This Probably Isn’t The iPhone 5, But It Looks A Lot Like What We Expect

As iPhone season amps up — and make no mistake, the rumor mill is already spinning at full speed — we’re bound to see “leak” after “leak.” The latest comes by way of a site called, which claims to have a “test unit” of the device. That’s about where the post lost me, not to mention the fact that the image looks Photoshopped.

But let’s just set that aside for a moment. The images shown actually take into account most of what we’ve seen/heard before. The iPhone 5 is expected to have a larger screen with the same 640px width, and we also expect a new 19-pin mini connector instead of the usual 30-pin port.

So while 97 percent of me believes this isn’t the real deal (I’m not a total cynic), it’s still valuable to have a clearer look at what’s expected, even in blurry form. The real value is seeing the “iPhone 5 test unit” alongside an iPhone 4S. This should give fanbois a nice comparison look at what’s expected to be a 4.08-inch display.

Again, I would be heart-attack-style surprised to find out that KitGuru was playing around with an early iPhone 5 unit. That just doesn’t happen. But it’s somewhat strange that the site pulled the post. Trusted Reviews speculates that the pull-down has something to do with Apple’s involvement, whereas I’m thinking the site is trying to get a little extra credibility by acting like Apple requested the post removal.

In either case, the images are in line with the more dominant rumors out there so I suggest getting comfortable with the new size and ports. Whether this image is real or a hoax (and methinks it’s a hoax), those new features are likely to be true.