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  • Reception issues, discolored displays being reported on iPhone 4s

    There are a number of reports going around right now of various issues with the iPhone 4. First, there’s the mysterious reception issue (above) that seems to be related to holding the phone, something a user might reasonably be expected to do with some frequency. Anybody care to test this on their illicit early-gotten iPhone 4? Gizmodo also has a growing pile of snapshots showing… Read More

  • Is the Android Market down for you? (update: it's back)

    As I began the process of tearing into our brand new Droid X review unit, I ran through the nearly endless mental laundry list of all my favorite Android apps. “I’m totally going to install all of these“, I thought. Only one problem: The Android Market wasn’t showing any apps. None. No Yammers, no Yelps, no Qiks, or Foursquares. Maybe it was just my demo unit, right? Read More

  • Wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your Blackberry with Music WithMe

    Are you a Blackberry user? Do you have a healthy iTunes library full of music? Are you tired of lugging a dedicated media player along with your Blackberry? ParkVu’s new Music WithMe app, available today at BlAppWorld for $15, is for you. It wirelessly synchronizes select iTunes playlists with your Blackberry, allowing you to enjoy your favorite mixes using the Blackberry’s… Read More

  • Hands-On with the Motorola Droid X (With Video!)

    I just had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Motorola’s latest addition to their Android lineup, the beastly Droid X superphone, and man-oh-man, is it glorious. It’s not exactly unique; it’s nearly identical to Sprint’s EVO 4G, both in appearance and specifications — but given how well the EVO 4G has been received by Android fans, I’d say… Read More

  • Quick! Rent this guy's tent and be first in line to get the iPhone 4

    An enterprising young Apple fanboy has parked himself and his 2-man tent outside the downtown San Francisco Apple store, and is going to rent the spot on AirBnB. Hmm. So if I get a big enough tent, can I rent out my spot to like 20 people? Business model ahoy! There was a chair available too, but it’s been snapped up. The tent is still available… but you’ll only be the… Read More

  • Apple crashed FedEx

    A note on the FedEx tracking website notes that “Package deliveries are proceeding as normal, however tracking updates are temporarily being delayed. Please try back later.” Why? Because you people keep refreshing the tracking site, that’s why! Don’t worry, though. Your package won’t end up on a desert island with Tom Hanks. Shipments are going through just fine. Read More

  • Verizon and Motorola officially announce the Droid X

    We’re live at today’s top-secret Droid event, and Verizon and Motorola just made the Droid X official. The handset has been the subject of numerous leaks, but it’s only now that we’re getting all the specs, not just ones hidden in video frames. With a monstrous 4.3″ 854×480 screen, gorgeous metal casing, and the coveted 2.2 arriving later in the summer… Read More

  • Confirmed: Verizon to launch Droid X, the first slim Droid sans keyboard

    We’re live at the Droid event in San Francisco and we’ve just spotted a Droid X banner. Check this post for updates on the new phone live as it happens. Read More

  • Droid X to launch with Android 2.2?

    Take it with the finest grain of salt for now (which, given that the Droid X is going to be announced in about an hour, shouldn’t be a big deal), but we just got a bit of a last minute tip regarding Verizon’s newest addition to the Droid line. According to our tipster, Verizon is doing everything in their power to ensure that the Droid X is the first handset to hit the shelves… Read More

  • N8 to be Nokia's last Symbian-powered N-series phone, Meego FTW

    Nokia’s flagship phones, the N series, are about to undergo a change. The next in line, the N8, will be the very last N series device to run Symbian OS. From the N9 onwards, N-branded devices will run the Linux-Foundation-backed Meego. Read More

  • Live from Verizon's "Next Generation of DROID" Event

    Whether we’re talking about the EVO-challenging Droid X or the QWERTY-sliding Droid 2, Verizon’s had one hell of a time keeping the latest additions to their Droid lineup under wraps lately. Of course, just because some of the juicier details have already spilled out doesn’t mean Verizon won’t make a big fuss when they’re ready for it to be officially official. Read More

  • Pre-paid MiFi coming to Virgin Mobile 28th July

    If you’re sick of contracts, and after a simple way to get your WiFi device online while on the road, then this could be of interest to you. Next week, Virgin Mobile will offer the Novatel MiFi 3G router for $149, ready to be paired with your choice of pre-paid data block, with prices ranging from $10 for 100MB up to $60 for 5GB. Read More

  • Apple's failure is your gain: User iPhone 4 reviews flood the Internet

    What’s the difference between a tech pundit and some dude who likes the iPhone? Not much, actually. That’s why I’m glad to see that, thanks to Apple’s inability to release units on the right day this week – it appears FedEx didn’t hold the shipments and basically bombed them out like they would for everyone else in the world – there are plenty of… Read More

  • Video: a fresh look at Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft held a little gathering in New York City last night, where they showed off the progress being made in Windows Phone 7. The big upshot of this is that Into Mobile were there to capture a video of some demo-time with the new OS. It’s the first video I’ve seen of the OS running on real (albeit pre-production) hardware, and it gives you a good idea of the feel that Microsoft… Read More

  • iFixit mercilessly pulls apart an iPhone 4

    Ah, iFixit, if there’s anyone more adept at being the first to dissect the latest toys, I’ve not met them. The latest gadget on their operating table is none other than the most lusted after device in the entire world: the iPhone 4. Yes, most people are still waiting to even touch the device, and here it is splayed open for all the world to see. Read More

  • First 720p videos from iPhone 4 hit YouTube

    Truly a blockbuster. Maybe this guy should move to some place where they have… you know, objects. Really, though, it’s not bad. Obviously you’re getting a ton of smear and skew, as you will with any “HD” device of this size, but it’s also just as good as any $100-$150 pocket cam you’re likely to find. We’ll have our own video and image quality… Read More

  • AT&T: No iPhone 4 purchases without pre-order at our stores until June 29th

    Didn’t get your iPhone 4 pre-order in before everything went to hell? Planning on trying to fight the walk-in lines on June 24th? Best avoid AT&T stores. Read More

  • iPhone 4 gets its first unboxing [Gallery] (Update: More pics!) (Update #2: And video!)

    As handfuls of iPhone 4s begin to slip through the cracks and into the grabby hands of hungry phone fans everywhere, the first batches of unboxing pictures are starting to go live as we type this. (You mean these people aren’t waiting to open up their phones with the rest of us chumps on Thursday mornings? Jerks! You guys probably peeked at your Christmas presents as a kid, too. Read More

  • Some iPhone 4s Begin Arriving A Full 2 Days Early

    As you may have read last night, Apple started emailing people who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 to let them know that it may arrive a day early. While the rest of us have to wait for June 24, those who opted to get the device delivered, should get it as soon as tomorrow, the email says. But actually, if FedEx’s tracking system is correct (and that may be a big “if”), some people… Read More

  • Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S superphone coming to T-Mobile as the "Vibrant"?

    Oh, you thought AT&T was the only one getting a custom, branded version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S Android superphone? Nope! T-Mobile’s getting one as well — albeit one that’s not quite as easy on the eyes. Read More