YC-Backed Eden Launches To Offer On-Demand Electronics Repair And Installation

There is no doubt that the technology of today, from smartphones to connected devices to WiFi everywhere, is making our world a more convenient and navigable place. But in many ways we’ve grown dependent on this type of lifestyle, which makes a busted device or a malfunction a debilitating experience.

YC-backed Eden is launching to solve this.

The company offers on-demand tech pros that will come to you, based on a specified time and location, and solve your tech problems. This ranges from fixing a cracked iPhone screen, mounting a TV or setting up a home theater, installing IOT devices (such as the Nest or the August Lock), solving WiFi issues, troubleshooting computer issues, and much more.

Cofounder and CEO Joe Du Bey explained that there are an estimated 180,000 tech pros in the country who are either working out of a small tech shop or for the incumbent, Geek Squad.

Combining the larger SMB market with the consumer market, the industry is valued at about $30 billion annually.

But the process of accessing that market and having a good experience is a pain point for most consumers.

GeekSquad, for example, sets appointments based on the technician’s availability and offers a four-hour time window for at-home appointments. With Eden, you simply explain the problem you’re experiencing and specify the exact time and location you want to be helped. That way, you never have to wait around for someone.

At launch (first market is SF/Bay Area), Eden will be able to offer same-day appointments, and with enough scale, will eventually be able to offer on-demand technicians that will come to your small business, office or home immediately.

Eden tech professionals are currently employed as 1099 workers, but Du Bey says that there is flexibility in the future to employ their own tech pros on a full-time W2 basis.

Eden’s founding team includes Joe Du Bey, Kyle Wilkinson, Guy Morita and Susie Sun.

If you want to check out Eden, head over to the website right here.