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  • Brand your life story with Dandelife

    Dandelife is a fascinating new “social biography network” that launched its beta this week. Users tell their life stories with text, photos, videos and time lines. Part of the business model will be to license users’ stories to corporations seeking case studies and brandable narratives. I feel very ambivalent about this. The company is lead by Kelly Abbot of marketing firm… Read More

  • IM interoperability: not just a dream anymore

    Microsoft just announced that today marks the first day that interoperability between its IM client and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is available. Microsoft says this is the first time two distinct, global consumer brands have made their IM clients interoperable. The combined user base of nearly 350 million accounts is the world’s largest, the company says. IM interoperability took… Read More

  • Firefox 2.0 beta – the highlights

    A first Beta version of Firefox 2.0, called Bon Echo, is now available. (download for Mac or PC) The 2.0 Alpha had been available since March. Firefox 1.0 was released on November 9, 2004. Will 2.0 be a world-changer? There are some nice new features and if the memory and stability issues have been improved at all then there will be parties in the streets. Recent numbers indicate that… Read More

  • Amazon releases early info on S3 storage use

    Just over three months ago Amazon made a major move beyond online retail with the launch of its S3 grid storage service. The company today released some information about the program’s early progress. Online storage as a utility might seem unexciting to some, but it could be a real boon to innovation. S3 just passed 800 million discrete objects stored and has some interesting… Read More

  • KickApps social networking software launches

    KickApps, a white label social networking software service, launched publicly today. Think of it as a way for any web site to add functionality similar to MySpace or YouTube. After looking at the way that the system works, I can say that KickApps looks strong on a technology level. While major media companies seem excited these days about buying social networking sites, this is a way they… Read More

  • Watch internet users’ behaviour with ClickTale

    Israel based ClickTale provides a new service that bridges an important gap in the land of online statistic services. The service is in private beta for now but should be releasing soon. Until then you can register for an invitation at We had the chance to get an exclusive private preview. If you are a site owner, understanding your users is a primary concern to optimize the… Read More

  • NYTimes launches MyTimes, a weak RSS play has launched a limited beta of a personalized news site called (screenshots via PaidContent), an RSS play that looks more like MyYahoo than it does the recent Newsgator partnerships with MyUSAToday and MyNewsweek. Unlike in those services, it does not appear that users can add sources from outside the recommended feeds to their MyTimes page. If that’s the case… Read More

  • Wired News and Magazine reunited by sale

    South Korean owned Lycos has announced the sale of to Condé Naste for $25 million. Lycos originally paid $83 million for Wired Digital, which included the assets. However, Wired Digital also included a number of properties, including HotBot, Hotwired and Webmonkey, that are not being transferred to Condé Naste in this current acquisition. Conde Naste already owns… Read More

  • MySpace hit #1 US destination last week, Hitwise

    Hitwise is reporting that MySpace was the website most visited by US internet users last week. This is the first time that’s happened, the company reports. Yahoo and Google traditionally lead the pack, but Hitwise’s Bill Tancer points out today that MySpace attained a market share figure of 4.5% of all the US Internet visits for the week ending July 8, 2006. Though traffic stats… Read More

  • Digg v3 out of 3 week long beta

    Cynics allege that Web 2.0 is in a perpetual state of beta, but the newest version of spent only 3 weeks in beta before opening up for full public use today. The new Digg is most notable for including news categories beyond tech. During the beta period non-tech sections of the site were restricted to logged in users, a group that was surely dominated by geeks already using the… Read More

  • Guba to add Sony videos

    Online video site Guba is clearly in the good graces of Hollywood these days. Fresh on the heels of last week’s deal with Warner, Guba announced a second internet film distribution deal with Sony this evening. Favorites like Spider Man 2 headline the content. In the short-term the experience will mirror the Warner deal, so many of the limitations/issues raised by TechCrunch readers after… Read More

  • Yahoo! to put Maps and Flickr to work on travel

    Yahoo! brought its Trip Planner out of a 9 month beta period today and it’s an interesting example of cool Web 2.0 apps aimed for popular adoption. Users can drag and drop Flickr photos from a pop-up of their Flickr sets to illustrate travel destinations. Maps are put to a commercial use beyond illustrating the geography of search results. Blogging via Yahoo! 360 takes… Read More

  • Sharing site eSnips adds e-commerce

    Israel based eSnips is an intriguingly simple online social network for sharing images, video, files and almost anything else. We wrote about it here when it recently relaunched and now the site has added PayPal functionality to allow users to buy and sell directly on the site. The company already saw people trying to buy and sell through their pages and said that adding e-commerce only… Read More

  • Fabrik media storage opens limited beta accounts today

    Fabrik, a Web 2.0 savvy multimedia storage service, is opening up its web application to a limited number of beta users today. I got a look around inside this system awhile ago and was impressed. Company CEO and co-founder Mike Cordano came from storage provider Maxtor, now a Seagate company. Chairman and co-founder Keyur Patel came from Maxtor as well, following time as Senior Vice… Read More

  • GDrive plays whack-a-mole with bloggers

    Another hint at a coming online storage service from Google has been discovered by bloggers and quickly taken down. Corsin Camichel took the smart if logical step of adding index.html to the end of Google’s URL and found a page allegedly detailing a Google storage service, codenamed Platypus. Since being blogged about, the page is offline (the link is to a mirror). Since… Read More

  • Zango brings adware to MySpace

    These days almost every developer of a widget or a gadget tells us they are targeting MySpace – so why should malware makers be different? has written a long article this morning on a company called Zango that offers free videos and games for MySpace but requires installation of a Zango Search Assistant and Toolbar as part of the use of the videos. That toolbar serves… Read More

  • Whither Television Programming?

    As a follow up to our previous post on TV network activity on the Internet and through iTunes, we’ve further explored television programming and how it’s playing out on the web beyond the major networks. I will steer clear of yahoo, google, youtube… all the sites that have been covered extensively on this site. Instead, I want to highlight a few of the less covered… Read More

  • Nine Chicago Startups Present at Tech Cocktail

    The first TECH cocktail event took place on July 6 in Chicago at STATE Restaurant and Café. The event featured Stormhoek South African wine and united over 225 Midwest participants — including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, developers and tech enthusiasts. Nine Chicago-area companies presented. Pictures from the event are here., the freely browsable database of… Read More

  • CityCita offers free and open meetups

    CityCita is a service opening for public use today that lets you organize groups and meetings for free and within an open classification system. Will that be enough to differentiate this European version of The free part may be, but even that only goes so far. CityCita is a Paris and London based company that we’ve written about previously after a first peek at the… Read More

  • BubbleShare Live brings screen sharing to photos

    Toronto based photo sharing site BubbleShare launched a demo today of a new service that may help differentiate themselves in the incredibly crowded photo sharing space. Called BubbleShare Live, the service allows multiple people to view and control a slide show and pointer on a shared web page. While other photo sharing applications operate asynchronously (I upload at one time, you view… Read More