Alleged iPhone 5 Housing Gets Manhandled On Video

Love it or hate it (I find myself strangely leaning toward the former), that peculiar two-tone metal housing supposedly meant to wrap around Apple’s forthcoming iPhone has just recently been given the video treatment by the folks at eTradeSupply.

Now, there’s not much here that wasn’t visible in the original set of images that 9to5Mac obtained — a thinner, longer frame to accommodate a larger 16:9 display, the inclusion of a much smaller dock connector port, an annoyingly positioned headphone jack — but the fellow on video seemed eager to provide viewers with a bit of extra context. It isn’t long at all before he whips out an iPhone 4S and starts addressing design changes point by point, though it’s still infuriatingly unclear whether or not the component will actually grace Apple’s final product.

The video also points out an interesting little change in the new casing’s SIM card tray — it’s noticeably smaller than the one Apple uses in the iPhone 4/4S, which has prompted some to believe that it’s meant to work with the new, ETSI-approved microSIM format. It’s tough to tell whether or not that’s the case, or if Apple just found a way to trim some of the (admittedly minor) cruft from their existing SIM tray designs.

Though I’m sure some people are hoping against hope for a surprise appearance at WWDC what with Apple’s previous predilection for June unveils, the iPhone 4S’s October debut may mean that Apple will hold off on an official announcement for a few months yet. Bummer, I know, but look on the bright side — that just means we’ll have plenty more wacky iPhone leaks and rumors to tear apart.