Moov Fitness Tracker Lands On Android

Moov, the fitness tracker that raised $3 million in a Series A this October, now supports Android.

The idea behind Moov is pretty simple: Rather than counting your steps and giving some illusion of progress in physical fitness, Moov uses a combination of hardware and software to improve your form based on the training you’re doing.

If you cycle, swim, box or simply jog, Moov will pay attention to the way your body moves and help you execute that skill properly, so you are getting the most out of it.

With today’s launch, Moov is bringing its Run & Walk app, which offers four different run/walk modes. When paired with the wrist-worn Moov fitness tracker, Moov will send instructions to your headphones as you run to improve cadence, keep your joints safe, and ensure you’re getting the most efficient work out of your body.

Moov originally launched this app for iOS back in August, and has since delivered an app a month, each tailored to a different type of exercise. This, however, is the first Android launch, opening up the product to millions of new users.

Moov debuted on Kickstarter in February and blew past its $40,000 funding goal in 90 minutes.

If you want to check out the Moov fitness tracker, hit up the website here.