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  • May 27th means LG's Ally is now rocketing across the US, Iron Man stylee

    As promised, LG’s mid-range, QWERTY, Android-powered slider (phew), the Ally, is now available from Verizon. Just think: somewhere out there, keen LG/Iron Man 2/Android fans are braving the harsh Spring conditions, waiting for their favourite Verizon stores to open. The less adventurous of the devout would have just pre-ordered it, but where’s the honour in that? You can grab the… Read More

  • Nokia N8 on its way to Vodafone UK

    Vodafone UK now have the Nokia N8 on their “Coming Soon” page, so it seems a pretty safe bet that Nokia’s new top-end Symbian ^3 powered handset will indeed be “Coming Soon” to Vodafone UK. You can probably also safely bet that the phone is “Coming Soon” to other carriers, too… but I don’t have a handy reference page for any other operators. Read More

  • Video: Acer gets all official with their 1GHz Snapdragon- and Android-powered Stream

    Today Acer officially announced their latest Android handset, the Stream (coz a whole lotta Liquid makes a Stream). The device will rock Android 2.1 UI atop a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7″ 800×480 AMOLED screen, 5MP camera with 720p video, 512MB RAM, 2GB on-board storage (+ an 8GB MicroSD card), and the usual connectivity options (ie WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, HSDPA, GPS). So… Read More

  • Exclusive: The Helio Ocean 3 that could have been

    Yesterday was a sad day for me, albeit one that was a long time coming. Yesterday, Helio, a wireless MVNO co-operated by EarthLink and South Korea’s SK Telecom, let out its final death cry. As I predicted in March, Virgin Mobile, who had acquired the failing company just two years prior, was pulling the plug on the post-paid side of their service that Helio had become. The lights… Read More

  • AT&T allegedly tells employees of iPhone 4 coming in June

    Two of the three iPhones released thus far have been launched in June. WWDC, where Apple generally announces iPhones 2-3 weeks before they’re shipping, starts on June 7th. If you had to guess, when would you wager that the new iPhone was coming? If you said “June”, awesome — you’re probably right, and click on after the jump to find out more. If you said… Read More

  • DeHood Launches a Foursquare meets Twitter meets Yelp meets Ning for iPhone

    When I was a kid, we used to play on the street in front of my house. Yeah, I know – seems like years ago. Nowadays, with children and families spending more time inside watching TV or playing video games; I feel like there’s nobody outside in my neighborhood anymore. In fact, most people don’t know their next-door neighbors. DeHood, sponsors here at TechCrunch Disrupt, wants… Read More

  • HTC Evo 4G to get an HDMI dock

    We’ll start with the bad news: according to some early stage testing done by PCMag, the HDMI output on the HTC Evo might kinda-sorta suck. While they haven’t quite pinned down the source of their woes, various TVs are all showing various issues. On the upside: it looks like the HTC Evo is getting a fancy-pants micro-HDMI docking port, making it super easy to blast content onto your… Read More

  • BookLover app: an app for book lovers

    BookLover is a $0.99 app for the iPhone for people who love books. It looks at first glance like an iPhone version of Delicious Library, which I’ve never used. You can organize books — complete with book cover art and in some cases a synopsis — on your virtual bookshelf. You can take notes on books you’ve read, or perhaps jot a note reminding you about who you loaned… Read More

  • Galaxy S available in Asia come June, Froyo comes later

    Do you like your screens crisp, but your phones a little less wavey? Do you like teh Gigahertzes, but are fearful of dragons? Well, I’m happy that you’re so sure of yourself, but I’m even happier that the Galaxy S ticks all of your boxes AND will be released sometime in June! But calm down a sec, mmmkay? There is something more I need to tell you. First of all, the June… Read More