Help Key: Watch Netflix On Your Xbox360/PS3/Wii From Outside The USA

I’ts been a while since our article on how to watch Netflix from outside the United States. Now I have a solution for people who would like to watch Netflix on their consoles. It’s easy and you don’t have to hook your console up to your PC. Even if you’re not good with configuring networks, don’t worry because our step-by-step guide will help you through the process.

Things you will need

  • U.S. Xbox Live account

To get a U.S. Xbox Live account go to and sing up. Set the country to the states and put in one of your friends’ address – you can ask him first he minds. You pretty much can’t get a non-US credit card to work there so you have to buy an Xbox Live code online. My experience is that at most vendors you get the code in 10 minutes. These codes work worldwide but this should be highlighted so make sure you read it. Once you have the code, redeem it and you are now a happy U.S. based Xbox Live gamer.

  • subscription is a great service originally made for Canadians to gain access to Netflix and other US restricted services. A monthly subscription to their DNS service costs $5. The service works worldwide.

  • Netflix subscription

To get a Netflix subscription follow this guide.

You can choose to set up your router to use the DNS or your console only. Make sure you can log in to your Netflix account by configuring your network to use the DNS (you can see all the guides you will need here). I will walk you through the console version.

  1. Fire up your Xbox
  2. Go to System Settings/Network Settings
  3. Select your wired or wireless connection and select Configure Network
  4. Select DNS settings/Manual
  5. Set the primary and secondary DNS to the values provided by
  6. Select done as many times you have to and shut down your console
  7. Turn on the Xbox again and sign in with your U.S. gamertag
  8. On your computer go to your Netflix account and select active Netflix ready device
  9. On your Xbox select Netflix and select “I have a Netflix account”
  10. Type in the activation code into the proper place on your Netflix account page

That’s it! Now you should be able to stream movies on your console. While this guide is for Xbox, you can find many guides for different devices on They all follow the same¬†principle.

The costs are $8 for the Netflix account, $9 for a one month Xbox Live and $5 for the service. That’s $23 monthly but if you buy a yearly Live subscription you can push the costs lower.