CrunchBoard This Week: Two New Services

Starting a high tech company often means going at it alone, but eventually every start-up needs some outside help – whether from lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, or special types of vendors. And other times, a company just needs to sell things.

Unfortunately, startups don’t always know where to find help or list items for sale. To help them in these regards, we’ve added services and sales directories to CrunchBoard’s existing jobs directory. These new directories are intended to make it easier for high tech start-ups to find the professional services they need and sell the things that they no longer want or need. Conversely, the services directory in particular provides a door for professional services organizations into the high tech startup community.

While there are several such directories on the web from which to choose, we believe that CrunchBoard reaches an unparalleled audience. Companies can list themselves in the services directory for $200 per quarter or post items for sale for $25 per month. As before, jobs can be listed for $200 per quarter.

While you’re checking out these new directories, make sure to check out the newest job listings as well. Here’s some of jobs posted in the past week:

TechCrunch is also still looking for a Ruby Developer to work on CrunchBase, as well as a fulltime writer to work on TechCrunchIT at our office in Atherton, CA.

International readers are encouraged to visit the British and French job boards as well.