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  • Zotac unleashes mini-itx motherboard

    This thing has a GeForce 8200 integrated, Socket AM2, 5.1 audio, Wi-Fi and you can fill it up to 8GB DDR2 ram. The whole unit is 17×17 cm big. It’s spectacularly small compared to the Wi-Fi antenna. Or anything else. If you are still interested visit here.
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  • GPS for the ski nerd

    This weird looking thing here is a GPS for skiers. With the Flaik you can share your daily ski performance or race against total strangers without seeing each other. According to Flaik’s website the idea is to combine location-based services with social networking. Oh and it also sends an emergency signal if you happen to be under an avalanche. Read More

  • LG SU100 released in South-Korea

    Equipped with a 3″ OLED touchscreen, a 3MP camera, S-DMB digital mobile tv, Bluetooth, global roaming capability, whatever that means. It costs 700.000 won, about 500$. Yeah I know this is rather boring but the device has a built in Franklin Planner which could come handy. [Via Prim Online [HR]] Read More

  • Konami's teaser site launched, questions emerge

    Konami has launched a new teaser site for the next Metal Gear Solid. See for yourself and decide what the green characters mean. I’m not sure any more because I tend to get excited about the series coming to the Xbox 360. But hey, why not? [Via gamepod.hu [HR]] Read More

  • Triple keyboard waterproof smartphone – iCephone

    Icephone is the name. It looks crazy and it is being developed by a cell phone manufacturer in the UK for the army and it has three different ways to interact with. First a 3-inch touchscreen then a QWERTY keyboard and finally a navigation interface. Or something like that. If you want one of these you can get it next year for just under $1000. For that price you get a smartphone… Read More

  • Listen to your Waveform ring

    Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu designed some cool waveform jewelry. He takes a sound wave from a sound editing software and cuts it into silver with laser. There are various forms, such as necklaces, brooches and earrings. You can even listen to the sounds if you can figure out a way to decode the waveform. I smell great nerd engagement present! Read More

  • Sony sold a bunch of it's BDP-S350 Blu-ray players

    According to Sony the BDP-S350, their low-end BR player, was the No.3 best selling product in the US on Black Friday. In the article David Walstra is trying to convince you that Blu-ray isn’t dead and that you should buy one too because despite the recession and economic uncertainty most of you guys still throw out a bunch of money for “next-generation features that you just… Read More

  • Sanyo Internet Radio: It can connect to the Internet

    The SANYO R227 will make your life easier by finding you the stations you want to listen to while you pretend to work. As Sanyo’s vice president, Tom Van Voy states, the device needs no tethering to a computer. It seems that it has an own database for Internet stations. Oh, and it looks quite ugly. You have to wait until January to get one for $169.99. The styling is very evocative of… Read More

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