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  • TechCrunch Review: The Name’s iPhone. Verizon iPhone.

    Yesterday, I made a 45-minute phone call from my office. This seemingly unremarkable statement is remarkable for two reasons. First, I was able to place a call from my office — something which was impossible for me to do a week prior. Second, I made it through the entire 45-minutes without the call being dropped once. Again, this was impossible a week prior. So what changed? Well, my… Read More

  • Verizon Readies Contact Transfer App For iPhone

    In anticipation for the iPhone launch day, Verizon has released their VZ Transfer App, only for Verizon iPhones, to the iTunes store. It transfers contacts from older VZ phones via Verizon’s Backup Assistant, a service that lets users backup their data to the cloud. The transfer service will authorize the cloud download via a code sent through SMS to a Verizon mobile number. Thanks ahead… Read More

  • Vague Palm Video Appears To Tease A New Handset

    What do you see? I know we’re all waiting on the new Palm tablets, but unless said tablets have buttons poking out a full half an inch, this seems more like a phone to me. But… an actual new phone from Palm? Can they.. can they still do that? Its been so long! Read More

  • For InMobi, Apple And Android Are Eating Up Global Mobile Ad Share

    Global mobile ad network InMobi is making a big push to gain smartphone ad share. Back in June, it announced a $2 million promotion to get Apple and Android mobile app developers to serve up its mobile ads. By October, 2010, it was serving up 5.8 billion ad impressions on smartphones, according to a report it just put out (embedded below). That represents 24 percent of the global ad… Read More

  • Kevin Systrom on the Launch of Instagram

    (Founder Stories) Kevin Systrom On Instagram's Launch, "I Have Never Felt So Sick Ever"

    So far in it’s brief existence, Instagram has had a wild ride. It started out as a location app called Burbn, then pivoted before it even launched to just photos. Within a week, the photo sharing app was up to 100,000 users, and then 1 million. Today, the company announced that it just raised $7 million from Benchmark and others. But what was it like that first day Instagram hit the… Read More

  • AT&T Gives The Gift Of Gigs With 2GB Add-On To Tethering Plans

    As we pointed out a while back, you’d have to be pretty nuts to want to sign up for AT&T’s iPhone tethering plan. The main issue was simply that you were paying $20 to enable the feature, and you didn’t even get any extra bandwidth, so you’d have to be mighty careful if you used that tethering ability for anything other than accessing BBSes over Telnet. AT&T… Read More

  • Bubblegum Fills A Niche, Brings Instagram-esque Photo Sharing To Windows Phone 7

    iOS and Android users get to have all the fun. With just about any popular mobile application you could name, chances are pretty solid that it began its life on one of those two platforms. How many renowned applications can you name that debuted on webOS? How about Symbian^3? Months later — if they’re lucky — users of these not-quite-as-popular platforms might get a port… Read More

  • Best Buy: Yes, We'll Be Selling The Verizon iPhone 4 On Launch Day

    As a proud denizen of the Internet and a prouder mobile phone geek, perhaps you’d already heard the rumor floating around the Internet involving Best Buy and Verizon’s iPhone 4 — that is, that they wouldn’t be selling it. As of a few days ago, that very well may have been the case — today, however, Best Buy’s promising that they’ll have inventory on… Read More

  • Google Unveils Android Market Webstore. It's Already Live!

    Today at their Mountain View headquarters, Google held an event to show off Honeycomb, the latest version of the Android operating system. After some demos of the OS itself, Chris Yerga took the stage to show off a big new feature: the Android Market Webstore. Yep, the Market just hit the web. Finally. And it’s already live. Read More

  • Google Tried To Buy Path For $100+ Million. Path Said No.

    Google Tried To Buy Path For $100+ Million. Path Said No.

