Farmeron, the "Google Analytics for farms", gets investment from Dave McClure’s 500 Startups

Ever had cows instead of users? You’ve probably never thought about building software for farmers, but Farmeron just raised a round of investment as well as support from 500 Startups, a seed fund and startup aggregator led by Dave McClure. Farmeron is buidling an analytics package inspired by the numerous website tracking apps you might have used, such as Omniture or Google Analytics, but built for farms.

Farmeron’s solution is a slick web based application in which you, as a farmer, can keep track of your animals, their feeding, deaths etc. Like we all have profiles on Twitter or Facebook, each animal in Farmeron has its own profile as well.

This lets farmers follow not only the performance of their farm as a whole, but also individual animals. While McClure has confirmed the investment, 500 Startups hasn’t yet disclosed how much they’ve invested in Farmeron, a startup quite different from the likes of BackType or Recurly.

It’s also the first startup 500 Startups has invested in Croatia as well as Southeastern Europe in general, thanks to Seedcamp. Farmeron was one of the finalists, even getting €25,000 when the winner, GrabCAD, decided they didn’t really need it due to a recent investment round from Matrix Partners and Atlas Ventures.

Farmeron is currently in private beta and their CEO says they’ll be moving to Mountain View in the next couple of weeks to continue developing the product. While the product might seem odd at first, their potential market is huge with few competitors.