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  • Verizon To Ditch Mail-In Rebates In Favor Of Lower Up-Front Prices?

    Mail-in rebates are the pits. If you remember to send them in, you’ve gotta pray that Mr. Mailman doesn’t lose it, toss it, or take it back to his You-shrine for worship. Then you’ve gotta wait a few months for it to “get processed”, which is a fancy way to say “sit in a big pile until someone gets around to it”. Eventually (generally long after… Read More

  • Disney Japan Shows Its Android 3D Phone With Access To The "Disney Market"

    Remember that Disney-themed Android phone from Japan we blogged two weeks ago? At that time, Disney Japan didn’t release a lot of information, but now they did [JP], and they also showed the 3D device for the first time. Read More

  • T-mobile's Galaxy S 4G page up 'n' running

    Last week we told you that T-mobile had announced their 4G variant of the near-ubiquitous Galaxy S. Well, for anyone that’s itching for this high-speed variant, I’m happy to tell you that today, T-mobile’s info page for the handset has gone live. There isn’t any new info given, but there is an option to sign up for notifications about the device. For those that… Read More

  • Leaked! Blackberry Curve Touch

    A sure sign that things a changin’ over at RIM HQ, the keyboard-less Curve Touch — codenamed “Malibu” — has today leaked out into the wilds of the web, courtesy of This comes just a week after we spied a keyboard totin’ next-gen Curve, known internally as the “Sedona”, so those die-hard keyboard fans need not fret: mid-range… Read More

  • Hands-On Gallery: The LG Optimus 2X

    You hear that thumping? That’s my heart a-pitter-patterin’ over just what got dropped off at MobileCrunch HQ: the world’s first dual-core smartphone, the LG Optimus 2X. It’ll be a few days before I’ve had enough time with this device to weigh in with our official review — but in the mean time, enjoy our humble gallery of hands-on stills below. Let me know if… Read More

  • AT&T Is Now The #1 Carrier In The US — But For How Long?

    Oh snap, girl — It’s on. Back in January of 2009, Verizon acquired Alltel, along with Alltel’s customer base of around 13 million subscribers. When they threw that lot in with Verizon’s already massive customer base, it earned Verizon the crown as the biggest carrier in the US (a title previously owned by AT&T as a result of their merger with Cingular) A year… Read More

  • This Is The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

    Do you know how much I loved the original Sidekick? Seriously — Picture me spreading my arms REALLY, REALLY far apart, as if I’m bragging about the size of a fish I caught. That’s how much I loved the original Sidekick. It was, for the most part, the first phone that made me really, really like phones. Then the Sidekick 2 came along, and it was amazing. Then the Sidekick 3… Read More

  • Look Out, Skype: Viber Coming To Android In March

    We’re pretty big fans of Viber around these parts, as evidenced by Robin calling it “amazingly amazing” when it launched for the iPhone last month. Built to allow 100% free VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi, it’s one of a small handful that dares venture into the same territory as the seemingly-untouchable giant, Skype. Whether or not Viber ever finagles any sizable chunk of… Read More

  • HTC's Next Big Android Phone Caught Riding Around On The Subway

    You see that phone up there? That’s believed to be HTC’s next big thing — its new flagship phone, if you will. You know what we know beyond that? A whole lotta nothin’. There’s no code name to refer to it as, no leaked specs list to see, no early appearances on any foreign retail sites to poke fun at. Outside of this render that leaked out a few weeks ago, this… Read More