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Anna Heim

Reporter, TC+

Reporter at TechCrunch+, exploring SaaS and more. Former LATAM & Media Editor at The Next Web, startup founder and Sciences Po Paris alum.

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Putting numbers on the global venture slowdown

Total venture funding in 2022 amounted to $415.1 billion, 35% less than in 2021.

The mirage of dry powder

Are VCs really sitting on record amounts of cash waiting to be deployed into new startups? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Are Arm and Ant Group’s derailed exits back on track?

Once an exit gets off the rails, and under current market conditions, it is just not easy to get back on track.

Let’s keep our seed activity expectations in check

A new PitchBook report warns of an ongoing economic downturn. If you don't want to be disappointed, you may not want to put high hopes on seed activity.

Making sense of Coinbase’s post-settlement stock bump

Are markets warming up to the perspective of a more compliant Coinbase?

Product-led growth and profitability: What’s going on?

There are some reasons why PLG companies would be less profitable now that could turn into reasons why they might be more profitable in the near future.

Is Instacart a forerunner of bad news?

Instacart's first major valuation haircut was a sign of bad things to come for other tech companies on the delivery, IPO or valuation fronts. It now seems that we might not have hit rock bottom yet.

The rise of platform engineering, an opportunity for startups

Increased developer efficiency requires two key components: better team organization and better tools.

Amid renewed interest, startups are changing how bonds are traded

The fact that laypeople are discussing bonds is a noteworthy development for an asset class that didn't use to raise much enthusiasm from retail investors – or from anyone, to be honest.

The best books that startup founders read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here are startup founders' favorite books of 2022.

The best books that venture capitalists read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here we have investor favorites, and we'll follow up with notes from founders tomorrow.

This VC is bullish about American dynamism – ‘the real one’

Solo GP Nichole Wischoff told TechCrunch that she is hoping to fund "American dynamism … the real one.

Fintech Vint hopes to turn wine and spirits into a mainstream asset class

Fintech startup Vint thinks everyone should invest in wine and spirits and is hoping to facilitate such investments with the help of fresh seed funding.

Investors’ flight to safety and regulation creates tailwinds for passion assets

Startups are facilitating alternative investments in passion assets, such as fine wine and spirits.

Deal-flow mavens aren’t sweating the venture slowdown

As we near the end of the year, let's catch up with a few people who kept a close eye on deal flow in 2022 and look at indicators of what might be coming in 2023.

Solo GP Nichole Wischoff raises $20M fund backed by Peter Thiel to invest in ‘unsexy businesses’

Wischoff Ventures closed a second fund of $20 million that will be 'leaning in heavily on B2B.'

As AI pervades biotech, what are investors looking for in 2023?

Six investors we surveyed recently told us that the macro environment has had a big impact on deal flow, valuations and M&A in biotech.

6 investors discuss why AI is more than just a buzzword in biotech

To get a better idea of how AI is affecting biotech in 2022, we asked six investors to tell us what they look for in a biotech startup today.

Hybrid pricing can help app developers better monetize their apps

Could Lensa AI's hybrid pricing be an example of a new path that more mobile app developers will follow?

Circle and Footprint’s aborted debuts are the final nail in the SPAC coffin

Inside the twin SPAC cancellations making news this week, there is an interesting fact: Circle and Footprint both tried to amend their pricing, but it was not enough to get their deals done.
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