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  • Five things to know about iOS 4.0

    Welcome to the future, or at least like the first five minutes of it. iOS 4.0 should be available now for iPhone 3GS and newer (post 2009) iPod Touches. Do you have an iPhone 3G or (shudder) the first iPhone? You’re SOL, my Luddite friend. Go back to the commune, you hippie. I kid, I kid. Why spend the money if you don’t need to and besides, we’ve been playing with iOS 4.0 for… Read More

  • Best Buy iPhone inventory details leak

    Looks like Best Buy’s inventory details for the iPhone 4 launch have leaked out, and — if you were one of the many unlucky iPhone luvahs that were unable to place a pre-order last week — you may want to plan your June 24th around the details. The skinny of it is that most stores are receiving anywhere between 20 and 70 phones. Read More

  • 4G Samsung Galaxy S Pro specs surface, HTC cries a little

    The title of “hottest Android handset right now” has been passed around a fair bit of late, from the Nexus One, to the Desire, to the Incredible, to the Evo, to the Galaxy S, and beyond. The last 6-12 months has been like a game of digital hot potato. Next in line for this starchy title? The Galaxy S Pro. Read More

  • Video: Hands-on with the Motorola Droid 2

    You love Motorola, don’t you? You’ve been rockin’ each of their models before even the RAZR was cool. So you’ve no doubt been excited by the upcoming sequel to the brought-moto-back-from-fiery-doom Droid: the Droid 2. Yes, the Droid 2, not X. I know it’s getting a litle confusing remembering which Droid is which, but let me remind you: the Droid 2 has a… Read More

  • Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

    Why Mobile Innovation Is Blowing Away PCs

    Editor’s note: Guest author Steve Cheney is an entrepreneur and formerly an engineer & programmer specializing in web and mobile technologies. On the heels of the latest Android phone, the Sprint HTC EVO, and as we approach iPhone 4, it seems like mobile devices and platforms are innovating at about five times the pace of personal computers. Rapid advancement in mobile is often… Read More

  • iPhone 4 pre-orders begin shipping

    EVERYBODY PANIC! Wait. No. What’s that other thing we use to open posts sometimes? Good news, everyone! Yeah. That’s the one. Good news, everyone! According to roughly 67 billion tips in our inbox, Pre-ordered iPhone 4s have just started hitting delivery trucks around the country! Read More

  • Sale time: Palm slashes all apps by 50%

    Palm and AT&T held a webinar for developers on Thursday, and at said webinar they anounced a pretty sweet deal for WebOS users: a half price sale on the entire WebOS catalog. Read More

  • Windows Phone 7's bus tracker app looks incredibly useful

    From time to time, I find myself traveling on the Metro here in Seattle. You see, I’m lazy, and poor, so I don’t drive and I don’t want to bike more than a couple miles. So it’s the bus for me. I use Android’s SeattleBusFinder, which works, but isn’t exactly a UI revelation. If I could use this slick, gorgeous, and practical bus tracker app instead, I’d… Read More

  • AT&T begins rolling out coverage improvement to the areas you people reported

    If you were so obliging as to use the “Mark the Spot” app on your iPhone to tell AT&T where coverage was poor, you may find things improving in the spots you marked. In 60-90 days, anyway. Apparently they’ve crunched their six months’ worth of data and determined a few areas that could use a little boost. Thanks, AT&T. Now if it’s not too much to ask… Read More