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  • Video: This is what happens when you talk on your phone at the game

    Yankee Stadium and technology simply don’t mix well together. We already know that the stadium had banned the iPad as part of its “no laptops allowed” policy, and now we have a slightly more hilarious situation. Yes, this man was just smashed in the face by a baseball because he was too busy yapping away on his phone. Read More

  • turns its back on Nokia

    Uh-oh, Nokia, when your biggest fans start jumping ship, it’s definitely time to re-think your smartphone strategy. Today, The Guru at Symbian Guru chucked in his Nokia-branded towel (and blog) and purchased a Nexus One. Read More

  • Best Buy turns off the music at the Droid X pre-order party

    If you’re sitting on the bus reading this article on your 2-year-old beat up LG Voyager, while making your way to Best Buy to pre-order that hot new Droid X, then I hope you’ve got a seat, because you’ll want to be sitting down for this: Best Buy have ceased taking pre-orders for it. Read More

  • Firefox Home, the browser that isn't, is now awaiting App Store approval

    Banking on the previous success of Opera getting its Mini browser into the App Store, Mozilla today submitted their almost-a-browser to the Secret Police in Cupertino for approval — and they seem quite confident that it’ll get through. So, what is Firefox Home, anyway, and why is it not quite a browser? Well, rather than just being a Safari replacement, Firefox Home acts as a… Read More

  • Yahoo! moves to Android: Mail, Messenger, and Search now available

    Arguably a little late to the party, Yahoo! today announced the release of their very first Android apps for Messenger and Mail, a Yahoo! search widget for your home screen and some HTML5-optimized sites for the iPhone. The Messenger app does pretty much what you’d expect: it allows you to chat with your Yahoo!/MSN friends, and can run in the background (with push notifications) for… Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile GarminFone

    Short version: A competent and useful, but ultimately limited handset. Recommended for GPS lovers, but not for Android lovers. Read More

  • First real details about Android 3.0 "Gingerbread" emerge

    Buried deep in the frozen tundras of a Russian podcast, Google’s plans for the next step in Android have been uncovered. I have to say, it cuts down on my excitement somewhat that with Android, you’re constantly aware of the improvements you’re unlikely to get. In this case, even the few 2.2 users out there are left behind. Here’s what we know. Read More

  • Microsoft puts down the Kin

    We have made the decision to focus exclusively on Windows Phone 7 and we will not ship KIN in Europe this fall as planned. Additionally, we are integrating our KIN team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from KIN into future Windows Phone releases. We will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to sell current KIN phones. These words from… Read More

  • Microsoft emphasizes Xbox Live Arcade compatibility in Windows Phone 7

    Back around when Windows Phone 7 was announced, Microsoft was eager to demonstrate the 3D gaming prowess of the OS and its intended hardware. We were disappointed at the time that these games wouldn’t be coming to the totally-capable Zune HD, but we also saw a glimmer of hope that there would be some overlap between XBLA and these Live-enabled handsets. Fast forward a few months, and… Read More