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  • RIM Employee To CEOs: "I Have Lost Confidence"

    Today a letter slipped out addressed to RIM’s co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis. It was written by a “high-level” employee, who BGR claims to have identified and confirmed as the author. The letter is not angry, disgruntled, nor does it cross the line. It is a simple, heartfelt plea to get RIM back in the game. Read More

  • Unlocked, SIM-Free Nokia E6 Goes Live On Amazon's Site For $439

    The Nokia E6 saw a $7 price-cut as it became available today on Amazon’s site, listed at $439 instead of its pre-order price of $446. The unlocked, SIM-free phone is available and in-stock, and shipping is free from Amazon. The unbranded Nokia E6 will work with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks, and with a pentaband 3G radio on board, the E6 can get 4G support, too. Read More

  • Flickr Metadata Hints At Possible "Droid HD" In The Works

    A picture on Flickr (which I can’t find and therefore can’t confirm) has apparently been spotted by PocketNow with “motorola Droid HD” listed as the camera. Oh my god, it’s a new Droid with a 1280×720 screen, like that in the Nexus Prime and other upcoming superphones! Or… someone has been messing with EXIF data, or (as the picture was taken near… Read More

  • Sprint's HTC Evo 3D Caught Prepping For T-Mo's 4G Network?

    HTC’s line of Evo phones have long been Sprint exclusives, and are arguably the number three carrier’s shining stars. Interestingly enough, Sprint’s most recent (and also most awesome) phone, the Evo 3D has been spotted passing through the FCC sporting T-Mobile’s AWS bands. A trip to the FCC doesn’t necessarily mean that T-Mobile is for sure, without a doubt… Read More

  • HP In Talks To License webOS — But Who Would Want To?

    The fact that HP is considering licensing webOS isn’t exactly news — HP head honcho Leo Apotheker said as much in an interview weeks ago. What is news, however, is that such licensing deals might already be in their early stages. At least, that’s what we’re gathering from this Bloomberg piece, where Apotheker is quoted as saying HP is already in talks with “a… Read More

  • Get Posting With Gorgeous New Tumblr iPhone App

    If you are part of the Tumblr Nation, and a growing number of you are, then you will want to download Tumblr’s new iPhone app, redesigned from the ground up with a new interface. It loads up your Tumblr Dashboard stream, but the post button brings up six simple icons for each post type: text, photo, link, quote, audio, and video.And then, of course, you can post photos or videos right… Read More

  • Yelp Brings Local Deals To Mobile And Gives Groupon Now A Run For Its Money

    Yelp Brings Local Deals To Mobile And Gives Groupon Now A Run For Its Money

    The next phase of growth for local deals will be mobile.  Groupon knows this, and so does Yelp, which today is rolling out Yelp Deals to its iPhone and Android apps.  An update to its mobile apps that is getting pushed out today will add a new deals icon to the app.  When you click on it you can see a list of nearby Yelp Deals for discounts at restaurants, spas, and other businesses. Read More

  • HTC Status For AT&T Gets Official

    We’ve covered the HTC ChaCha’s journey to the States pretty exhaustively, from its debut at Mobile World Congress, to the rumors that it was heading for AT&T, to the last-minute name change from ChaCha to Status (presumably as a result of this lawsuit filed by ChaCha. As in the company, not the phone. A phone can’t file a lawsuit, silly; it doesn’t even have… Read More

  • Samsung Files ITC Complaint Against Apple, Tries To Ban Imports Of iStuff

    They’re at it again folks, and it only gets uglier and uglier. Samsung has filed another complaint against Apple, according to the International Trade Commission website, this time to request an import ban against the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
    Should the ITC choose to investigate the complaint, we won’t get a final decision for at least 16 months. Read More

  • Nokia 700 Zeta Gets Caught On Camera

    Yesterday we reported that Nokia has a few girly-named phones in the works, one of which being the Nokia 700 Zeta. Unfortunately, all we had to lead us down the road to spec discovery was a vague and sparsely detailed spec sheet. Today however, a couple snap shots have been leaked of the Zeta, and we wanted to make sure to give you a more informative introduction to this C6-01 successor. Read More

  • Square Closes That $100 Million Round, Mary Meeker Joins Board

    It’s official. Jack Dorsey’s Square has joined the billion dollar valuation club. The mobile payments startup closed a $100 million series C led by Kleiner Perkins, a story we broke a few weeks ago. The new round values Square above $1 billion. Tiger Management is also an investor. And Mary Meeker, the former Morgan Stanley Internet analyst who is now a partner at Kleiner, will… Read More

  • Whiteboard In Microsoft Video Hints At WP7's Future?

