Eden, Offering On-Demand Tech Support, Launches A Business Product

Eden, the on-demand tech support and installation startup out of Y Combinator, is today introducing new revenue streams to the platform.

Originally, Eden launched to serve the consumer market, charging folks $70/hour to do things like troubleshoot the Wi-Fi or install a printer. But the team at Eden soon realized that businesses also show a great demand for quick-and-easy tech support and installation, and have today introduced a three-tiered enterprise product.

CEO Joe DuBey explained to TechCrunch that, with Eden for Business, there are three different types of tech wizards.

The first is an ‘enterprise-grade’ tech wizard, according to DuBey, which costs $99/hour. Eden also offers a Handy Wizard, which performs tasks from installing a projector to painting a wall or fixing a doorknob, costing $79/hour. And finally, Eden’s low-price product, the Task Wizard, goes for $39/hour and does all the odd jobs no one in the office has time for, like unpacking boxes or organizing shelves or counting inventory.

DuBey said that Eden realized offices were using Eden often and regularly for both tech support issues and ‘get-it-done’ tasks, and has decided to introduce a business model around that demand.

Interestingly, this puts Eden in the same competitive landscape as services like Managed By Q, which handles all the office management services (delivering supplies, cleaning, installation, handywork, etc.) from an iPad. Though MBQ focuses on cleaning and delivery, Eden’s new offering of task management with the Task Wizard, as well as installation from the Handy Wizard, does yield some overlap between the two startups.

Of course, Eden will continue offering consumer on-demand tech support. However, with the company switching from 1099 contractors to W2 employees, the cost structure has changed the pricing for consumers to $99/hour.

You can check out Eden for yourself right here.