Thank you TechCrunch Sponsors

We are excited to announce that LeWeb, in Paris, December 9th and 10th, is offering TechCrunch readers a 20% discount Thank You LeWeb

Without our sponsors TechCrunch would not be possible. Accordingly, we want to thank the following sponsors for their support.

RackSpace a provider of managed hosting solutions

MediaTemple TechCrunch’s exclusive hosting provider, and a worldwide leader in managed hosting solutions across all major platforms

eBuddy a webware meta instant messaging client with over seven million users

IronScale the world’s first fully automated dedicated managed hosting solution

Perflect the makers of PSD2HTML and other solutions to turn design documents into W3C compliant XHTML

Davison a product design and engineering firm

Seesmic the video micro-blogging service that powers video commenting on TechCrunch

Conduit, the makers of the Crunchbar, and other toolbars

ServePath the maker of GoGrid, the world’s first multi-server control panel that allows you to deploy cloud server networks in minutes

Code42 the makers of CrashPlanPro, an automatic backup solution

TechCrunch also is happy to announce two new sponsorship opportunities. First, CrunchGear is publishing a Holiday Gear Guide, which is the perfect way for your company to reach people as they research their purchases this holiday season. Second, we are now offering a full banner (468×60) on TechCrunch’s RSS feed, which has over 1.2 million subscribers. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please e-mail Dan Kimerling