CrunchBase Product Update: Follow Products and Companies, Top 10 List and Twitter Feeds

Since the official launch of our integration between CrunchBase and Facebook Connect in November, we’ve seen 19% (5,087 out of 26,850) of our edits come from newly registered, non-anonymous users. Even after the predictable spike around the announcement, we’ve seen a sustained and growing percentage of our edits coming from these users.
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As they say, no good deed goes unpunished, so we thought it would be fun to give some credit to those users most actively involved in keeping CrunchBase up-to-date and accurate (apart from our internal team of course – it just wouldn’t be a contest). The top ten startup gurus are now highlighted in the right-hand column on the CrunchBase home page, and you can also view the full list to find out where you stack up. We’re planning to completely open up registration (without requiring Facebook Connect) in the near future as well to further broaden the field.

We’re also excited to announce a few new ways for you to keep up to date with the latest CrunchBase data. First, there are now two Twitter feeds that are updated with funding rounds and acquisitions as they are added to CrunchBase; just follow @CB_fundings and @CB_acquisitions on Twitter. We’ll be adding more feeds in the future – suggestions about which ones you would find most useful are welcome. If you’d like to keep visitors to your site advised of the most recent happenings in the startup world, we suggest that you embed the Twitter widget by pasting the following code in the location of your choice: Acquisitions; Funding Rounds.

If RSS is more your style, you now have the ability to create a custom RSS feed based on pages on CrunchBase that interest you – maybe the Nexus One, for example. Every page in CrunchBase has a “Follow” button that will add all major milestones for that person, product, or company to your custom RSS feed. The feed will appear on your account page (you’ll need to create an account) and you can import it to the reader of your choice as well. Just don’t tell Steve Gillmor.

Your customized feed, on your CrunchBase home page or in your RSS inbox:
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