Microsoft’s AI beats Ms. Pac-Man

As with so many things in the world, the key to cracking Ms. Pac-Man is team work and a bit of positive reinforcement. That… and access to funding from Microsoft and 150-plus artificial intellig

Microsoft Maluuba is teaching machines to ask questions

Microsoft Maluuba, the research team of PhDs that Microsoft acquired back in January, has been hard at work exploring the nexus of machine learning and question generation with the aim of delivering a

Microsoft Maluuba teaches management 101 to machines in its first paper since being acquired

In mid-January, the ongoing race for AI put Montreal-based Maluuba on our radar. Microsoft acquired the startup and its team of researchers to build better machine intelligence tools for analyzing uns

Microsoft to double its Montreal AI R&D office and invest $7M in academic research

Microsoft is following its acquisition of Montreal-based Maluuba with additional investment in the city that’s become quite the artificial intelligence hotbed. Microsoft announced in Davos on We

Crunch Report | Nintendo Switch Hits the Market on March 3

Nintendo Switch to hit the market on March 3, San Francisco District Attorney brings lawsuit against Lily, Moon Express is going to the Moon and Microsoft buys AI startup Maluuba. All this on Crunch R

Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a startup focused on general artificial intelligence

Microsoft has acquired Canadian startup Maluuba, a company founded by University of Waterloo grads Kaheer Suleman and Sam Pasupalak that also participated in TechCrunch’s 2012 San Francisco Sta

Maluuba wants to make chatbots smarter by teaching them how to read

Maluuba launched its first Siri-like personal assistant at TC Disrupt San Francisco four years ago. Since then, the company has raised $11 million and has licensed its technology to a number of hands

Siri Competitor Maluuba Brings Sports Results And TV Schedules To Its Android And Windows Phone Apps

Maluuba, the Waterloo, Canada-based Siri competitor and TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 Battlefield finalist, today announced that it has added two new features to its voice-powered personal assistant app

Disrupt Finalist Maluuba Expands Past Android, Launches Its Siri Alternative On Windows Phone 8

<a href="">Maluuba</a>, a service many have lovingly dubbed the "Siri for Android," is migrating to a brand new platform. No, the Disrupt finalist isn't planning on

Talking To Your TV, Your Car, Maybe Your Fridge? Maluuba Is Connecting Users To Their Favorite Devices By Voice

You might remember Maluuba from TechCrunch Disrupt, where the company launched its Personal Assistant app for Android last year, combining voice recognition and natural language processing with search

Android-Based Siri Alternative Maluuba Gets Into Online Shopping, Partners With Best Buy And Walmart

TechCrunch Disrupt alumni <a target="_blank" href="">Maluuba</a> is launching the latest version of its <a target="_blank" href="

Maluuba Launches Natural Language Processing API, Brings Siri-Like Powers To Any App

Maluuba, the TC Disrupt finalist and Android-based Siri competitor today has unveiled a major new platform play, via its natural language processing (NLP) API for app developers. The Maluuba team beli

Android-Powered Siri Killer Maluuba Talks Life After Disrupt, Plans For The Future

You may remember Maluuba as the little voice search engine that could. The company launched at Disrupt, and while they didn't make it into the final round, they <em>did</em> end up <a href="https://te

Android-Based Siri Challenger Maluuba Launches Full Version In India, Partners With OpenTable And Locu In U.S.

<a target="_blank" href="">Maluuba</a>, the Android-based Siri competitor and <a href="">TechCrunc

Android-Based Siri Alternative Maluuba Goes International, Looks To Raise Up To $10M

<a target="_blank" href="">Maluuba</a>, the Siri-like personal assistant that <a href="">launched

In A Keyboard-Free Future, What Happens To All The Writers?

I wrote this post with my voice. I made no changes, save for a few typo corrections, and used no keyboard. That's probably why it's so bad. It's an experiment of mine. The hypothesis is whether or

Samsung Ventures-Backed Maluuba Launches Its ‘Siri For Android’ In The U.K., Australia, And Ireland

Lots of third-party alternatives to Apple's Siri exist, and the promise of an AI-assisted 'personal assistant' has been the talk of futurists for what seems like an eternity (the tardy time keeping is

Here Are Your TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield Startups From Day 2

What a day! TechCrunch Disrupt SF day two kicked off with super angel Ron Conway and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. Then we had Kevin Rose, Marc Benioff, Aaron Levie and many others. Not to mention Mike

Maluuba Wants To Challenge Apple’s Siri With Its “Do Engine”

Ever since Apple launched its voice-driven personal assistant Siri, a slew of clones have appeared on the scene. Most of these, however, clearly show that Siri was the result of a massive research pro