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  • Peel 520 iPod touch 3G-ifyer available for pre-order

    You probably remember this case: the “Peel” for iPod touch, which is basically a MiFi that clips onto your phone. Early reviews indicated it seemed to work pretty well, but it’s still not really an iPhone replacement. Seems like your best bet in this case would be to get an actual MiFi and just use it when you need it. But if you absolutely must have the case, it’s… Read More

  • Nokia N8 (or some other mystery Symbian^3 device) coming to AT&T early next year?

    You know that $10 million developer contest that Nokia announced this morning? There just might be a little morsel of unannounced information tucked within that contest’s rules. You see, Nokia’s main partner in this contest is AT&T — and yet, the entire contest focuses around the Nokia N8, a phone which AT&T doesn’t carry. Yet. Read More

  • Nokia's Calling All Innovators Contest Is Looking For The Next Great Mobile App

    Nokia, fresh off implying that using Android would be like “pee[ing] in their pants for warmth during the cold winter,” has a new (and rather elaborate) contest to encourage you to create the next great mobile app. OK! It’s called the 2010 Call All Innovators, and there’s “$10 million in cash, devices, and marketing prizes up for grabs.” Read More

  • Sony Ericsson pushes back the Android 2.1 update for XPERIAs to "late October"

    Uh-oh. Looks like the wait for your XPERIA phone to get a well-overdue upgrade has just grown a little longer, with Sony Ericsson announcing on their blog today that the update has now been pushed back to the “end of October and onwards.” As you were probably painfully aware, the update was promised for a Q3 release… which they clearly missed. Read More

  • Photos, specs, and possible price leak for the HTC HD7

    It seems that the HD7 is now in fully operational leak mode, as we now have the biggest leak yet on our hands, with several photos, specs, and even a possible price leaked. First up, the specs as from WMPowerUser: just like before, we have a 4.3″ WQVGA touchscreen, but we now also know that it’ll run a 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon CPU, and pack a 5MP camera with dual-LED flash and… Read More

  • T-mobile claiming right to censor text messages it disapproves of

    T-mobile told a federal judge on Wednesday that it has the right to pick and choose which text messages are allowed to go out on its network. T-mobile are currently being sued by EZ Texting — a provider of SMS short codes, eg those text “GRASS” to 420420 ads you see around — because T-mobile blocked EZ Texting from using the T-mobile network after a medical… Read More

  • Marvell announces 1.5GHz tri-core mobile processor with 1080p encoding and decoding

    Looks like the future continues to creep toward us, as today Marvell announced the first tri-core low-power CPU for mobile phones and tablets. It also seems that the era of excessive pixels is well and truly upon us, as the chip promises to be able to encode and decode 1080p video… no doubt from a 5mm lens. Marketing excess aside, the new ARM v7 MP compatible system-on-a-chip (SoC)… Read More

  • Review: Case-mate ID Credit Card Case for iPhone 4

    When I initially asked Case-mate to send over their Credit-card-holding iPhone 4 case, I was planning on including it as part of a post called “Your wallet is dead”, based on the idea that smartphones can pretty much entirely supplant those bulging hunks of cow skin we gents lug around. I ended up scrapping that post, having come to the conclusion that the wallet isn’t dead… Read More

  • "Wingman" app makes meeting people at bars even weirder

    So you’re sitting at your local bar with your friends, chatting about this and that, when in comes this lovely specimen of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, because the city you are in (let’s say Seattle) suffers from crippling passive aggression and antisocial tendencies, you do not feel up to smiling at this person or walking up and saying hello. What can you do?! Why, hope… Read More

  • Words With Pirates is like Words With Friends, except.. well, you'll see.

    I’m just going to go ahead and let the screenshot do all the talking here. Yar. [Free, iTunes Link] Read More

  • Apple Reverses Another Stance, Allows Ringtone Makers Into The App Store

    You know, it’s starting to look like that set of App Store Review Guidelines Apple published recently might actually… mean something. Just 8 days after the guidelines went live, Apple blew all kinds of minds by allowing Google Voice apps (which had long been banished) into the store; now, another item seems to have been crossed off the blacklist: Ringtone Makers. Since the early… Read More

  • Droid 2 World Pictures Leak

    Pictures of the Droid 2 World edition leaked out today, revealing a white casing with a silver bezel. This is in contrast with the blue and gunmetal that was used in the first Droid 2, but it seems that the software is going to be more or less exactly the same. [via Phandroid] Read More

  • TextualAds Brings SMS Marketing To Facebook Fans

    Brands and businesses are increasingly setting up Facebook Fan pages, which acts as their social homepage on Facebook where they can interact with customers and hopefully find new ones. These Fan pages can be customized with all sorts of tabs and apps. A new app launching today called TextualAds, in the same space as Textopoly, lets marketers ask for their fans’ phone numbers and send… Read More

  • Dropbox Updates Apps for Android, iOS; Launches App Directory And BlackBerry App

    Dropbox, which develops an easy-to-use file sharing service, is releasing a new set of mobile apps today, including updates for the startup’s iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and the first release of Dropbox for BlackBerry (which the company hinted at earlier this year). And DropBox is launching an app directory complete with app information, screenshots and reviews for the over 100… Read More

  • Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki: switching to Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth

    Oh, Anssi, you crazy kid. In an article for the Financial Times today, Nokia’s Executive Vice President, Anssi Vanjoki, likens mobile phone manufacturers that switch to Android to little Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” to warm themselves in the winter. His point was that moving to Android (or peeing yourself) is a short-term solution that will only lead to problems in… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update delayed until October

    Bad news for all the Galaxy S owners out there: it seems that the upgrade to Froyo has been delayed until the end of October. The update was originally scheduled for a September release, but as is the style with updates to Android phones, it has now been delayed a month. Read More

  • HTC HD2 successor, the HD7, revealed in schematics

    You’re gonna have to use your imagination a little for this one, but it looks as if WMPowerUser have landed some schematics of the successor to the pinnacle of the WinMo 6.5 devices (the HTC HD2), the HD7. This comes mere moments after I wrote the HTC Trophy leak, and stated the possibility that the Trophy may be the HD7. Well, it seems like I was wrong there. In true… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile's first Android device will be the Samsung Intercept

    Just because you’re a drug dealer of the pre-pay phone persuasion, doesn’t mean you can’t play with everyone’s favourite green robot. Virgin Mobile agree with me on this one, so will soon be offering the Android-powered, QWERTY-slidin’ Samsung Intercept on their pre-paid radio waves. The announcement was made on Virgin’s Facebook page, along with the… Read More

  • Images of a new HTC 7 Trophy leak

    While we heard about a Windows-Mobile-6.5-powered HTC Trophy waaaay back in ’09, today’s leak is of an entirely new phone. PocketNow have landed some images of the new device — seen after the break — but there are scant details available beyond it running WinPho7 and HTC’s new Sense Hub. It isn’t even clear if the Trophy is a new name for a previously… Read More

  • Droid X Froyo update rolling out right now

    Yesterday we mentioned that the Froyo update for the Droid X would probably be coming out today. More often than not, promises of updates only end in disappointment, so I thought I’d let out a quick note to tell you that the update has been confirmed by Android Central as rolling out right freakin’ now. If your eager for the update (and you should be), you can force your handset… Read More