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Haje Jan Kamps is the director of portfolio at Bolt, a venture capital firm focused on hardware startups and enabling technologies. He was also a staff writer for TechCrunch.

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When your cap table makes your startup uninvestable

The problem here is that the company has given up more than two-thirds of its equity to raise $3.3 million.

Is there anything AI can’t do?

The current-generation AI technology is the tech equivalent of a toddler, and all the mediocre reviews various GenAI software is getting is tantamount to judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

AgZen’s RealCoverage wants to keep pesticides only where they are needed

A 2021 study found that if farmers didn’t use pesticides, they would lose 78% of fruit production, 54% of vegetable production, and 32% of cereal production. At the same time, the way pesticides are

Fohm rebrands to Saintly, for a heavenly clean bottom

When it comes to doing business — not startups but that other kind of business for which you have a whole separate room in your house — we need to talk about wipes. Wet wipes are great for

Pitch Deck Teardown: CommandBar’s $4.8M seed deck

In the midst of CommandBar's pretty slim pitch deck, there are some innovations that are worth shining a light on.

Apply to pitch at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 in Boston

Pitches are critical in the quest for funding and first customers. It’s rare, however, for innovators to get truly candid insight on their pitches before stepping in front of VCs. Here’s y

The Ring Car Cam appears to be finished, doomed by an unclear target market

Once upon a time, gadgets knew what they were truly for. Toaster? Brown thy bread. Smartphone? Connect thy user. But the Ring Car Cam? Ever since its launch, it found itself in a bit of an identity cr

A bumpy road for EV manufacturers

Welcome to Startups Weekly — your weekly recap of everything you can’t miss from the world of startups. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. Rivian launched with a promise to revolut

Building a startup is like building a house

The journey of building a startup is an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns, much like the construction of a dream home.

Poor people need not apply for this dating app

Pitch Deck Teardown: Equals’ $16M Series A deck

Equals' Series A deck certainly looks good, and it does a ton of things well. But there are a few areas where it can do better. Let's take a look!

These founders want a more ethical company structure for startups

Called Regenerative and Circular Operations, this organizational model aims to be a practical approach to integrating sustainability at the core.

If you’re going to market, your GTM slide needs to be awesome

Only 7% of founders have a pitch deck with a reasonably good go-to-market (GTM) narrative. Given that a lot of founders are raising money to acquire new customers, allow me to put words to what that m

The era of face-wearable computers

We’ve finally had our mittens on Apple’s face-wearable computer. And, what can we say, it’s pretty astonishing.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Xyte’s $30M Series A deck

Xyte's pitch deck has a lot of slides, but how much of it was actually useful? Let's take a look.

How crowdfunding actually works in 2024, and whether you should use it to raise money

Crowdfunding is to financing what Uber is to taxis or what Airbnb is to hotels: Using the wisdom and resources of the crowd to raise money. Usually, crowdfunding brings many smaller investors or donor

B2B vs. B2C is not about who’s buying, but how you’re selling

B2B and B2C, while believed to be stark opposites in many ways, are not purely categories of audiences.

Maybe count to 10 before you tweet

Welcome to Startups Weekly — your weekly recap of everything you can’t miss from the world of startups. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. Garry Tan heads up Y Combinator, the most

Pitch Deck Teardown: PhageLab’s $11M Series A deck

This week, we're taking a look at what PhageLab got right in this pitch deck and why it could use some judicious pruning.

Any growth is good, but sustainable growth is the key to success

What worked for PayPal is a good example of how your startup can start looking for its best routes to market, too.
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