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  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Phu Bai Valley Trailer

    EA just released a brand new trailer of their upcoming DLC for Bad Company 2. Looks sweet if you ask me and it will set you back 1200 MS. Onslaught, the last (and only) DLC for Bad Company 2 was not satisfactory and I do hope that this new download is not just a bunch of weapons and maps. The Multiplayer Expansion Pack will be available this winter. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Ships On November 4

    Kinect Adventures and a 250GB HDD is also included in the bundle Microsoft just revealed. The bundle has been spotted a month ago and now it is confirmed that the package has a steep retail price of $399. Read More

  • Dual-Core Orion CPU From Samsung Announced

    The pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores will come for mobile devices in 2011 with 1080p playback and recording, dual triple screen support and five times the 3D graphics performance than the current processors, you know the ones that are now used in the Galaxy S and Tab. I understand that it is important to use a dual screen phone for 1080p playback while you are driving an additional… Read More

  • PS3 Update Closes Loophole: PSJailbreak and PSGroove Blocked

    Recently hacked your PS3? If you want to keep on playing those indie games, be aware that the next update will probably block you from doing that. This new update targets users who are using PSJailbreak and/or PSGroove. Sony’s severe actions against hacked consoles received mixed responses from the players; most of them of course hate the fact that Sony puts enormous effort in… Read More

  • Video: Battlestar Galactica Theme On The Eigenharp

    gbevin performs the Cylon theme of Bear McCreary’s version of All Along The Watchtower. Apparently he stressed his mac a bit too much and there are some distortions on the video. The performance is quite good and it is nice to see how BSG blends with the Eigenharp. [via Synthtopia] Read More

  • Want A Tablet That You Can Actually Use? Buy A WeTab

    You can get it for 450€ ($580) and it supports Flash while it’s not just a big expensive smartphone. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), optional 3G (UMTS/HSDPA), 16 / 32 GB, Extension with SDHC Card up to 32 GB. The expensive version has Full-HD 1080p video output. Supported TV and Video Formats: H.264, AVI, WMV, DivX, MOV, OGG, FLV. Would you rather buy something as limited as… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Up On Amazon.de For 799€

    Oh boy. 799€ ($1030) for the Tab is definitely a whole bunch of money for something you probably don’t need. It’s still a better deal than $150 for the new Apple TV! You could also buy a mac and actually do stuff with it. Or netbooks for the whole family. Read More

  • Review: G-DRIVE Mini [UPDATE]

    The G-Drive Mini has a lot to offer for people who need FW and USB connectivity. There was some confusion about the retail price of this unit. You can get the HDD for $89 and that’s in the league of all the other drives out there. What else can the Mini offer? Click to read my review. Read More

  • Toshiba StorE TV+ Soon Avaliable With 2TB HDD And 802.11n

    Now that the Interweb is all about the new Apple TV barely anyone pays attention to anything else (maybe to the Roku). Toshiba just outed the StorE TV+, a media drive that connects to your TV, has a 2TB HDD, wireless n and 10/100 Ethernet. This device has a small LCD on the front so you can see what’s happening without having to turn on your TV set. Read More

  • A Pre Owner's Take On webOS 2.0

    Now that it’s clear that webOS 2.0 is happening I’m very happy inside. As a Pre owner I had my ups and downs with this phone. Hardware is not so great (however quite resistant to damage), the processor is sluggish, the memory is not enough to open more than a few cards at the same time. I also have constant problems with the headphone jack being stuck in headphone mode making me… Read More

  • Volkswagen Amarok Camper Mod Hurts The Eye

    Look at it. Something is definitely wrong with this one. It looks like as it could crash on it’s bottom any second. I don’t really get how the modern front design can be matched with the back’s 20-30 year old standard caravan look. They also seem to cut the car at the wrong place. Now what’s more interesting is that you can detach the caravan part yourself if you want… Read More

  • Palmer Pocket Amp Saves You Some Heavy Lugging

    Tired of carrying your 4×12 cabinet and/or amp? No more lugging for you. The Pocket Amp from Palmer is a great solution to be a truly mobile guitarist. This little box has XLR and headphone outputs so you can do some practice on your own and hook yourself up to a PA system without having that awful sound when you connect directly. Read More

  • Starcraft II: 3 Million Sold In First Month

    Starcraft II has already set the record as the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time, at least that’s what Blizzard claims. Analysts expect 7 million copies sold this year. Considering that this is just the first part of the game that’s quite a win and Blizzard is of course happy about it. Why sell something only once when you can split it up to parts and sell it… Read More

  • Apple TV: $99 in U.S. 119€ in Europe?

    Okay so you want to buy Apple TV but you are in Europe. You got used to the fact that in Europe everything costs the same in the Apple Store as in its brother in the U.S. just in Euros which is like a lot more. Not any more. The Apple TV in Europe costs MORE than in the U.S. It costs 119€  ($152). You would think that you actually get more or at least the same stuff right? Well, no. No… Read More

  • Review: LG 42LD450 LCD TV

    Short version: Unbeatable value for the price. If you’re looking for a decent TV with a good picture and low price the LD450 is the one for you. No internet, no Skype but a 42” 1080p LCD television for $630? Sure! Read More

  • ShoutEm raises further $1.2 million to develop location features

    ShoutEm, a white-label mobile and location social network startup, has secured $1.2 million in a second round investment from Slovenian venture capital fund RSG Capital. With the advent of hyperlocal news, Shout’Em will let smaller websites and business monetize their communities through local advertising as well as vouchers. As part of the funding round, ShoutEm is being spun off into… Read More

  • Help Key: Watch Netflix from outside the U.S.

    You Americans have all the good stuff. Stuff like BP pumping oil in the Ocean and guns, lots of guns. And then you have Netflix and we people outside the U.S. are wondering what could it feel like to have a service like that. Now I know. Read More

  • Video: ItchyClips Will Sell Your Music To Musicians

    Music is like little parts of music put together, right? Now you can sell these little parts – Scratchpacks – on ItchyClips, a brand new site dedicated to sell music to musicians. I bet there are other services like this out there. This one however looks quite capable because you can sell your Ableton Live packs. Maybe one day there will be a website to sell snippets for bloggers. Read More

  • Video: DIY Lego Drum Machine NXT-606

    In 1998 Lego introduced the MINDSTORMS product line. The NXT is a brick-shaped computer that can take in sensory input, control motors and most importantly in this case, play back sounds. The NXT-606 drum machine is based on this unit and I must say it sounds pretty good. You can even get a set yourself and build your own. And why shouldn’t you do that? Click for the video Read More

  • Video: Prepare to get nailed. Period.

    This guy, Fred Merle got arrested for selling Polka DVDs that he did not own the rights to. Apparently he was set up to make a deal with a tall guy dressed as a polka-fiend and now he can’t sell Polka DVDs anymore. Like forever. There is the wife, the lawyer and the tall guy with the mustache. Click to see the videos Read More