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  • Digg v3 out of 3 week long beta

    Cynics allege that Web 2.0 is in a perpetual state of beta, but the newest version of spent only 3 weeks in beta before opening up for full public use today. The new Digg is most notable for including news categories beyond tech. During the beta period non-tech sections of the site were restricted to logged in users, a group that was surely dominated by geeks already using the… Read More

  • Guba to add Sony videos

    Online video site Guba is clearly in the good graces of Hollywood these days. Fresh on the heels of last week’s deal with Warner, Guba announced a second internet film distribution deal with Sony this evening. Favorites like Spider Man 2 headline the content. In the short-term the experience will mirror the Warner deal, so many of the limitations/issues raised by TechCrunch readers after… Read More

  • Yahoo! to put Maps and Flickr to work on travel

    Yahoo! brought its Trip Planner out of a 9 month beta period today and it’s an interesting example of cool Web 2.0 apps aimed for popular adoption. Users can drag and drop Flickr photos from a pop-up of their Flickr sets to illustrate travel destinations. Maps are put to a commercial use beyond illustrating the geography of search results. Blogging via Yahoo! 360 takes… Read More

  • Sharing site eSnips adds e-commerce

    Israel based eSnips is an intriguingly simple online social network for sharing images, video, files and almost anything else. We wrote about it here when it recently relaunched and now the site has added PayPal functionality to allow users to buy and sell directly on the site. The company already saw people trying to buy and sell through their pages and said that adding e-commerce only… Read More

  • Fabrik media storage opens limited beta accounts today

    Fabrik, a Web 2.0 savvy multimedia storage service, is opening up its web application to a limited number of beta users today. I got a look around inside this system awhile ago and was impressed. Company CEO and co-founder Mike Cordano came from storage provider Maxtor, now a Seagate company. Chairman and co-founder Keyur Patel came from Maxtor as well, following time as Senior Vice… Read More

  • GDrive plays whack-a-mole with bloggers

    Another hint at a coming online storage service from Google has been discovered by bloggers and quickly taken down. Corsin Camichel took the smart if logical step of adding index.html to the end of Google’s URL and found a page allegedly detailing a Google storage service, codenamed Platypus. Since being blogged about, the page is offline (the link is to a mirror). Since… Read More

  • Zango brings adware to MySpace

    These days almost every developer of a widget or a gadget tells us they are targeting MySpace – so why should malware makers be different? has written a long article this morning on a company called Zango that offers free videos and games for MySpace but requires installation of a Zango Search Assistant and Toolbar as part of the use of the videos. That toolbar serves… Read More

  • Whither Television Programming?

    As a follow up to our previous post on TV network activity on the Internet and through iTunes, we’ve further explored television programming and how it’s playing out on the web beyond the major networks. I will steer clear of yahoo, google, youtube… all the sites that have been covered extensively on this site. Instead, I want to highlight a few of the less covered… Read More

  • Nine Chicago Startups Present at Tech Cocktail

    The first TECH cocktail event took place on July 6 in Chicago at STATE Restaurant and Café. The event featured Stormhoek South African wine and united over 225 Midwest participants — including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, developers and tech enthusiasts. Nine Chicago-area companies presented. Pictures from the event are here., the freely browsable database of… Read More

  • CityCita offers free and open meetups

    CityCita is a service opening for public use today that lets you organize groups and meetings for free and within an open classification system. Will that be enough to differentiate this European version of The free part may be, but even that only goes so far. CityCita is a Paris and London based company that we’ve written about previously after a first peek at the… Read More

  • BubbleShare Live brings screen sharing to photos

    Toronto based photo sharing site BubbleShare launched a demo today of a new service that may help differentiate themselves in the incredibly crowded photo sharing space. Called BubbleShare Live, the service allows multiple people to view and control a slide show and pointer on a shared web page. While other photo sharing applications operate asynchronously (I upload at one time, you view… Read More

  • Friendster awarded patent on social networking

    Sagging social network Friendster was awarded a patent on some pretty fundamental qualities of online social networking late last month. The patent covers the determining and display of relationships between individuals who have entered personal information into a social network; specifically, determining who is in your circle of friends and who isn’t. The patent application was filed… Read More

  • NBC may buy

    Rumors are being spread (by Rafat Ali and Susan Mernit) that NBC is buying social networking site Ali estimates the sale at $50 million or less and says that the media company will use Tribe to power the low-tech women’s networking site iVillage, which it acquired earlier this year for $600 million. Update: ClickZ story now un-confirms the above, reporting that the deal is… Read More

  • Basecamp faces competition in free alternative

    Ilija Studen, a developer from Serbia, has released a free clone of the popular project management service Basecamp. Studen’s product is called ActiveCollab and has been down since blowing up on Digg. Though the site is available only intermittently now, that’s not of a lot of consequence because of its service model. ActiveCollab is a PHP/MySQL tool that users download and… Read More

  • Hitwise: NyTimes still way ahead of Digg

    Hitwise came out with some new data today indicating that previous speculation that Digg could soon pass the NYTimes in online traffic is not supported by more definitive data. LeeAnn Prescot writes on the Hitwise blog “According to the Hitwise US sample of 10 million internet users, Digg ranked at #101 in the News & Media category in for the week ending July 1, 2006. The share of… Read More

  • Blue Dot is not just another social bookmarking system

    Seattle based Blue Dot launched its social bookmarking and networking service last week at Gnomedex. Several review sites online have focused on how crowded the social bookmarking space is. I was working on a post myself that was super harsh…until I was able to reach the company on the phone. I was wrong. Blue Dot is not just one more social bookmarking site. It has a number of… Read More

  • Major management shake-up at eBay/PayPal/Skype

    A long list of senior management changes has been announced today at eBay and its properties PayPal and Skype. The market for all but its services except online auctions has changed so much recently it will be interesting to see what policy and services changes follow. PayPal President Jeff Jordan will be replaced by eBay’s former CFO and head of strategy and now Skype President… Read More

  • TxtDrop offers SMS widget for MySpace

    Web based text messaging company txtDrop announced today a new widget for MySpace profiles (and other web pages of course) that creates a button to deliver an SMS message to the page owner’s phone. This means that message senders don’t have to pay for each text. The service is available in the US and Canada only. I’m not about to post a test button here! (In part… Read More

  • Make powerful online forms easily with Wufoo

    I didn’t think that a service to build your own online forms sounded very exciting, until the creators of Wufoo walked me through the system last week. Wufoo is so flexible, usable and has such good reporting that it made me want to create some forms just so I could use it. The service launched publicly just minutes ago. It crashed after initial coverage here, but is now back up. It… Read More

  • Google Books partners with Chinese publishers

    Google Books, a program that’s been controversial in the US, has reportedly penned a deal with four publishing houses in China. Rival Baidu has deals with Chinese libraries instead; its program has access to 15 million books, the largest online collection of Chinese books in the world. Working with libraries is the approach Google came under fire for in the US when publishers said… Read More