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  • Martin King, Inventor of T9, Dead

    We owe a debt of gratitude to Martin King, the relatively unsung entrepreneur and inventor of T9 predictive texting. The technology, which predated systems like Swype, used a dictionary to “find” words that matched the series of keys pressed, thereby allowing you to type words without multiple taps of a single key. T9 was a direct successor to King’s work at allowing… Read More

  • LG Optimus One heading to Verizon as "Vortex"

    Do you remember last week when LG announced their mid-range Optimus Android phones? For the sake of this post, I’ll just assume that you do. Well, at the time, we weren’t sure if they were ever going to make it state-side, but it seems that they are, indeed, and The Droid Guy has a photo showing that the Optimus One is currently chuggin’ along with dreams of Verizon in its eyes. Read More

  • AT&T launches the TerreStar Genus hybrid satellite phone for $799

    Cast your mind back… back to this time last year. Surely, the first thing you thought of was the announcement from AT&T regarding the TerreStar Genus — that WinMo-6.5-powered satellite phone that will use AT&T’s GSM/HSPA network when available, and satellites when not. Yes, I remember those days. While a little later than promised, AT&T today announced that this… Read More

  • Verizon 4G teaser site now online

    Verizon are almost ready to unleash the details of their 4G LTE network onto the world, and, so, to build some anticipation, they have created a teaser site. There is very little on the site: just a box to put your email address in and the following hype: “What is Verizon’s 4G? It’s your signal…at full-tilt.
    It’s an abundance of bandwidth. Reducing your lag time… Read More

  • Stickybits Is Honing Its Object Check-Ins To Be More Brand-Friendly

    When stickybits launched at the SXSW conference last March, it was conceptually intriguing but a bit too vague in its open-endedness. With the stickybits iPhone app, you can append a message, photo, or video to any barcode. The next time somebody scans that barcode, your message will appear. The problem is that nobody scans barcodes without a reason. The next version of stickybits, which… Read More

  • How nice, a pink Samsung Galaxy S that comes with make-up!

    Well. The Galaxy S Femme. I’d say this isn’t going to end well (shades of Della), but in Korea, this might just be one of the default trims. I presume it’s the international version of the many-faced smartphone. It’s a deal with Aveda, in case you were wondering what the ding-dong blazes was going on here. Read More

  • Sprint lights up 4G service in Orlando, Florida

    You know how it goes: Another day, another region with Sprint 4G service. The latest region to light up? The land of Mickey Mouse hats and Shamu mugs: Orlando, Florida. If you’ve got a 4G-compatible device like the Samsung Epic or the HTC EVO, give it a quick reset and you should by flyin’ along on the new network. All in all, the brings the count up to 53 regions. Is your city one? Read More

  • iOS 4's Folders Are Cool And All, But Check Out What Jailbreakers Get

    Man! Just when we were starting to get used to using iOS 4’s folder system, the jailbreak community comes along and one-ups the whole thing. After months of work, Japanese iPhone developer ashikase has released this preview video of FolderEnhancer, a jailbreak-only modification which.. well, enhances folders. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Oh look! It's the Android-powered, QWERTY-sliding HTC Lexicon… for Verizon!

    Man, this week is really starting off with a bang. VLC got approved for the iPad! A shot of the BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked out! We’re only a few hours into Monday, and that’s already two solid happenings in the mobile world. It’s gonna be a good week, friends. Here’s one more for you: Remember the HTC Lexicon? We first heard about the Lexicon and its 3.8″… Read More

  • Is this the BlackBerry Storm 3?

    Love it or hate it, RIM is gonna keep pushin’ the BlackBerry Storm line until they get it right. The original Storm was followed by the Storm 2, which will inevitably be followed by the Storm 3 — which, as it just so happens, has seemingly just made its debut in a good ol’ fashion spy shot. Read More

  • Motorola Flipout for AT&T cancelled?

    It’s potentially a sad day for fans of oddly-form-factored phones everywhere. AT&T’s ultra-wonky, Android-powered Motorola Flipout.. might be dead. Read More

  • VLC for iPad now available, iPhone version coming soon

    Have you ever heard of VLC? If you’re even the most casual video watcher, I’d certainly hope so — when it comes to video players, VLC is king. It’s super lightweight, and can handle just about any video format you can throw at it. It’s cross-platform, with builds for Windows, OS X, and Linux.. and starting today, iOS. Imagine being able to throw just about any… Read More

  • Google's Investment Pays Off: Ngmoco Building Plus+ And Games For Android

    There’s no absolute formula for success in the mobile app world — but if there was, ngmoco would probably be amongst those closest to having it figured out. Just about everything they touch (Gun Range, WeFarm, Rolando, and their Plus+ gaming network) turns to gold; unfortunately, the only stuff they’ve touched so far has been exclusively for iOS. Back in February, ngmoco CEO… Read More

  • Apple Finally Lets A Google Voice Application Into The App Store (Again)

    Google Voice applications have had a pretty tumultuous history in the App Store. At first, Apple approved them, and the people rejoiced. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they were pulled, with “duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc).” cited as the reasoning. The people were, understandably, pretty friggin’ mad. Over the past few days, the developers… Read More

  • Nokia Turns Any Display Into A Touchscreen With "Plug And Touch"

    I was prepared to be really disappointed by this video, but it actually looks kind of awesome. Basically you set up your Nokia N8 about five feet from any TV or display it can plug into via HDMI, and it uses its little camera to track your hands and turn the whole thing into a touchable surface. Brilliant! Well — maybe not brilliant, but certainly a cool feature. They call it Plug and… Read More

  • Angry Birds to get Retina Display support and 15 new levels soon

    It’s not all that common for us to take a break from our regular, near-obsessive coverage of mobile hardware in order to cover an update to a game like Angry Birds — but given that we know at least a handful of people who break into a cold sweat and start shouting when you pry Angry Birds out of their hands, I figure there’s an audience for it. Rovio has just pushed what… Read More

  • Could Euro Carriers Be Planning Their Own OS?

    An interesting piece in the Mobile Business Briefing points to the possibility that European carriers like Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodafone could be working together to build their own OS, possibly following the China Mobile model of creating their own flavor of Android far-removed from the official Google code. Take a look at this amazing quote: French newspaper Le Figaro has reported that… Read More

  • Disrupt Startup Textingly Raises Seed Money, Lands A Deal With The NJ Nets

    Textingly, one of the inaugural startups that launched at the first TechCrunch Disrupt last May, raised some seed money and landed its first big customer, the New Jersey Nets. The company is raised $400,000 of a still-open $750,000 seed round. Textingly is a text-message marketing campaign management tool for businesses. The New Jersey Nets will be using it to give away free tickets to fans… Read More

  • Samsung: Galaxy Tab Coming To AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, And Sprint

    We’ve just wrapped up our live coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab event in New York, and Samsung has just announced what we pretty much knew from last week’s rumors: their tablet will be launching on all the major carriers. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint will all have the device. There will also be a wi-fi-only version, but no 4G. Read More

  • Air Display For iOS Gets Windows Support

    One of the really handy things you can do with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is use it as an extra screen for your computer. Until now, though, if you wanted to use your iPad to extend your Windows system, you were limited to iDisplay. Now, competing app Air Display ($10) has a Windows version, and they’re saying that it’s better than those other guys. They go so far as… Read More