    Yesterday we reported on Path’s new $8.5 million venture round, led by Kleiner Perkins and Index Ventures. I was curious about the valuation and pulled on a couple of threads. What unraveled was a stunning story about a startup that almost ran out of cash, a rebuffed $100+ million buyout offer from Google, and, finally, a new round of financing. Path is still very small, with just… Read More

  • The Daily IPad App

    Hands-On With The Daily (Demo Video)

    After today’s unveiling of The Daily at a press event at the Guggenheim museum in New York City, we were handed iPads loaded with the news app. I shot the video above with my iPhone to give a quick sense of what it looks like and the navigation. It looks like a magazine more than a newspaper, with lush photography and the occasional interactive graphic or video in place of a photo. … Read More

  • Dropcam Gets An Android App

    Dropcam is a pretty novel idea: Take a little camera, plug it into an outlet, plunk in your WiFi network settings, and boom — you’ve got a wireless security camera streaming to your own little private recess on the Internets, 24 hours a day. Once that’s done, you can pop into your living room to check on your treasures with just a few clicks on your PC, or a few taps on… Read More

  • One-Click Subscriptions Come To the iPad

    Apple exec Eddy Cue announced today at The Daily launch, as expected, that Apple will be enabling subscription pricing for news apps. There will be one-click subscription billing either weekly (99 cents) or yearly ($39.99). Apple is starting with The Daily, but Cue says “you will hear an announcement very soon for other publications.” Cue also notes that consumers have… Read More

  • Verizon iPhone 4: Reservations On February 9th, General Sale At 7AM On February 10th

    VZW-day approaches! Current Verizon subs can place pre-orders starting at 3AM on the Verizon Wireless website. Everyone else will need to wait until February 9th to put their name on an iPhone with the official sale kicking off the next morning. Over 2000 Verizon Wireless stores are set to open at 7AM on the 10th and will no doubt face the customary iPhone lines. Chances are at least a few… Read More

  • LG Teaser Video Gives A Brief Glimpse Of The Optimus 3D, Confirms It Has A Dual Core CPU

    Mobile World Congress — that big convention in Barcelona where a mountain of new phones get announced each year — is still over a week away, but the details are already starting to trickle out. After a little retailer slip-up and some leaks started pulling back the veil on the device earlier this week, LG went ahead and confirmed that they’d be using the show as the launch… Read More

  • T-Mobile Launches Galaxy S 4G, Now With 100% More 4G

    Hey T-Mobile Vibrant owners — feel that sting? That’s the cold slap of the cruelest mistress known to the gadget world: planned obsolescence. Just 7 months after the launch of the Vibrant, T-Mobile has announced that its oh-so-marginally-improved successor, the Galaxy S 4G, will launch sometime in February. Read More

  • The Latest Firefox 4 Beta For Android Is Up To 3X Faster Than The Default Browser

    In the never-ending Browser battle, speed is king. Browser A might be the prettiest, most secure one around — but if Browser B seems faster or more light weight, good ol’ Browser A is going to lose users in droves. This is especially true in the mobile world, where cellular network latency and the occasional peak-hour bandwidth bottleneck add precious seconds over the… Read More

  • Exclusive: An Early Look At, The New York Times' Answer To The Daily

    Exclusive: An Early Look At, The New York Times' Answer To The Daily

    Tomorrow, all eyes will be on the launch of News Corp’s iPad newspaper The Daily, but huddled away in a downtown loft in New York City’s meatpacking district a team from betaworks and the New York Times are busy putting together their answer to what an iPad news app should be. The collaboration will be called, and it won’t look anything like The Daily. I know… Read More

  • Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures Lead $8.5 Million Round For Path

    Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures Lead $8.5 Million Round For Path

    San Francisco-based Path, a mobile social network, has raised a Series A Round of funding. The $8.5 million round was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Index Ventures. New investor Digital Garage Japan also joined the round, as did previous investor First Round Capital. Chi-Hua Chien and Mike Volpi from Kleiner and Index, respectively, joined the board of directors. Co-founder… Read More

  • One Of Verizon's Two 4G Dongles Now Playing Friendly With Macs

    Back when Verizon was just starting to let folks onto their shiny new 4G (LTE) network, they kicked the whole party off with two USB Dongles: the LG VL600 and the Pantech UML290. Hurrah! Finally, we could surf the 4G radio waves like proper citizens of the future! There was only one problem: they, uh, didn’t work with Macs. Read More