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Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • Centrino 2 makes its way into Dell Studio 15 notebooks

    Dell is finally updating the Studio 15 notebook lineup to included the latest Centrino 2 mobile technology. The updated notebooks start at $999, but the Centrino brand means the laptop sports Intel’s hot Core 2 Duo P8400 CPU, an Intel 802.11agn WiFi chipset, and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3450 GPU. Not to shabby for a 15.4-inch slim-line notebook. Shipping now to those not willing to pay… Read More

  • Microsoft suing DHL over poorly shipped Xbox 360s

    We have all had poorly shipped packages, but apparently Microsoft has had enough with DHL’s piss-pore shipping; specifically after a whole train derailed destroying 21,600 Xbox 360s. The suit is seeking $2 million in total damages due to the October 13, 2007 incident. It seems that we here in the States would not have noticed an inventory shortage as these units were destined for… Read More

  • Geek up your living room with these retro gaming decals

    Trust us, your GF will love these. Can’t you imagine her face when she sees vinyl Space Invaders on your apartment’s wall? I know, right? Classic. $45 for the Space Invaders and $20 for Pac-Man. Read More

  • Apple palette cleanser

      This made all of us here smile the other day and if you need a break from all these damn Apple posts, you’ll enjoy it too. Read More

  • Apple store is down after briefly showing the new products [Update: It's back up]

    For some odd reason, the Apple Store is down [again] after showing the new products for about an hour post today’s keynote. No word on why, but you can assume that there was a mistake somewhere in there. Just wish we would have caught the culprit before it went down. Read More

  • Apple market watch [Update 2 – the dust has settled]

    Even new notebooks couldn’t break the grip of a sinking market as the red line represents the Dow Jones vs Apple’s blue line. It seems that the pre-show trades showed confidence in Apple, but as the keynote progress, the Dow fell, dragging Apple with kick and throwing aluminum with it. Read More

  • So where are the other MacBook Pro and MacBook screen size options? [Update]

    Good ‘ol Apple. The company announced brand-spanking new MacBook Pro and MacBook options today, but limited the new models to a single screen size each. Chances are, different screen size options will be announced during January’s MacWorld conference. More than likely the MacBook Pro line will receive the desktop replacement option of a 17-inch model while the MacBook line will gain… Read More

  • New MacBooks announced

    Here is the skinny – the new MacBooks have dropped and while the $899 option is missing, they still rock anyway. An Intel Core 2 Duo is still at the core, but just like its new big MBP brother, NVIDIA is powering the graphics with an 9400M GPU and sports the new two-tone style.  Read More

  • Apple market watch [Update 1 – almost done with the keynote]

    Hear that? That’s the sound of Wall Street not like’n what Jobs is say’n. Read More

  • New Apple notebook manufacturing process explained

    Apple just revealed details about it’s new manufacturing process that involves a block of aluminum and carving away the unnecessary material. Instead of taking aluminum sheeting and adding layers to it, the new process starts with a 2.5 pound aluminum “brick” and eventually eliminates the need for an internal frame. One would assume that this process not only… Read More

  • New MacBook Pro models announced

    Apple just announced the latest upgrade to the storied MacBook Pro lineup and boy are they sweet. Right away you should notice the two-tone look of an iMac combined with the stylings of a first-gen MacBook Air. Read More

  • Apple market watch

    Apple’s stock (AAPL) is slowing rising after a drop of ten points through out this morning. It will be interesting to see where it ends up after the forthcoming announcements. Read More

  • Test your geekdom with these extreme Rubik's Cube-ish V-CUBEs

    I still can’t do the original Rubik’s Cube after watching a couple of YouTube instructional videos. Technically, these are called VCUBES but still retain all of the original’s fun. I’m thinking that these would make a great stocking stuffer for the math major in your family with prices starting at $35. Check the video after the break of a dude solving one of the 7x7x7… Read More

  • Palm Centro coming in two new colors for the holidays

    Just in time for the holiday spending blitz, the Palm Centro is going to be available in two new colors! I know, it’s so exciting. Almost as much as new Apple notebooks. Anyway, these Sprint-branded Centro’s are going to retail for the same price as the current Onyx version $79 through January 10th with a two-year contract and comes with twice the RAM as the original – 128… Read More

  • Samsung immigrating to the US laptop market

    The US economy is in the tank but Samsung is going to start releasing its stunning notebooks in the market. This marks the first time that Samsung has entered the U.S. market and their entire lineup -including the NC10 Netbook – is ‘puters PC shoppers should consider when the notebook hit authorized retailers like Amazon, along with NewEgg, in the coming weeks. Read More

  • Toshiba intros the TDP-WX5400U large venue projector

    Large venues like outdoor theaters, churches, and the CrunchGear home office might wanna look at Toshiba’s TDP-WX5400U DLP projector. This bad boy sports dual lamps and even an interchangeable color wheel that shoots out a 1280 x 800 16:10 image. When the two lamps are powered-on, the projector is capable of 5,400 ANSI Lumens. If ambient light isn’t a problem, it can run off just… Read More

  • Join CrunchGear for today's Apple notebook event

    We hope that you will join us here for today’s Apple event. Why CrunchGear? Well, our system does not force you to refresh the page for the latest news like some other gadget blogs which results in the quickest Apple live blog on the Internet – I guarantee it.  Here’s the link to the live blog: Read More

  • Last Apple rumors before today's event

    You know that alleged cheap MacBook that is supposed to launch today? Yeah, there are reports that it isn’t a MacBook, but rather an updated Cinema Display with a DisplayPort input. The same rumors are stating that the entire Apple notebook lineup will not get any sort of price cuts today, rather receiving spec bumps and upgrades. Oh, and you have our word that this is the last Apple… Read More

  • Some dude's hopping mad 'bout the new Knight Rider series

    Who seriously thought that the Knight Rider remake was going to be good? I mean, come on; NBC is doing it? Maybe, just maybe, if FX, HBO, or Showtime was producing the remake, it would of had a chance. But if you are currently watching the show and don’t like what you see, you might enjoy this guys good ‘ol fashion blogging rant. Note to all would be producers of TV and movies remakes. Read More

  • Pumpkin carving contest pre-announcement

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on an upcoming contest that might require a little pre-planning on your part. In the spirit of Halloween we are going to host a pumpkin carving contest for a couple of awesome prizes. With the holiday quickly approaching, we didn’t want you carve your pumpkin before hearing about the contest. The prizes will be announced in the coming days, but… Read More