Talking To Your TV, Your Car, Maybe Your Fridge? Maluuba Is Connecting Users To Their Favorite Devices By Voice

You might remember Maluuba from TechCrunch Disrupt, where the company launched its Personal Assistant app for Android last year, combining voice recognition and natural language processing with search to create a really smart way to easily find the things you want quickly. If you’ve already forgotten: It’s kind of like Siri, except it works.

Anyway, the company has been busy over the last few months — it’s been making updates to its Android application, including the addition of a shopping category, which allows users to ask about the prices of various products and where to find them. And later this month, it plans to launch a Windows Phone app using the same technology, the founders told me in a video interview at CES today.

Speaking of which, they’re at the show exploring the next group of devices that might benefit from a fast, smart search technology powered by voice recognition and natural language processing. That could include TVs — where a number of OEMs are already experimenting with voice control and navigation — as well as cars.

But what about other devices — like, say, smart refrigerators or smart toasters? Maluuba head of UX Tareq Ismail says that you’re not likely to speak directly to your fridge in the near future. However, there are some applications where talking to your phone to find out about stuff in your fridge might make sense, according to Ismail.

To find out more about Maluuba’s plans for new apps, or its view of voice search and recognition technology, check out the video above.