Eden On-Demand Tech Help Service Goes Exclusively B2B

Eden, the YC-backed on-demand tech installation and repair service that launched in May of this year, has shifted the focus of the business to the enterprise market, serving offices with tech help as opposed to serving both businesses and individuals.

After starting out as a consumer-facing product, sending tech wizards to a specific location to solve a tech problem, like printer installation or a wifi issue, Eden cofounder and CEO Joe DuBey realized that businesses were using the product, as well.

“As we opened up Eden for Businesses, we saw that running both sides was sucking up a lot of resources,” said DuBey. “We saw one side with quick growth and another side with hyper growth, and we decided to focus on one instead of trying to do both and messing them up.”

That said, DuBey sees an opportunity farther down the road to re-enter the consumer space when the infrastructure is in place.

With Eden For Business, the company has shifted its revenue model from an hourly $69 rate for consumers to a tiered structure for businesses, based on what type of “tech wizard” the task requires.

The first is an ‘enterprise-grade’ tech wizard, able to solve more complicated tech installation and service problems, which costs $99/hour. Eden then offers a Handy Wizard, which performs tasks from installing a projector to painting a wall or fixing a doorknob, costing $79/hour. And finally, Eden’s low-price product, the Task Wizard, goes for $39/hour and does all the odd jobs no one in the office has time for, like unpacking boxes or organizing shelves or counting inventory.

As I said when Eden For Business originally launched, this puts them in the ring with other office management services, most notably Managed By Q.

Eden currently has 60 tech wizards operating in the Bay Area, with 50 business clients (including Zesty, Tilt, and Luxe) on the roster since launching the enterprise side of the service last month.

You can check out the new Eden here.