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  • EVO 4G update fixes the notorious frame-rate cap

    Great news, folks! It looks like the firmware update to the EVO 4G that rolled out this week has removed the 30fps limit that was said to be imposed because of the HDMI port. Engadget have confirmed that the update does indeed remove the limitation, with their phone hitting 52 fps in benchmarks. The update also fixes the calendar event edit issue, an issue with multiple Gmail accounts that… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell approved by the FCC

    The unconfirmed and quite confusing BlackBerry 9670 clamshell that we’ve seen around the place has now been approved by the FCC. For those that need a reminder, the 9670 will run BlackBerry OS6, with a 360×400 internal display, and a 240×320 external display. Expect the usual WiFi, Bluetooth, and A/GPS, plus a 5MP camera with autofocus and flash. It looks to be heading to… Read More

  • Study: Texting while driving responsible for 16,000 deaths in 6 years

    The University of North Texas Health Science Center has looked at traffic data from the Fatality Accident Reporting System and texting data from the FCC and CTIA, and — after some hefty number crunching — has come to the conclusion that texting while driving is responsible for accidents that claimed 16,141 lives during the period of 2001 – 2007. I don’t think you need me… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 remains on Sony Ericsson's roadmap, Symbian is gone

    Sony Ericsson clearly like Android, but — despite being absent from WinPho 7’s list of launch partners — Sony Ericsson’s new Chief Technology Officer, Jan Uddenfeldt, today confirmed that Windows Phone 7 is, indeed, on their product roadmap. Symbian, however, is not. Read More

  • Schmidt makes nice with Apple: search deal extended, Bing is the enemy

    If you’ve been troubled by the tensions between Google and Apple, afraid that Google might pull a jack move and yank its services from iPhones, worry not. The companies are clearly necessary enough to one another that such extreme measures likely won’t take place for a long time. Eric Schmidt, in a recent interview, said that not only have Apple and Google “extended”… Read More

  • So Now Windows Phone 7 Doesn't Support Tethering At All?

    So we heard only a week ago that Windows Phone 7 would support USB tethering and carriers would be (somehow) prohibited from charging extra for the feature. Then a few days ago we heard that it was up to the carriers to included it, though we presumed if they did, it still had to come gratis. Now, Microsoft has said to Engadget in no uncertain terms that there is no tethering at all on… Read More

  • AT&T might not be selling the Motorola Flipout, but someone on eBay is!

    There’s still no word as to whether AT&T killed off the Android-powered (but sort of wonky) Moto Flipout right before its intended launch, or if it’s just been delayed (though our sources promise it’s the latter) — but somewhere out there, a few Flipouts have made it into the wild.. and right onto eBay. Read More

  • HTC: No Sense UI on Windows Phone 7 at launch

    I’m still completely convinced that the HTC Sense for Windows Phone 7 footage we saw last week was completely legit, and it sure looked pretty solid to me — but by what HTC CEO Peter Chou is saying, we might not be seeing any of that on HTC’s WP7 handsets right off the bat at launch. Read More

  • T-Mobile Constructs Solar-Powered Cell Site In Pennsylvania

    T-Mobile, fresh off some sort of short code carrier controversy, has been experimenting with solar-powered cell towers. The company has installed the tower (well, full cell site) in eastern Pennsylvania. It’s probably done so for two reasons: one, yeah, it could help the company save a bit of money in the longterm, and two, nothing like some good PR. Read More

  • Try My IPhone AR Paper App

    Will You Try My Paper iPhone App?

