TwoDots Tops 30 Million Downloads, 5 Billion Games Played

Crossing 4.8 billion TwoDots games played, the creators of both Dots and its successor have admitted they are working on new games.

CEO Paul Murphy told TechCrunch that the company has shelved around six different games while continuing to build out new worlds on TwoDots, but that the company does intend to release at least one new game in 2015.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Dots, it’s a stupid simple and drop-dead-gorgeous mobile game that followed a simple premise: connect the dots. After a solid run, the team launched its sequel, TwoDots, which offered more challenge-based puzzles and levels.

The company (called Playdots) has today announced that TwoDots has surpassed $15 million in total gross revenue, with 4.8 million games played and 30 million players worldwide.

Playdots originally launched out of betaworks under the guidance of Paul Murphy and game creator Patrick Moberg, but has since gone on to receive more than $10 million in investment from Tencent and others to spin out of the betaworks umbrella.

Murphy wouldn’t specify what the games would look like — if they’ll follow a similar premise to Dots or diverge dramatically. That said, the company does have plans to release a revamped version of TwoDots in China.

In terms of Dots compared with TwoDots, both games out of the studio have performed well. Dots crossed 20 million downloads at one year and 40 million registered downloads at the 18-month mark. TwoDots, exactly one year in, has just crossed 30 million, and both had around 5 billion games played at the one-year mark.

The company wouldn’t disclose figures around monthly or daily active users.

That said, Dots has a way to go before entering King territory. CandyCrush was downloaded on Facebook and on mobile devices more than 500 million times in its first year, with 150 billion games played.

You can download TwoDots right here.