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  • The Seeds of the Next Big Thing Are Being Planted Now

    While the economy might look bleak, please do not stop working on start-ups. The innovation that they bring helps the global economic engine in every phase of the business cycle. But, it is most important in downturns, to help reduce its severity and length. While operating a start-up is always difficult, and will likely be more difficult over the next few years, the seeds of the new new… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: eRepublik takes strategy games to the Web

    It’s Elevator Pitch Friday, which means another startup has created a video that’s worth showing you. This week’s presentation comes from eRepublik, a Spanish startup that wants to take strategy games and make them more social, more interactive, and therefore, more fun. eRepublik wants to change the way that strategy games are played by taking out the hours of game play. … Read More

  • Thank you TechCrunch Sponsors

    Without our sponsors TechCrunch would not be possible. Accordingly, we want to thank the following sponsors for their support. Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Does this remind you of your team? Maybe you should think about a new job. Check out the latest job listings on CrunchBoard. Read More

  • Stop Complaining about Apple and the App Store

    This week there have been several stories on the blogsphere (here, here, and here, for example) which consist of developers complaining that Apple has rejected an iPhone application that they submitted to be part of the App Store in iTunes, or because they believe that the process for submitting an application is too cumbersome. At least two of these have been because Apple believes the… Read More

  • The NotCot Network: A Study in Structured User Generated Content

    User generated content is great. It has not only democratized content creation and distribution, giving your next store neighbor the ability to become the next Hollywood A-lister, but also let everyone’s home videos be as accessible to that neighbor as they are to someone half a world away. This often turns platforms for user generated content into unstructured and uncontrollable… Read More

  • Microsoft's Real Problem: Facebook is the New Outlook, and Other ways that Redmond is not Listening to Generation Y

    Microsoft, for all its problems, is a great software company. Its core products, the Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite, still dominate their respective markets and, while they are continually facing more capable competition and hence have declining market share, Windows and Office remain strong product offerings. Yet, it is clear that something is rotten in the State… Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Having a rough week at work? Check out the latest job listings on CrunchBoard. Here are a few postings from the past week: Lead Product Manager
    Demand Media – Santa Monica, CA
    User Interface Engineer
    Facebook – Palo Alto, CA
    Senior Software Engineer
    Tableau Software, – Seattle,WA
    Product Marketing Manager
    Mimeo- New York, NY
    Strategy Manager
    Organic – New York, NY
    Web… Read More

  • Thank You TechCrunch Sponsors

    O’Reilly Conferences and TechWeb are presenting Web 2.0 Expo, and are offering TechCrunch readers $100 off of the conference with the discount code “webny08po1”. Thank You O’Reilly. MediaTemple, TechCrunch’s exclusive hosting provider, and a worldwide leader in managed hosting solutions across all major platforms MailChimp, a provider of turnkey e-mail… Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Does this remind you of your job? Maybe you should check out the latest job listings on CrunchBoard. Here is a sample from the past week: VP of Engineering
    Federate Media – San Francisco, CA Senior QA Engineer
    CastTV – San Francsico, CA Senior Web/Business Analyst
    Digg.com – San Francisco,CA CTO/Co-Founder
    Empatica3 – San Francisco, CA or New York, NY Senior PHP Developer
    Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Does this picture remind you of your office a little too much? It may be time to check out the latest job listings on CrunchBoard. Here’s a sample from the past week: VP of Network Management
    Technorati – San Francisco, CA Software Developer
    Wikimedia – San Francsico, CA DHTML/AJAX Web Application Developer
    Oracle – Redwood Shores,CA Product Manager
    MySpace Mobile… Read More

  • Thank You TechCrunch Sponsors

    Sponsors make TechCrunch possible, and so we wish to thank the following sponsors for their support. Seesmic, the video micro-blogging platform. Seesmic recently integrated its service with Link.Tv and announced that users can choose which of the six creative commons licenses they want to use when posting videos. ServePath, the makers of GoGrid and other managed hosting, cloudware, and… Read More

  • CrunchBase in CrunchBar and Thanks to All Our Sponsors

    Thank you to our terrific sponsors, who make TechCrunch possible. Codefortytwo, the maker of CrashPlanPro and other software RackSpace, a provider of hosting services eBuddy, web-services meta instant messenger Logicworks, a hosting services provider iDrive, the maker of web-based backup solutions iNetU, a provider of managed hosting solutions Geni, the premier web tool for bringing… Read More

  • Before the App Store “Opens”, it has already made Apple $55,000

    Tucked away on the iPhone 2.0 version of Apple’s Application Store is a counter for the number of times that each application has been purchased . When this information is combined with an application’s price, and the uniform 30% that Apple pockets on each download, it is possible to know how much Apple is making from the App Store. As of 4PM (PST), that number hovers around $55,000. Read More

  • Barack Obama Breaks Promise, Flip Flops, and supports Telco’s

    Today, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama voted for H.R.6304, which amends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (F.I.S.A). In doing so he voted to give telecommunication providers immunity against civil damages that they might incur in the course of enabling the government to execute wiretaps and other types of electronic surveillance. He did so, after an amendment to the… Read More

  • Starts-Ups Change How Students Study for Tests

    Anyone who’s applied to college has dealt with the frustration of standardize testing. With the cost of failure so high, parents and grads continue to spend a lot of cash on test preparation to ensure the best results. However, there’s a crop of web startups popping up to ease the pain and we’re all benefiting from the competition. Prepme is one online test prep company… Read More