basically a WYSIWYG editor for creating Android apps — but, up until this point, the program has been in closed beta. Well, my fellow Android fiends, today that changes, with Google announcing that the code-free app-creation tool is now open to anyone with a desire to create apps (and a Google Account). Read More

  • Best Buy sells Droid 2 Global and Droid Pros for cheap, Verizon gets mad, drops ban hammer

    If you thought that Best Buy selling the Droid 2 Global for $100, or the Droid Pro for $50, was a crazy-mad bargain, it seems that you weren’t the only one. Engadget are reporting that Best Buy have issued a “stop sale” on the two handsets, and are officially dubbing it a recall. It’s so serious, in fact, that it seems Verizon are no longer activating any phones bought… Read More

  • 2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    2010's iPad App Of The Year, Flipboard, Solidifies Its Crown With Massive Update

    Given the success Apple has seen this year with the launch of the iPad, they decided to single out the device to give it its own “App of the Year” award. The winner? Flipboard. The social magazine app launched in July with some glowing reviews and since then, a few small updates have made it even better. But the update they’re releasing today makes it a lot better. So much… Read More

  • LG Unveils The Next Android Phone Of Your Dreams: The LG Optimus 2X

    Wuh oh! Looks like LG just fired the starter pistol for the trend that’ll almost undoubtedly rule 2011: phones with dual-core processors. Claiming the title as the world’s first dual-core smartphone: the Android-powered LG Optimus 2X. Now, at this point this thing is about as secret as Julian Assange’s hair color — but up until now, it was known by its internal name… Read More

  • Sprint EVO Gets A Software Update, Now Comes With Swype (And Crapware!)

    Hey Sprint Evo 4G owners! Want an unremovable demo of some game installed on your handset? No? Well, that’s too bad. You’re getting it anyway! Just days after the Verizon Droid X was sent an update with a unremovable demo of Madden NFL, an update (read: not Gingerbread) to the HTC Evo is giving that handset some crapware of its very own: a demo copy of Gameloft’s NOVA. On… Read More

  • AndFriends Lets You Discover And Share Android Apps With Your Friends

    Despite the growing popularity of their mobile OS, Android users have a problem: the more apps crop up, the harder it becomes to keep track and discover the good ones. (Androlib, a site that gathers various statistics on the Android market, pegs the number of Android applications currently available in the store at around 190,000.) But how can you separate signal from noise? Wading through… Read More

  • People Spend As Much Time On Mobile As Reading Newspapers And Magazines

    The average time spent on the Internet by adults in the U.S. grew an estimated 6 percent in 2010 to 155 minutes a day, or about two and a half hours, according to new estimates from eMarketer. Compared to watching TV, which the average American adult does for 264 minutes a day (or four and a half hours), it still has a way to go in terms of becoming the media we spend our most time on. … Read More

  • Windows Phone "Mango" Update (WP 7.5?) Coming August/September 2011?

    Microsoft has already officially announced that Windows Phone 7 will see its first big update (complete with Copy & Paste) early next year, and the rumor mill has long been whispering about another update that would follow shortly thereafter. This supposed second update (which may very well be a part of that first update, depending on who you ask) would bring forth the likes of… Read More

  • Video: Dreamcast Emulation Coming To Android

    The Dreamcast. Nearly 11 years later, it still tugs at my heartstrings. The 9/9/99 launch; the way it felt to run from the whale in the first level of Sonic Adventure; burning hundreds upon hundreds of hours in Phantasy Star Online… perhaps it was just because I was the right age, or because I had just the right amount of free time, but the Dreamcast was the last console that made me… Read More

  • MetroPCS brings its LTE hoodoo to Boston, New York City, and Sacramento Metro Areas

    If, the other week, when MetroPCS announced that they’d brought their 4G LTE goodness (and single compatible featurephone) to San Francisco, you were a little jealous of your West-coast brethren, then you can now relax… as today those bringers of unlimited plans announced that they are expanding into Boston, New York City, and Sacramento Metro Areas. Unfortunately, they still… Read More

  • Video: Google gets the Nexus S a little closer to a Galaxy. Literally.

    In order to better judge the hardware requirements for some ready-made satellites that Skynet Google may or may not be making in the future, Google decided it would be a pretty cool idea to strap a few of its brand-spankin’ new Nexus S phones to some weather balloons, and send them skyward and out into the edges of our atmosphere. There, the phones met with tiny little aliens, and… Read More

  • Dell Streak drops to $100 at Best Buy

    For those with a love of jumbo phones, or 80% off sales, Best Buy have just dropped the price of the recently froyo-nated Dell Streak from $499.99 to a mere $99.99 (plus two years with AT&T). No matter which way you look at it, that’s a bargain*. It’s available in both the black and the white versions at this price, so no matter what your gadget-colour affiliation… Read More

  • Major software and hardware overhauls coming to Symbian/Nokia devices in 2011

    It’s not really news to anyone reading this blog that Nokia have kinda fallen behind in the smartphone race. That isn’t to say that they won’t catch up again, but as far as ranking devices on compelling user experiences goes, Nokia aren’t leading the pack. Well, it’s good to know that they’re trying to change all that, with Nokia senior manager Gunther… Read More

  • Gingerbread coming soon to AOSP, geek hearts all aflutter

    The Android Open Source Project (known to the geekerati simply as AOSP), is where all the real Android action occurs. It’s the place where all the hard-at-work modders and ROM builders go to grab the Android source code, so that they can compile all those wonderful custom ROMs that you know and love so well. So, it’s not hard to imagine, then, that the period between the… Read More

  • Google Voice Search For Android Can Now Be "Trained" To Your Voice

    Obvious accents or impediments aside, everyone’s speech is a little bit different. I, for example, tend to not pronounce the “t” in “exactly”; as a result, Google Voice Search will occasionally assume I’m instead saying the incredibly common phrase, “eggs acting”. Eggs, act no more! This morning, Google is announcing an optional… Read More

  • Anticitizen One: PatriotApp Turns iOS Users Into Walking, Talking Eyes & Ears Of Various Government Agencies

    This App just makes me laugh. It’s called the Patriot App, and it’s designed to “[empower] citizens to assist government agencies in creating safer, cleaner, and more efficient communities via social networking and mobile technology.” That sounds suspiciously like the App intends to create a network of informants, but whatever. This is the world we live in now: if you… Read More

  • The iBottleOpener Is A… Yeah, You Guessed It

    Oh, third-party accessory makers; is there anything you won’t make for the iPhone? You’ve made it into a wallet; you’ve made it into meat thermometer. You also made this… thing. And now, for just $19.99, you can turn your $500 phone into a 50 cent bar tool! Read More

  • Nokia to lay off around 800 people in Finland

    Sad news out of Finland this morning, folks: according to a company statement sent to Reuters, Nokia will be laying off somewhere around 800 employees at their Finnish home base. Affected employees will get the heads up sometime in the next few days, with the layoffs going into effect come January. On the upside, it looks like the severance packages will cover anywhere from 6 to 15 months at… Read More

  • Amazon MP3 App Hits BlackBerry App World

    It’s now a little bit easier to use Amazon MP3 with your BlackBerry. A new app, Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry, has gone into public beta and gives users access to Amazon’s entire library of 14+ million MP3s. Read More

  • The iGrill Turns Your iPhone Into The World's Flashiest Meat Thermometer

    People are coming over, and it’s finally time to prove that you’re a better cook than big-mouthed Bob in accounting. But the game is on — and for some reason, you put the TV about as far from the oven as physically possible. Fortunately, friend, you live in the future. A future where there’s an iPhone app for absolutely everything — and if it’s something… Read More