Snoop Dogg Would Like Bill Gates To “Fix His S*&t”

When something happens like, I don’t know, Xbox Live going down, what do you do? A lot of us run to Twitter to complain about it. Not because our complaints will be heard, but because hot damn sometimes it just feels good.

Today, one Xbox Live user was particularly miffed. His name happens to be Snoop Dogg. He had a message for Xbox, the Live team, EA sports, Microsoft’s janitor, the world, and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates…who I’m pretty sure isn’t that involved in the business anymore:

Fix your shit.

Mr. Dogg called Xbox’s servers “wack” and suggested that he may switch over to the PlayStation platform if the company doesn’t get itself on a more stable course for online playing.

We know how you feel, Snoop. We know how you feel.