Watch this short Sci-Fi movie with a script written by an AI

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You know when you just keep pressing the predictive text button on your mobile phone and the sentence just starts making less and less sense? Well, that type of functionality isn’t just for absurdist poetry, you know; the team behind Sunspring used the same technology — an LSTM Neural network, to be precise — to write a screenplay.

That is pretty funny in and of itself, of course, but then the team had an even better idea… What if they rounded up some actors (including Thomas Middleditch, who plays Pied Piper’s Richard Hendricks in Silicon Valley) and turned it into a real movie?

The team fed a ton of Sci-Fi movies into an AI… Then fed it some hallucinogenics and asked it to pen a screenplay.

And so they did. And it is absolutely, gloriously, intensely, bizarrely, completely fascinating. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it good (or even, in the traditional sense of the word, watchable), but if you’ve spent any time around AIs — or if you’ve let your mobile phone write your text messages for you — you’ll recognize some of the blind alleys the AI scriptwriter works itself into from time to time.

What really makes the film, though, is watching the actors deliver lines that just. make. no. sense. It’s an instant cult classic for all the same reasons you would expect. Just watch it.


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