Disrupt Finalist Maluuba Expands Past Android, Launches Its Siri Alternative On Windows Phone 8

Maluuba, a service many have lovingly dubbed the “Siri for Android,” is migrating to a brand new platform. No, the Disrupt finalist isn’t planning on a hostile takeover of Siri’s home turf, but Windows Phone fans may have something to celebrate.

The company has officially announced that the Maluuba app is now available on Windows Phone 8.

Here’s what Maluuba had to say about the launch:

Windows Phone 8 is a great opportunity for us and we’re excited for users to get it in their hands. We’ve gotten praise for our Android app from both the press and users and we think Windows Phone will be as positive. We’ve done some neat integration with live tiles and will continue to add more as Microsoft grows the platform. Unlike Google Now and Siri, we want Maluuba to be device independent. We’re in an age where users expect great services to not only work on multiple platforms but to leverage each platform’s strengths, we think we’ve done that for Android and Windows Phone and we’re already working on expanding to more platforms soon.

Maluuba first launched into the public at Disrupt SF in September of 2012. The app acts as a sort of Siri alternative for Android users (and now Windows Phone users), taking voice requests and turning them into useful information or actions.

For example, Maluuba for Windows Phone 8 can search restaurants, movies, events, and businesses (and handle shopping requests), set alarms, reminders and meeting scheduling, place calls, texts and emails, give directions and the weather, and it even integrates with Outlook calendar.

Maluuba is to Android (and now Windows Phone 8) what Siri is to iOS, except Maluuba (like Android) is open. The company officially launched a voice API in November, letting any app enjoy the power of voice transcription and computing. Past an API, the Maluuba team has also been looking into evolving past the phone.

Maluuba has teamed with Best Buy and Walmart to offer instant shopping queries to the Maluuba feature set. And if that weren’t enough, the team announced at CES that it’s working on integrating Maluuba into a number of different devices, such as fridges, cars, and TVs.

Maluuba debuted the Windows Phone version of their app at MWC today, and released a little demo video alongside it which can be seen below.

Maluuba also mentioned that they’ve “been in talks with a number of OEMs to integrate [their] technology with their systems,” which is an exciting thought.