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  • Annual members save 20% on TechCrunch event tickets
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What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You may cancel your membership anytime by sending an email to extracrunch@techcrunch.com or log in to TechCrunch.com and visit My Account to turn off automatic renewal. Charges are non-refundable and you will have subscription access until the end of the current subscription period.

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You will receive exclusive access to how-tos and interviews on company building, intelligence on the most disruptive opportunities for startups, and an enhanced reading experience, including Rapid Read mode, List Builder, and no banner ads. If you have questions about your trial benefits, please send an email to extracrunch@techcrunch.com.

Which types of events will I receive ticket discounts for?

Annual members enjoy a 20% off discount towards TechCrunch event tickets, along with access to member-only experiences at select events. Click here for a complete list of event tickets eligible for discount.

As an annual subscriber, contact extracrunch@techcrunch.com to request your event ticket discount code. Some exclusions apply. Sorry, free trial and monthly members are not eligible for ticket discounts.

I’m not a member, yet. Can I still read free articles on TechCrunch?

Yes, all of our traditional editorial that we write every day will continue to be free for all TechCrunch readers without a membership.

Do you offer discounted rates for groups or teams?

Yes, we offer special rates for teams of various sizes. Send an email to extracrunch@techcrunch.com for more details and to see if your group qualifies.

How do I upgrade my monthly plan to an annual plan?

Upgrading to an annual plan is a great way to save money in the long run. Go to My Account, and you will see an “upgrade” button. Click the button. The upgrade button is currently only available for monthly users to upgrade to an annual plan.

How do I claim my Brex credit card perk?

Annual Extra Crunch members can get 100,000 Brex Rewards points after signing up for a Brex corporate credit card. This exclusive offer is worth about $1,000 in credit card points. After signing up for an annual Extra Crunch plan, you’ll receive an email with a link to the offer. You must have at least $100K and be located in the US to claim the deal with Brex.

When do I get my AWS credits?

Typically the process takes 2-4 weeks. Both AWS and TechCrunch need to review the submissions to ensure a user is qualified.