    There’s not a lot of real data to pull out of this unless you’re privy to a lot of internal Microsoft stuff, but it’s fun anyway. A video from Microsoft’s Cambridge campus has a whiteboard in the background that seems to have some Windows Phone 7 improvements scribbled on it. Nice eye on the viewer who spotted this! Read More

  • Microsoft Adds Custom Ring Tones To Windows Phone 7 Mango

    Along with the 500 features originally announced for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mango OS, Microsoft today announced the ability to create custom ring tones. Obviously, pre-loaded ring tones will still be available for those of us who enjoy a more classic ringer… but if you want Fergie to assure you that tonight’s going to be a good night every time your special lady… Read More

  • Gowalla Now Available For Windows Phone 7, Foursquare Still Hasn't Checked In

    Good news for any Windows Phone 7 owners out there who are just dying to get back to telling everyone where they are and amassing cutesy badges: Gowalla is now available on your platform. This is the first of the major check-in apps that has made its way to Microsoft’s nascent platform — which is actually a bit of a surprise. Why? Because if Microsoft’s demos back at their… Read More

  • T-Mobile Rolls Out HSPA+ In 7 New Regions — Is Yours One?

    Another day, another carrier expanding their 4G network. This time around, it’s T-Mobile… which means calling it “4G” is technically a bit of a stretch, but hey, we’ve beat that horse enough at this point. The latest regions to show up on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage map: Chico, Calif.; Redding, Calif.; Barnstable, Mass.; Vineland, N.J.; Lancaster, Penn. Read More

  • Pressplane Raises $3.5 Million For Mobile Web Publishing App Zapd, Rob Glaser Joins Board

    Seattle startup Pressplane just inked a new $3.5 million round, led by Madrona Ventures. Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks and now a partner at Accel, also invested personally and is joining board. Second Avenue Partners and chairman Mika Salmi (formerly of MTV Networks and Atom Entertainment) also participated. The money will go into further development of Zapd, a mobile publishing… Read More

  • Leaked Nokia Roadmap Promises Four New Symbian Handsets In Q3

    Nokia is all about the ladies. With Symbian, we have Anna and Belle iterations, with more girly names to follow in alphabetical order. And of course, who could forget that absolutely ridiculous female-targeted N8 commercial? It’s certainly burned into the corners of my memory, unfortunately. Today we came across a leaked roadmap for upcoming Symbian handsets, and we were surprised to… Read More

  • Andy Rubin: Daily Android Activations Reach 500,000

    Right around the beginning of May at the I/O event, Google revealed its daily Android activation data, which turned out to be 400,000 Android activations daily. It’s been two months, and now Google’s Android boss Andy Rubin has an adjustment he’d like to make to the numbers. “There are now 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it’s growing at 4.4%… Read More

  • T-Mobile: MyTouch Slide 4G Has “Most Advanced Camera Of Any Smartphone”, Coming In July

    We knew that the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide was on the way — or, at least, we had a pretty darn good reason to believe as much. Sure enough, it’s the real deal: ol’ Magenta has just painted it up with a proper press release, announcing that it’ll it the stores sometime in July for an as-of-yet-undisclosed price. T-Mobile’s decided to take a somewhat rarely taken… Read More

  • The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tablet App (Leaked Pics)

    The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tablet App (Leaked Pics)

    The world has been waiting for an official Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that app may not appear on the iPad first (although Facebook is working on an iPad app for sure). Instead, Facebook’s first tablet app will appear on the HP TouchPad, which comes out this Friday and runs the WebOS it bought with Palm.  Unless the iPad app also launches this week, the… Read More