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  • The ShowMe Teaching Technology Behind The New Princeton Review SAT iPad App (TCTV)

    The ShowMe Teaching Technology Behind The New Princeton Review SAT iPad App (TCTV)

    The Princeton Review launched a slick new iPad app today called SAT Score Quest. Each question comes with a whiteboard video tutorial with a voiceover from an instructor explaining the solution. The ShowMe whiteboard technology is licensed from Easel Learning, a bootstrapped NYC startup, which is also developing its own app and a corresponding ShowMe website where tutors and teachers of… Read More

  • T-Mobile Adds 10 More Cities To Its HSPA+ Roster

    Still anxiously awaiting T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network (the one they market as “4G” because it’s pretty dang fast, but technically isn’t 4G because it’s fancied up 3G tech?) in your home town? Cross your fingers: 10 more cities are getting it this morning. Is yours one? Read More

  • Own A Massive Company? Xigo Wants To Be Your Billshrink

    If you’re a family of 3 or 4 people, it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’re spending too much on your phone bill. Pop into something like Billshrink, plug in your credentials, and away you go. If you’re a company with 20,000 employee phones to your name, it’s a different story. Running BillShrink 20,000 times probably isn’t going to cut it, so shaving… Read More

  • Order now! Nu-Screen Is A Screen Protector In Chapstick Form

    I have to say I’m skeptical of a product that is not only inadequately described on its own page, but clearly can’t be removed, but hey. Maybe it works! This Nu-Screen stuff appears to be a coating you put on your mobile’s screen (or anything else, I suppose) that protects against scratches and helps dirt and oil wash off. But wait! There’s more! It also creates… Read More

  • App-Related Privacy Concerns Being Looked Into By The Feds

    When Pandora was filing its IPO papers, it noted that it had been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury for documentation of its information sharing practices. The purpose of the grand jury wasn’t officially stated, but Pandora (who knows what type information was requested) suspects it to be related to “sharing processes of certain popular applications that run on the Apple and… Read More

  • Don't Think Android Fragmentation Is A Problem? Most Developers Disagree.

    Having done a good bit of development with Android (some folks make scrapbooks on the weekend; I fight semicolons.), I’ve seen my fair share of Android’s fragmentation issues. Though they’re generally more annoying (a resolution quirk here, a touchscreen behavior oddity there) than they are insurmountable or deal-breaking, they’re definitely not non-existent. But… Read More

  • Tired Of Waiting For The Big Windows Phone 7 Update? Get Your Hack On!

    After a mishap or two with their early update process, Microsoft and the carriers are taking their sweet time in rolling out Windows Phone 7’s copy/paste update. Don’t want to wait anymore? Feeling a bit adventurous? An ingenious handset hacker has thrown together a solution that should bring just about any Windows Phone 7 handset up to date. Read More

  • AT&T Increases Early Upgrade and No Contract Prices

    Bad news for AT&T fans who like to buy their phones outright: prices are goin’ up. Read More

  • iOS 4.3.1 Gets A More Convenient Jailbreak Method

    Would-be Jailbreakers on iOS 4.3.1: time to party! A jailbreak has been available for iOS 4.3.1 for a few weeks now — but up until this point, it’s been “tethered”. (Geek-speak translator: it was a somewhat inferior jailbreak, in that it was undone any time the handset was reset). At an absurdly early hour this morning, the iPhone Dev-Team released a new build of… Read More

  • A Human Interface Guideline for Android Developers

    There’s no denying that iOS apps are, on the whole, polished. This is due in large part to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, a document that “describes the guidelines and principles that help you design a superlative user interface and user experience for your iOS app.” There’s no ambiguity about what’s a good idea and what’s not: Apple tells you… Read More

  • True Colors: Bathing Mobile In An Entirely New Light

    True Colors: Bathing Mobile In An Entirely New Light

    Color Labs is assumed to be the newest combatant in the photo-sharing wars. Many people ripped its floppy launch, interface, crashes, and some are feeling creepy about the Chatroulette aspect. Then there was the backlash to the backlash, where believers applauded the vision, risk-taking, and promise of mining meta-data from phones. Even with the latest update pushed out last night to address… Read More