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  • How to watch Hulu on Android 2.2

    So you’ve just updated your shiny Nexus One to Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) complete with flash support, and you’re jonesing to watch your favorite episode of Glee while on your way to work on this dreary Monday morning. If you were a true Gleek, you’d have already fired up the browser, navigated over to Hulu, and found nothing but disappointment. You’ve been burned by… Read More

  • Samsung Wave now available in UK, France, and Germany

    To all those Samsung enthusiasts living in Europe: this one’s for you. Samsung today announced that the Bada-powered Wave is now available in the UK and France (it has been available in Germany for about a week). UK Vodafone fans can grab the phone for free on a £25 per month plan, but no outright prices have yet been announced for the UK or France. However, eager Germans can pick it up… Read More

  • T-mobile pulls latest HD2 update due to lethal bugs

    Uh-oh. Looks like the latest update to the HD2 from T-mobile has caused a few “issues” and has had to be removed from the T-mobile update site. Different users have reported different issues ranging from a not-so-terrible reduction in battery life, to a much-more-serious bricking of the phone. Read More

  • Flash kills browsing in Android 2.2 Froyo

    Brian at PocketNow posted a browser comparison video showing the iPhone, the Nexus One, and the HTC HD2 all viewing the same websites. He installed Froyo on the Nexus One and downloaded the Flash beta which allows him to run almost all Flash content. It’s really long.While I do enjoy a long video of a man playing with Android phones, 11 minutes worth of a man playing with phones (found… Read More

  • Blackberry Bold 9800 slider to ditch SurePress, more photos surface

    By now we’ve all seen the many, many, many and more photos (and video) that have been leaked of the up-n-coming BlackBerry 9800 slider phone. So you’re probably not that amazed by the new batch of photos that have emerged over at The Berry Fix. However, the photographer behind this latest photo shoot does have some interesting news for y’all: the new slider won’t be… Read More

  • Video: Sprint EVO 4G rooted nearly two weeks before it's released

    Sure, the EVO 4G might not be seeing its official nationwide release until June 4th — but since when do silly matters like release dates bother the Android hacking community? Read More

  • The Next-Gen iPhone shows up in all white – think it's real?

    Once the leaks start, they just don’t stop. After the first (and massive) leaks regarding the fouth-gen iPhone made their way out, more and more shots have been unearthed. As of late, however, a new variation has been poking its head up: a white-faced model. While a few different shots have made their way out over the past few days, these ones are easily the clearest and most… Read More

  • LG Fathom launching soon, shows up in Best Buy for $100 bucks a pop

    Oh, LG Fathom; like the HTC HD2, you’re one of Windows Mobile 6.5’s last hurrahs — a final spirited cry as the hawks circle over head. Packing a 1Ghz processor, a full touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it’s a solid piece of hardware prematurely plagued to obsolescence by a dying operating system. Ah well. On the upside, you’ll be able to get this thing… Read More

  • Quick look at the Sprint EVO 4G: OMG AMAZING

    Guys. Seriously. This is a nice phone. This is like the HTC HD2 with a future and it has some amazing speed, screen size, and network capabilities. If you’re up in the air about the Droid and aren’t tied to a carrier, get this. I’ll do a full review next week. Music by Closely Watched Trains Read More

  • Verizon LG Ally delayed until May 27th?

    If you trekked down to the local Verizon store for an early morning camp-out in order to pick up an LG Ally yesterday, you might have left a bit upset — and empty handed. While Verizon initially said that they’d have’m in stock by the 20th, they were a no show. If this note purportedly being sent out to pre-orderers rings true, would-be Ally owners might have right around… Read More

  • Video: Yup, that's Everquest running on a Motorola Droid

    The most important part of a mobile phone’s lifespan is when it’s hacked to run old video games. Few games are more classic than Everquest, the game that brought the MMO to a mass audience. I think that’s fair to say. Anyhow, today’s the Droid’s lucky day! Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider shows up again, shows off its browser

    Man. Unless they’re trying to get this thing to leak all over the Internet, RIM is having one hell of a time keeping the BlackBerry Bold 9800 a secret. The prettier of two experimental form factors for RIM (with the uglier one being.. this thing), the Bold 9800 Slider has been leaking out in photos and videos for weeks now. Aaaand it has leaked again, this time showing the smallest of… Read More

  • AT&T to nearly double early termination fees on smart phones

    Thinking about snatching up an AT&T iPhone, unlocking it, breaking contract, and selling it on eBay for a small profit? Yeah, that’s not gonna work anymore. Read More

  • Late Mate for BlackBerry screws with your clock to make you more punctual

    I run late. Always. The last time I remember being not-late, it’s because I thought the event started 30 minutes earlier than it actually did. I ended up only being 15 minutes early. If you’re a late person (or if you’ve seen that one episode of I love Lucy), you’ve probably heard of the trick where you set your clock forward X number of minutes, thereby… Read More

  • Scosche flipSync puts your iPhone charger on your keychain

    We’ve all been there. You’re out and about. You look down at your iPhone, and the battery indicator is screaming. No sweat; you’ll just pop into your favorite spot and charge up. But wait! You forgot your charger at home! How are the honeys gonna hit you up on the two-way if the two-way is dead? The Scosche flipSync, released today, solves all of our dead two-way… Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide coming June 2nd for $179.99

    At first, there was one. One rumor to rule them all. According to this rumor, the myTouch Slide would be hitting store shelves on June 2nd. And then.. another was born. The sky darkened and the sun fell black; according to this second rumor, the myTouch Slide would be reaching stores not on June 2nd, but June 16th. Turns out, they’re both sort-of-right. Hurray! Read More

  • HTC: If your phone came out in 2010, it'll probably get Android 2.2

    So you just bought the Android 2.1-powered Droid Incredible, or locked in a pre-order for the HTC EVO 4G.. and now Google’s gone and announced Android 2.2. Great. Don’t fret; if your phone started shipping in 2010 (read: the Droid Incredible, myTouch Slide, EVO 4G, Desire), it’ll almost certainly get the upgrade treatment, according to HTC. Read More

  • Voice Over Revision A to power Verizon Wireless' iPhone?

    Will the iPhone come out for Verizon Wireless? It’s the question that so many of the service’s subscribers would like to see answered definitively. This news story, unfortunately, won’t do that. What it will do, however, is fan the flames of the rumor fire. The latest is that the phone would work with Voice Over Revision A. In English that means the phone would be able to… Read More

  • Oprah Moment, Take 2: Google gives an EVO 4G to everyone at I/O

    Okay. Think back to elementary school. Your buddy got a brand new toy for Christmas — the one you’ve been wanting for months. Your parents got you socks. Remember that feeling? That feeling of loss for something you never had? That’s called jealousy, friend. Now magnify that by a hundred. Google just gave everyone at I/O the EVO 4G. As Vic Gundotra put it: “To… Read More

  • Google Now Activating 100,000 Android Devices A Day — 50,000 Android Apps

    Today at Google I/O Vic Gundotra made a big revelation. Last year, Google was activating 30,000 Android phones a day. The past February, that number jumped to 60,000. Today, Google is now activating over 100,000 Android phones a day. Android was the second best-selling smartphone this quarter, Gundotra says. They are only behind RIM — and yes, ahead of that other rival. Gundotra also… Read More