Introducing TechCrunch+, advice and analysis to help startups get ahead

Extra Crunch has a new name

We’re changing the name of our membership product to TechCrunch+. We’re doing so for a few reasons but mainly because you know and trust TechCrunch to bring you the best alpha possible in the startup ecosystem. We also feel that the work the team is doing to provide our subscribers with a more, better and deeper signal isn’t “extra.” It’s table stakes to serve our kind of informed and dedicated audience.

Some TechCrunch+ updates will be rolling out on the site today, with more coming in the next few weeks.

TechCrunch+ provides advice and analysis to help startups. By joining, you can:

  • Discover how successful startups operate through deep-dive interviews with founders and investors.
  • Spot trends and opportunities with market analysis, investor surveys and topical newsletters.
  • Get expert advice on fundraising, growth and management from experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Improve your pitch skills with live weekly coaching and Q&A sessions, and watch replays on demand.
  • Browse TechCrunch distraction-free with a lighter ad experience.
  • Save 20% on TechCrunch event tickets (annual members only).

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Beyond the logo and name change, we’ve also expanded our offering to support more locations around the world. Within the next quarter, we hope to have access available in most major startup ecosystems on the planet and soon, everywhere.

TechCrunch+ includes more membership types than we had in 2019. Student, military and government discounts are available, plus we also offer group memberships.

Over the past year, we’ve improved our integration with our events business. Our weekly video series, Extra Crunch Live, is now a free product, and it has been renamed TechCrunch Live.

A few highlights from the event series include:

The response for the event has been positive and we want to bring the event series to more readers. While attendance for TechCrunch Live will be free, VOD will remain behind the paywall. VOD from other TechCrunch events like Disrupt will also stay behind the paywall. Expect further integration and activation opportunities with TechCrunch+ when events (hopefully) return to in-person in 2022.

Our customer support email has been changed to, and we have a new Twitter account here.

Thanks to all current members for supporting us. We hope to make the transition as seamless as possible.

A special thanks to the staff here at TechCrunch and the new TechCrunch+, who have built a product that has remained relevant and vital in a radically changing and challenging landscape. Here’s to the next phase of TechCrunch!

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