The company behind Dots is changing CEOs

Playdots, the company that lets gamers play with Dots, will soon have a new CEO as co-founder and current COO Patrick Moberg takes over for co-founder Paul Murphy. Murphy lead the company as CEO since

The maker of Dots says it’s getting more ambitious with its fourth game, Wilds

Dots. Two Dots. Dots & Co. It seems like Dots (that’s the name of both the startup and its first game) is following a pattern with each release — a pattern it’s breaking with its fou

Meet Dots & Co, the latest game in the Dots series

Dots, the gaming studio that brought you ultra-successful time sinks Dots and Two Dots, is today releasing Dots & Co. Dots & Co is very familiar for folks who have played Dots and Two Dots, ye

Meet your Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield final round judges: John Borthwick, Charles Hudson, Alfred Lin, Susan Lyne, Matthew Panzarino and Alan Patricof

Choosing this year’s Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield winners will be a tough job. There is an exceptionally strong and unique group of young companies competing in Startup Battlefield next week w

After 55 Million Downloads, Dots Gets A Major Upgrade

Dots, the incredibly basic but addicting mobile game created by gaming studio Playdots, is getting its first major upgrade in over a year. Dots now features three new themes: Space, Mod Synth, and D

TwoDots Tops 30 Million Downloads, 5 Billion Games Played

Crossing 4.8 billion TwoDots games played, the creators of both Dots and its successor have admitted they are working on new games. CEO Paul Murphy told TechCrunch that the company has shelved around

Dots Spins Out Of Betaworks With $10M Series A From Tencent, GreyCroft

<a href="">Dots</a>, the mobile gaming studio responsible for two dead-simple but beautiful games, is today announcing the close of a $10 million round, as well as the

Two Dots, The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster

My highest score on Dots — the original Dots — is 414. I achieved this respectable, albeit relatively average, score about a year ago, just after Dots was first released. When I open up th

Dots Just Got More Addictive With Challenge Mode

Dots, <a href="">my favorite iOS game for about 2 and half weeks last May</a>, is still going strong nearly a year after launching and is today launching a signi

Dots Implements Its First-Ever, In-Game, $ponsor$hip

betaworks-backed <a href="">Dots</a> has today announced its very first sponsorship/native advertising deal with GE. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. As pa

5 Million Downloads And 1 Billion Games Later, Dots Drops On Android And Kindle Fire

<a href="">Dots</a> is to the smartphone what Snake was to Nokia feature phones 10 years ago. The game is <a href="

Dots Updates iPad App For Improved Full-Screen Gaming

It was but two weeks ago that Dots, the highly addictive connect-the-dots-style <a target="_blank" href="">betaworks-backed</a> game, migrated the app to the

Dots Goes Multiplayer

Stupid friggin' Dots. Seriously. When Dots first came out, it felt like half of my team was telling me I just <em>had</em> to play it. "<a href="">It's beauti


I'm addicted to <a target="_blank" href="">Dots</a>. It's <a target="_blank" href="

Dots, Betaworks’ New Super Addictive iOS Game, Nabs 1 Million Downloads In One Week

Dots, a game <a href="">launched just last</a> week out of betaworks, has reached over 1 million downloads in just o

Dots, The Most Beautiful Mobile Game I’ve Ever Seen

You remember the first time you played Angry Birds, right? What about the first time you picked up the iPhone 4 and realized just how beautiful a phone can be, both in hardware and software? Well, the