    I see a lot of demos for a lot of apps. Today, in particular, I sat through a dozen back-to-back demos for startups launching at Disrupt next week. Some of them really blew me away. But none of them quite compare to the unexpected demo I got after my long day when I walked into a Palo Alto CVS to buy some toothpaste. As I was waiting in the checkout line, a very polite Stanford college… Read More

  • Capcom iPhone games on sale for a buck each

    A bunch of Capcom iPhone games, including one of my favorites from the NES (Mega Man II), are on sale until next week for 99 cents each. I understand Resident Evil 4 is supposed to be decent, and Dark Void Zero looked like a lot of fun when it came out. TouchArcade has the full list. Read More

  • T-Mobile G2 pre-orders tomorrow, availability October 6th

    A leaked internal T-Mobile notification has made it clear that rumors of G2 delays were unfounded, and the late-September order date rumors accurate. The official communique says that pre-orders will begin tomorrow, the 24th, and the phone will be available at retail starting October 6th. Excellent. I’m looking forward to this one… though its cousin, the Desire Z, is also tempting. Read More

  • HeySweetheart: Because A Stranger Calling To Say They Love You Isn't Weird If You're Paying For It

    Sometimes you just need someone to tell you they love you. Maybe your car broke down for the fifth time and you can’t afford the repair bill; maybe you’re just having a bad hair day. Maybe a bunch of anonymous commenters decided to rage on you over a minor grammatical error on your tech blog. Whatever the case, a quick “I love you” can turn even the worst days into… Read More

  • Peel 520 iPod touch 3G-ifyer available for pre-order

    You probably remember this case: the “Peel” for iPod touch, which is basically a MiFi that clips onto your phone. Early reviews indicated it seemed to work pretty well, but it’s still not really an iPhone replacement. Seems like your best bet in this case would be to get an actual MiFi and just use it when you need it. But if you absolutely must have the case, it’s… Read More

  • Nokia N8 (or some other mystery Symbian^3 device) coming to AT&T early next year?

    You know that $10 million developer contest that Nokia announced this morning? There just might be a little morsel of unannounced information tucked within that contest’s rules. You see, Nokia’s main partner in this contest is AT&T — and yet, the entire contest focuses around the Nokia N8, a phone which AT&T doesn’t carry. Yet. Read More

  • Nokia's Calling All Innovators Contest Is Looking For The Next Great Mobile App

    Nokia, fresh off implying that using Android would be like “pee[ing] in their pants for warmth during the cold winter,” has a new (and rather elaborate) contest to encourage you to create the next great mobile app. OK! It’s called the 2010 Call All Innovators, and there’s “$10 million in cash, devices, and marketing prizes up for grabs.” Read More

  • Sony Ericsson pushes back the Android 2.1 update for XPERIAs to "late October"

    Uh-oh. Looks like the wait for your XPERIA phone to get a well-overdue upgrade has just grown a little longer, with Sony Ericsson announcing on their blog today that the update has now been pushed back to the “end of October and onwards.” As you were probably painfully aware, the update was promised for a Q3 release… which they clearly missed. Read More

  • Photos, specs, and possible price leak for the HTC HD7

    It seems that the HD7 is now in fully operational leak mode, as we now have the biggest leak yet on our hands, with several photos, specs, and even a possible price leaked. First up, the specs as from WMPowerUser: just like before, we have a 4.3″ WQVGA touchscreen, but we now also know that it’ll run a 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon CPU, and pack a 5MP camera with dual-LED flash and… Read More

  • T-mobile claiming right to censor text messages it disapproves of

    T-mobile told a federal judge on Wednesday that it has the right to pick and choose which text messages are allowed to go out on its network. T-mobile are currently being sued by EZ Texting — a provider of SMS short codes, eg those text “GRASS” to 420420 ads you see around — because T-mobile blocked EZ Texting from using the T-mobile network after a medical… Read More

  • Marvell announces 1.5GHz tri-core mobile processor with 1080p encoding and decoding

    Looks like the future continues to creep toward us, as today Marvell announced the first tri-core low-power CPU for mobile phones and tablets. It also seems that the era of excessive pixels is well and truly upon us, as the chip promises to be able to encode and decode 1080p video… no doubt from a 5mm lens. Marketing excess aside, the new ARM v7 MP compatible system-on-a-chip (SoC)… Read More