Moov Fitness Tracker Passes Its $40K Crowdfunding Goal In 90 Minutes

Yesterday, ex-Apple engineer Nikola Hu and friends launched a crowdfunding campaign around Moov, the next generation in wearable fitness tracking. The device, which lets you accurately measure your form during different sporting activities like running, swimming, and cardio boxing, has already picked up some steam with backers.

According to the team, Moov reached its $40k crowdfunding goal in 90 minutes.

“As an entrepreneur it feels great because it proves there is a real consumer demand for digital coaching,” said cofounder Meng Li. “We are ecstatic and galvanized to keep learning and listening to feedback from our pre sales community.”

Of course, with unexpected demand comes the issue of ramping up production and keeping on schedule with the promised ship date. The Moov is scheduled to be available in Summer of 2014, and the team tells me that they still expect to meet that deadline.

However, they have not determined whether or not they will put a cap on pre-orders in the coming days.

The team also tells us that many users who pre-ordered the device are now changing their mind, and looking to buy a pair of Moov units instead of one. As part of the crowdfunding campaign, Moov offered the $59 device for a discount of $99 for two units.

Given that many users decided they wanted two instead of one, Moov has made it easier for those users to go back and order the second one under the same email address and still receive the discount.

Despite the fact that it’s joining an incredibly crowded space, Moov stands a chance at becoming a bigger player in this vertical. Rather than launching yet another sleek wrist band that tells you about your steps, Moov pairs with an application to give you real-time audio feedback on the way you’re running, your form when lifting weights, etc.

Not only do users get data about their workout and their progress, but they also become better at working out. This prevents injuries and also offers more bang for the proverbial buck.

If you’re interested in checking out Moov, head over here.